Kim Kardashian’s Fragrance Gold

After a very successful perfume produced by Kim Kardashian in 2009, another novelty has been unveiled, and it is deemed to be no less popular. This new Gold fragrance is a luxurious brand. The celebrity’s motto “Transcend Ordinary” became the slogan of the new fragrance.

Gold Perfume is an intensive summer story revealing the rich notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and pink pepper. In the “heart” of it, there is a floral bouquet of jasmine, rose and violet. And the base notes are constituted by glitzy and luxurious patchouli, sandalwood, amber, benzoin as well as elegant and warm musk.

The bottle is produced in a combination of golden and black colors. The fragrance will appear in the form of Eau de Parfum in the bottles of 50 and 100 ml.

Fall 2011 Makeup Trends from New York

New York Fashion Week has presented the Fall 2011 images. As for makeup, there might be not so many discoveries. However, there are some interesting ideas to be noted. They can be recalled in late summer when we go shopping for the autumn season.

There has been a very nice display by Jason Wu who is known to be the U.S. first lady Michelle Obama’s favorite designer. His duet “golden + aquamarine” in a combination with “the new French manicure” (with golden hues as well) made a hit with the audience. And this style is remarkable indeed.

Makeup by Jason Wu

Makeup by Jason Wu

After several seasons with brown and gold being the dominant shades, a suggestion of using eye makeup in bright pink or even fuchsia colors still looks interesting and fresh.

Makeup by Ruffian

Makeup by Ruffian

Makeup by Ruffian

The images of the 1970-s are being extremely fashionable. Glossy red lips, smoky eyes, loose and wavy hair.

Makeup by Rebecca Taylor

Makeuo by Rebecca Taylor

Makeup by Rebecca Taylor

If you underline just the lips then you should choose a dim red hue, as the one presented by Luca Luca.

Makeup by Luca Luca

Makeup by Luca Luca

Makeup by Luca Luca

Glitter will be removed for the summer just to use it again in autumn. Especially silver, pink and purple.

Makeup by Vena Cava

Makeup by Vena Cava

Makeup by Vena Cava

The rimy lips effect was shown by the visagists at the Peter Som show, and that is another hit to come. Pay attention to the delicate blue of the temples.

Makeup by Peter Som

Makeup by Peter Som

Makeup by Peter Som

Lancome Makeup Collection Ultra Lavande

The period of spring make-up collections has come. A collection by Lancome is among the most beautiful collections for this season. It is called Ultra Lavande by Aaron de Mey and has been designed by the creative director of the Aaron de Mey brand, who is considered to be a master at creating an image inspired by the 1970-s.

Lavender shades are surely in the focus of attention. The collection has two novelties which are often called the star-product: a great reticulation of rouge and a glamorous shine lipstick. Let us get acquainted with the collection and get inspired in a new way:

Reticulation shadows FRENCH TOUCH ABSOLU is a luxurious trending product for your cosmetics bag:
LA ROSE BUTTERFLY Rouge is definitely a hit! The rouge by 86% consists of mineral powder. Aaron De Mey has created a unique harmony of pastel and sparkling shades, perfectly combined with each other: pink, lavender, beige, violet. And the decor in the form of a butterfly reminds about lightness and airiness of spring image.

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

Bright OMBRE MAGNÉTIQUE pigments for eyelids are produced with a mother of pearl and creamy texture, in three sparkling and persistent shades:

  • 01 D Disco Gold
  • 04 G Disco Silver
  • 10 B Ultra-Lavande

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

Eyeliners include three shades of light liners (white, pink and lavender) and a lavender-hue gel eyeliner.

The basic tonal framework DEWY GLOW BASE consists of 100% natural ingredients. It smoothes wrinkles, removes flaws and gives glow. It can be used both before and after make-up.

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

Nail polish appears in two new shades:

  • 359 Lavande
  • 004 Disco Silver

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

COLOR FEVER GLOSS for the lips. It has a sparkling texture, and the formula contains 96% of natural ingredients. The gloss contains almond oil which moisturizes the lips, and it is scented with a slight smell of lavender. It is produced in such shades:

  • 383 Beige Ballerine
  • 384 Rose Ballerine
  • 385 Lavande Ballerine

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

The star product is Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick, gloss, resistant, and realized in three shades:

  • Lily Rose,
  • Daisy Rose,
  • Berry Rose.

Ultra Lavande Makeup Collection by Aaron De Mey

Kate Moss for Dior Addict Lipstick

While the media spread around the news of Kate Moss’s engagement with a rocker Jimmy Hince, the principal beauty news featuring Kate is no less impressive. Moss appeared in Paris not for nothing, and not only for the betrothal. She signed an agreement with Dior, the most famous fashion brand in the world. What will the famous model be advertising?

Do you remember that in October 2010 during Paris Fashion Week a photo of Kate where she was painting her lips with the famous Dior Addict Lipstick, was featured on all the glossy pages? Even the lipstick shade was identified – Charmed Pink No. 578. The Dior Beauté advertisers could not miss such an event, and it became known that the 37-year-old Kate Moss had been invited to become the new face of Dior Beauté makeup brand, and she will, of course, advertise a line of Dior Addict lipstick.

Advertisings featuring Moss will appear in May issues of gloss fashion magazines.

A little intrigue remains. Kate appears to be a fan of pink and pale lipstick shades, while lipstick advertising involves bright and rich colors (these are the most frequently selected ones for models advertising lipstick).

And the Dior Addict lipstick is itself associated with rich red. After all, Dior Addict lipstick is a line of special products with brightly pigmented shades, a creamy texture and a lasting formula. The line includes a few sparkling light-reflecting shades similar to lip gloss. Could these very shades be on Kate’s new advertising?

Fragrance Paris Premieres Roses by Yves Saint Laurent

The new Paris Premieres Roses fragrance for women is ready to bring joy to the fans of YSL scents. This is a new version of the famous Paris fragrance the emphasis in which is on the rose notes, intensive floral ‘heart’, and a glamorous pink color.

The fragrance will come in large bottles of 125 ml (eau de toilette) and will be on sale from April, 2011. The spring novelty will cost about 70 euros.

Top notes of the fragrance fascinate with mountain lily and rose. There is a composition of the flowers of orange, pink wild roses, peonies and violets in the “heart” of the new perfume. Special luxury is given to the fragrance by the base notes of warm musk and sandal wood.

The bottles and the packaging are decorated with bright pink motifs; the edition is limited, and it is for young and exquisite women.

Collistar Italian Look Makeup Collection

As a rule, Italian brands of decorative make-up offer balanced collections which can help you study the trends of the season. The new Collistar Italian Look make-up collection Spring-Summer 2011 presented the products from which one can create a completely new image with bright and juicy spring colors.

Shades trio WET&DRY

Simple and elegant, white with gold hue packages with pearl-of-mother and intensively colored shades inside. These shades can be used dry for a satin effect, and wet – for more saturated hues.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


Silk, long-lasting, and pigmented shades for the eyelids in two bright colors: Wisteria and Blue Jeans.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


In three shades: Turquoise, Violet and Blue. Applicator in the form of a pencil.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


Mascara SUPERMASCARA, in a blue shade: adds length, volume and curls.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


White pearl shade will make your skin radiant and luminous. It can be used for the face, the shadows, neck and chest.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


In the Wine shade. Intense and pigmented, it makes the skin glow.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar


Lipstick VIBRAZIONI DI COLORE, in two shades of Toffee and Magenta

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar

Lip gloss

Complicated glosses in the shades of Pearly Powder Pink and Pearly Caramel persistent for several hours.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar

Nail polish

Bright, persistent, quick-drying, fortifying nail. Shades: Mandarin Lacquer, Blue Jeans and Pearl Bonbon.

Italian Look Makeup Collection by Collistar

Makeup Lessons for Jobless French Women

Still, French women are special. And the government of France knows this, and fully supports the beauty of their ladies. For example, one of the support programs for unemployed women in the country deals not only with re-education and psychological comfort, but also offers to study the art of makeup.

The National Employment Agency for the government of France organized free of charge courses in daily makeup for the unemployed French women, as reported by BBC. It is assumed that such courses will give unemployed women a new impetus to cope with depression, support them, and help them look competitive when seeking employment.

A very interesting solution, isn’t it? Of course, many now think that unemployed women should rather be provided with a job… Or not? Do you think such care for women and understanding of women’s interests are necessary?

Hello Kitty Fragrance

Koto Parfums is bestowing upon us another wonderful Hello Kitty product – a limited edition perfume in the line of their classic Hello Kitty scents. It is an exciting addition to their “Pop-a-licious” collection, aimed to marry “pop” and “delicious”.

Of course, the famous Kitty never lacked popularity, and on their part Koto Parfums undoubtedly succeeded in bringing in the delicious side of the deal. The new sets are done in a multitude of bright colors with Hello Kitty gracing the bottles and boxes with her presence.

Red is the dominant color of the first edition, with the lacquer finish flacon and the carton packaging done in the same hue. The scent carries alluring notes of cherry, apple, vanilla, musk, jasmine and praline, with the overall effect of sweetness and cuteness to match the omnipresent logo.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Unbreakable Fragrance

Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers man) are revving up strongly, and their latest attempt is taking a leaf out of Khloe’s elder sister Kim’s book and launching a fragrance of their own. A unisex scent with a pretentious name Unbreakable is hitting the shelves on February 12, the shelves belonging exclusively with Perfumania stores.

According to the Kardashian’s blog, the 12th is going to be a busy day for the duo who are scheduling to welcome customers personally at the Florida Mall Perfumania in Orlando after 7 in the evening.

The campaign adverts show the loving couple in sexy black and white stills where a shirtless Odom and his wife are locked in a passionate embrace.

The fragrance is reported to combine the scents of Asian saffron, Italian bergamot, African geranium, sparkling clementine, apple, jasmine, lily of the valley, red fruits, texas cedarwood, tonka and vanilla bean and dark chocolate. The Eau De Toilette 3.4 oz spray will go for $42.99.

Do Women Start to Age

True, none of us is getting any younger, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting older, does it? Even if, sometimes unexpectedly, we pass on from being young to being aged. There ought to be a breaking point somewhere along the line where spring’s freshness turns to summer’s mellowness.

Those cunning Japanese boffins done and nailed down the turning point. Their findings say (and we came to know that courtesy of Sloane Crosley’s latest W contribution) that women turn the bend and pay the tribute to age when they are 35.09 years old, that is, within the first month after the 35th birthday.

The reason why Japanese great brains came after that particular piece of knowledge was that they belong with cult skincare brand SK-II. The thing is not only that ladies begin to acquire the gloss of maturity once they’ve stepped over the 35.09 threshold, but that the skin’s resilience has also worn considerably thinner and less ready to withstand the strife of living. From then on with every passing day you have to help the skin to hold its own against lines that grow more pronounced and deepening wrinkles. And the same team of researchers holds out the perfect remedy to that in the form of SK-II’s Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream in an attractive package.

Whether the 35.09 borderline is universal or may be (slightly) different outside Japan, still it’s the time when we are bound to find our own bets brand to take care of our skin. While Ms. Crosley puts her faith with SK-II products, all of us are working against the clock with the help of other companies on the vigil for the eternal beauty. So what is your answer to keep your skin fresh as long as we can manage to? What anti-aging products help take years off your face and hands so visibly that you would like to share your skin care experience?

Tres Vichy Collection by Make Up For Ever

The spring collection of make-up by Make Up For Ever is called Tres Vichy, and the idea for the collection has been «suggested» by the great French actress Brigitte Bardot. To tell the truth, not even by herself, but by her famous wedding dress, which she had on when she and the French actor Jacques Charrier were getting married.

Retro-motives of the 1950-s look really fresh! Bright shades of pink and spring green are especially emphasized in the collection. And the checkered bow embellishes not only advertising images, but even false eyelashes for a new and playful spring image.

New colored powders Star Powder Diamond look very attractive. These are sparkling textures which can be used practically in all cases: as shades, rouge, highlighters, powders, and even for lips. They can be used with the help of dry or moistened applicators. New spring shades include:

  • #67diamond white,
  • #68 diamond pink with purple highlights,
  • #69 diamond pink with golden highlights,
  • #70 diamond green with golden highlights,

Spring 2011 Make Up For Ever collection - Tres Vichy

The two-color palette of Vichy Blossom Palette contains the white shimmer and the pink shimmer – a splendid accent for eyelids and rouges.

Spring 2011 Make Up For Ever collection - Tres Vichy

The super novelty of the collection is the fantasy false eyelashes. Brigitte Bardot’s calling card. The eyelashes Très Vichy Faux-Lash are made from natural hair and have a checkered bow on their side!

Spring 2011 Make Up For Ever collection - Tres Vichy

Aura Fragrance and Make-Up Jewels by Swarovski and Clarins

It is real luxury! Swarovski brand in co-operation with Clarins will produce a new Aura fragrance, and a mini-collection of Make-Up Jewels consisting of three items.

Swarovski Aura perfume will be produced in elegant bottles of 30, 50, and 75 ml. Moreover, the fragrance will come out in its lightened version (EDT) for the market of Asia. The new perfume bottles are small and well-shaped cylinders made of glass and metal. On top of the bottle there is an ornament made of Swarovski crystals. The perfume is light pink in color.

Aura perfume by Swarovski

The perfume composition of the new fragrance is characterized by the notes of lichee and rose. In the “heart” of the fragrance there is feminine tuberose, and the base notes are represented by pink pepper, amber, benzoin, and white musk. The fragrance will be due for release in March, 2011.

Swarovski mini-collection Makeup Jewels

A mini-collection of makeup by Swarovski contains three coulombs decorated with Swarovski crystals. Inside the first two coulombs, there are two types of lip gloss (transparent and pink), and the third one contains shimmer balm for the face and neck. The cost of gloss coulombs is about $60.

Les perles de Chanel Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

The collection of spring make-up Les perles de Chanel proposes to brighten one’s skin with a true pearl luminosity and soft mother-of-pearl shades. The art director of the brand Peter Philips offers the interplay of pink and coral as well as white and black pearls for the Spring-2011 season.

The collection includes the following make-up products:
The five-star Ombres Perlees de Chanel reticulation for the eyes (a novelty) with the shades:

  • White pearl,
  • Pink,
  • Deep Purple,
  • Green-grey,
  • Black Pearl.

Spring 2011 Les Perles de Chanel collection

The classical four-color Les 4 Ombres reticulation with such colors:

  • Deep green,
  • rose,
  • beige,
  • ivory.

The universal Poudre Universelle Compact in the Rose Merveille shade.

Spring 2011 Les Perles de Chanel collection

The rouge in Espiegle, the silky pink peach shade.

Nail polish Le Vernis in three new shades:

  • Pearl Drop,
  • Black Pearl,
  • Peche Nacree.

Spring 2011 Les Perles de Chanel collection

New shades of lip gloss and lipstick. The lipstick Rouge Coco and its two new shades:

  • Jersey Rose,
  • Peregrina.

The lipstick Rouge Allure in two shades:

  • Flamboyante,
  • Coquette,

The lip gloss Glossimer in the following shades:

  • Aragonite Iridescent,
  • Nakkar.

Spring 2011 Les Perles de Chanel collection

Paris Hilton’s The Passport Fragrances Collection

A more active celeb than Paris Hilton is hard to find. While she spends her time relaxing in warm countries and having fun with her friends, her business is being carried out on its own. For example, bottles for her new perfume have been created. Paris decided to deliver the fragrances wholesale and released a collection of perfumes The Passport.

The perfume bottles are rather peculiar. It looks as if Hilton intended to sell the fragrance to girls no older than 14. However, Paris herself likes to feel like a “little princess”, with a pink dress and a crown on – so, her fans might want that, as well.

The fact that the fragrance is now “packed” was announced by Hilton, as always, via Twitter:

“First Look at my newest fragrance coming out soon. The Passport Collection by Paris Hilton”

Of course, this is not Paris’s first experience on the beauty market. She has released half a dozen fragrances. The latest are Fairy Dust, 2008 and Siren, 2009.

Fragrance for Women Lancome Ô de l’Orangerie

Lancome has prepared a perfume novelty for women this spring. The new fragrance, O de l’Orangerie is a real ode to white flowers and walks in a French garden in the shade of orange trees.

The new fragrance for women Lancome Ô de l’Orangerie is another fragrance under the brand O de Lancome, the history of which dates back to the previous century: Ô de Lancôme (1969) and Ô d’Azur (last year’s novelty, released for the famous O de Lancome’s 40th anniversary).

In addition to rich orange flower notes and orange tree gum, you’ll feel fresh citrus in the top notes of the fragrance, the divine white jasmine in the “heart”, warming notes of benzoin and cedar wood in the plume.

The aroma will be released at the concentration of a toilet water. The face of the fragrance is Daria Verbova – a model, who has represented Lancome cosmetics and perfumes for the past few years.

The new perfume bottle has the same shape and design as all the other Ô de Lancôme fragrances have. Only the greenish glass tint emphasizes the proximity to the nature of the new fragrance.

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