Chanel Cosmetics and Sports Equipment

Perhaps you have not heard that Chanel also has a lot of designer knick-knacks. They are not cheap, not always associated with fashion, and sometimes they are completely unexpected. But they always have a recognizable logo.

For example, a Chanel rugby ball that we have already written about is one of the favorite things. It is not bought by athletes or mere collectors. To have a Chanel ball in the living room interior is an example of good taste and of belonging to a certain “elite” stratum.

Chanel Surfboards

The surfboard is a bigger thing that is not always designed for sport. Although it catches the wave perfectly. It costs pretty much – from $7000.

Chanel Fisherman’s kit can become an impressive gift. A combination of “Chanel” and “a fisherman” is a bit extreme, especially for the Russians. But the French brand is by no means confused.

Chanel Eyelash Curler

And here is the latest novelty which is of certain interest to girls. The famous fashion brand has designed eyelash curlers. They cost about $34 which is quite acceptable for a thing with the Chanel logo.

Body Shop Bronzants for Summer 2011

The official premiere of a new line of bronzant beauty-products created by the Body Shop will be held only on April 26, but even the first glance at the new offerings baffles all description. Because to call it “luxury” means not to say anything.

Undoubtedly, the new products of the Body Shop will compete with the world’s most renowned bronze lines. Judging by the title and the package design, one can see that the new offerings are enriched with bee products. All new items have a special glow or shimmer suitable for any skin type.

One of the star-products of the new collection is Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil which contains honey and propolis and is characterized by a sparkling effect.

Bronze Line by Body Shop for Summer 2011

Another new product which attracts our attention is Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, in two shades and in the form of a cylinder with a wide brush.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face has a light weightless texture and introduces aloe vera, apart from honey, in its composition.

Honey Bronze Lip Nectar will be released in two lovely and convenient tubes and two brilliant natural colors.

Bronze Line by Body Shop for Summer 2011

Bronzing Powder is presented in four shades and pressed in the form of honeycomb.

Bronze Line by Body Shop for Summer 2011

Blood Scented Fragrances

Not only vampires are stimulated by the smell of blood – Italian perfume makers believe that people will also develop a liking for the liquid that drives us through life as they launch a line of blood-based fragrances.

The new fragrances known as Blood Concept include four scents – A, B, AB and O – all with a blood-inspired metallic note at the heart.

In A the metallic scent is set off by whiffs of nature like green garden, tomato leaves, basil and star anise. B is more spicy with black cherry, red apple, pomegranate, artemisia, and pepper elements. It is also woody and carries a touch of black tea.

AB’s components include aqua, cedar wood, aldehydes, aluminium, pebble, and slate.
O has blood note combined with raspberry, rose hips, thyme, cyperus esculentus, leather, birch and cedar wood.

Blood Concept is advertized as a significant side-line to break out of the bonds of the usual range of vanilla-based perfumes. The breakthrough decision to make blood the heart note of the new scents was made due to blood being the part of the human body we know most of; it carries plenty of secrets and was referred to by the spokesperson as “vivid and fascinating liquid that flows in our veins.”

Makers expect that the new series (which come in 40ml bottles with a dropper) will enjoy the public acclaim after they were unveiled at a recent perfumery trade show in Milan.

Book Smell in the New Karl Lagerfeld’s Fragrance

Karl Lagerfeld is a versatile person, known – apart from his fashion world renown – as a devoted bibliophile with a home library that requires a high ladder to look through. The owner of over 300,000 books also owns and manages a Paris-based publishing company (Edition 7L) and a bookstore, 7L, located on the Rue Lille.

Since every book lover delights in the smell of a new book, Lagerfeld resolved to take the idea further afield and called in German perfumer Geza Schön to work out a fragrance that will evoke the scent of a freshly-printed page!

Dubbed Paper Passion, the breakthrough scent – that is also rumored to carry a fatty whiff – will be sold in a hardcover edition… Sorry, packaged to look like a hardcover book. The “cover” design rests with the Edition 7L collaborators, Lagerfeld and Gerhard Steidl.

The concept is yet nowhere near its completion, and we can only hope that the bookshop fragrance will smell pleasantly fresh not for book lovers solely.

Max Factor Colour Effect Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

Last year, Max Factor products from the Colour Effect collection were loved by many. They have so much color and so many bright and clean shades. This year’s collection is no less attractive.

This year’s Colour Effect collection contains 24 products, with the shadows (tri-color and monochrome), lip gloss, and nail polish.

Bright fluorescent colors are harmoniously combined with magnificent marine and bronze hues. Some of them resemble last year’s products, but there are exceptionally new ones. In general, the collection has gained pastel-colored soft shadows and bronze polishes.

There were no monochrome shadows last year. The creators say that each of the new colors is a must-have of the spring-summer season.

Max Facotr Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Trio Shadows are replenished with two new variations:

  • Pajama Party,
  • Rainforest.

Max Facotr Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

The glittering Cube Glosses are presented in ten luxurious shades varying from light pink to plum.

Max Facotr Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Mini nail polishes in the new Max Factor make-up collection are presented in three shades:

  • Bright Orange,
  • Coffee Brown,
  • Soft Toffee

Max Facotr Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Body Butter Duo by The Body Shop

Body Butter Duo will appear in the Body Shop stores in May, 2011. And it is worth introducing to the fans of the brand, as well as to those who will join in, especially after such a great novelty.

Body Butter is the visit card of the British Body Shop brand. This is, indeed, one of the most noticeable brand products. Every three seconds, Body Shop oil is believed to be sold somewhere in the world. So what makes the new product so special?

This product is “two in one”. In the box, you will find two sections in the form of yin and yang, and a separate product in each. In fact, the oil will be of one kind: vanilla, rose and so on. But in each section there will be different types of texture and consistency for different skin areas.

The first section contains soft butter which many of us are accustomed to using after shower to soften and moisturize the body. In another section one can find solid oil, almost like a balm for a few rough and problem skin areas: knees, elbows, and heels.

Most of us have mixed skin with drier and normal areas. Therefore, the new Body Butter Duo fully meets the needs of the skin.

It offers various tastes: vanilla, strawberry, mango, and floral tastes. The price is about 18 euros. We are looking forward to the premiere scheduled for May 5.

Fragrance Love Blossoms by Kate Moss

Back in 2007, supermodel Kate Moss released her first branded perfume. Since then, the fragrance changes every year by getting an updated composition , new package design, and a new name. This year we will be welcoming the new Love Blossoms – a fragrance filled with love and flowers. What product release could be a better match for Kate’s wedding?

Love Blossoms- a typical spring release product filled with romance and light fragrance. It delivers the atmosphere of freshness, blooming flowers, greenery, and gives a calming sense of love and hope.

The fragrance is light and floral. Concentration- eau de toilette (30ml).

The composition opens with spices, pink peppercorn, peach nectar, and mountain lily. The ”heart” of the composition captures a floral bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, peony, and mandarin. Finally, the sensual base delivers warm notes of patchouli, white musk, and vanilla sorbet.

ArtDeco Glow Bronzing Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

It is difficult to remain calm while describing this collection. It’s a real masterpiece! Emerald, turquoise and aquamarine hues combined with bronze and brass take us back to the days of ancient Egypt. A woman who has had at least one article from the new collection of ArtDeco Glow Bronzing makeup can conider herself to be an Egyptian queen.

There are a large number of aquamarine hues for eyes and nails, and all of them are pure and original. Perhaps such clear turquoise and azure colours have been presented for the first time during the upcoming summer season. And a combination of shades of sand and the blue sea is a real summer harmony.

The collection includes the following makeup products.

Bronzer powder, compact in design package. Equipped with an SPF 15 and “water-resistant”. It exists in two shades: Sun Glow Bronzing and Sunset Bronzing

Glow Bronzing Collection by ArtDeco, powder

The “Kabuki” brush is for the powder in travel format.

There are shadows, and a lot of them. There is a limited edition of boxes with triplet shadows (some of the shadows are used as a rouge). There are two shadows. There are six shadows as an unmatched design package. There are powdery hues with beads of two colors inside, and powdery hues with a mother of pearl.

Glow Bronzing Collection by ArtDecom eyeshadows

There is something even for the eyes – a product called “Applicator.” This two-sided “pencil” has a creamy texture. On the each side there is a liquid shadow pencil with an applicator. There is a set of cartridges of different colors:

  • 20 Hot Espresso
  • 34 Shimmering Gold Mine
  • 54 Cobalt Turquoise
  • 60 Green Lagoon
  • 62 Moons Reflection
  • 68 Deep Atlantic

Glow Bronzing Collection by ArtDeco

Nail polish, or the so-called “ceramic”, is with nanoparticles of ceramics for exceptional durability and smooth structure. It presents very beautiful shadows:

  • 177 Pure Bronze
  • 179 Shimmering Ivory
  • 225 Rainbow Green
  • 229 Reflecting Algae
  • 236 Deep Aqua
  • 242 Juniper Blue

Glow Bronzing Collection by ArtDeco

For lips, there are two shadows of persistent gloss:

  • 23 Brilliant Sweet Candy
  • 61 Brilliant Sweet Raspberry

For the skin, there is an illuminating fluid Shimmer with particles of gold, spray-tan for legs, and a protective cream for the lips with a SPF 30.

The luxurious collection is sold at such prices: the shadows will cost approximately $7, and $25 will be for a bronzer powder.

Blue Lip Gloss Hottest Makeup Trend 2011

This has been one of the most remarkable beauty ideas recently. A totally new approach to lip gloss. But the blue shine is not for making the lips sky-blue!

In fact, the blue shine will not be blue on the lips. Just as in the latest spring collection of Dior makeup, we have seen the Addict Ultra Gloss lip gloss which has Trianon Silver # 707 gray shade that leaves a silvery shine on the lips. The same with the blue lip gloss which produces the effect of wet and shiny lips when applied, and there is no blue!

These new items can be seen in the upcoming summer season: in the YSL summer collection, L’Oreal’s blue shine – Aqua Curacao shade (Glam Shine Fresh gloss), and the magnificent turquoise-pearl luster which has been presented by the Paul & Joe brand (L’Horizon Bleu shade).

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soleil Makeup Collection

Estee Lauder’s summer makeup collection for the Summer-2011 season – Bronze Goddess Soleil will be launched in May. The brand’s bronze collections are indeed the most popular and long-awaited makeup collections in the world.

Do not miss this summer season’s collections for tanned skin. Most products will help you look very appealing and young, but at the same time you will not need to worry about the sun’s harmful rays, since the SPF filter is integral component of every summer makeup collection.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection, Hilary Rhoda

Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush is perhaps the most popular product in the Bronze Goddess Soleil collection from Estee Lauder.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection

The six-color Bronze Goddess Island Oasis EyeShadow Palette will brilliantly highlight your eyes in harmony with the tanned skin.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection, eyeshadows

Bronze Goddess ShadowStick Duos is water-resistant pencil eyeliner, which comes in two colors: Golden-Bronze, and Emerald-Rose.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection

Some of the new products are Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara and Luminous Liquid Bronzer.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection

Three lip glosses are in the Pure Color Gloss line:

  • Blazing Coral Sparkle
  • Plum Divine Shimmer
  • Sun Burst Sparkle

As for nails, the collection offers limited edition color called Shimmering Bronze.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection, nail polish

The face of the collection is Estee Lauder’s model, Hilary Rhoda.

Bronze Goddess Soleil Summer 2011 collection, Hilary Rhoda

Makeup for Fall 2011 from Paris Fashion Week

By the end of Paris Fashion Week, certain conclusions can be drawn about the work of makeup artists, art directors, designers, and models. Some critic called the latest Paris Fashion Week a bit boring in terms of makeup. But no, the point is that everything was reserved and applicable for everyday makeup. The color was reasonably used, and the hairdos were natural, light, and with a touch of “French chic” as they were dubbed by observers. You bet! It’s Paris after all! It permeates everything with its unique spirit.

Nina Ricci: The Cutest Image

The display has been presented by Nina Ricci. The style and chic, light hair, a few strands of hair collected in a half-knot behind, soft matte lips, and a warm natural eye makeup.

Paris Fashion Week: Nina Ricci

The “Frenchest” Image: Chanel

Certainly, it is Chanel. This time, we pay attention to surprisingly natural hair tucked away in a free elegant knot, rather than to the graphite shades and metallic nail polish.

Paris Fashion Week, Chanel makeup

Chloe: Most Harmonious Makeup

The Chloe showing was oriented on the 1970-s: long hair, neutral lips, and accented eyes which are relevant to any season and any time of the day.

Paris Fashion Week, Chloe makeup

Lanvin: Most Interesting Eye Makeup

What Lanvin has shown is not quite the cat’s eye, and not quite “Smokey”. It is a completely modern combination.

Paris Fashion Week, Lanvin makeup

Mugler: The Best Theatricality

Of course, Mugler show, which presented Lady Gaga herself on the catwalk, was distinguished by strong images. Female models looked like birds emphasizing the ideas of Mugler designer.

Paris Fashion Week, Mugler makeup

Vionnet: The Best Color Combination

The Vionnet makeup artists have pleased the audience with a combination of bright and succulent colors. The girls seem to be an illustration of the famous Dymkovo toys, with their bright pink blush, orange lips, and colored eye shades. It looks fresh and harmonious on the pale skin.

Paris Fashion Week, Vionnet makeup

Viktor & Rolf: The Weirdest Makeup

Viktor & Rolf was really surprising. Red faces, as if to parody the allergenic cosmetics or to remind that every girl should be a bit shy …

Paris Fashion Week, Viktor&Rolf makeup

The Unhealthiest Part of Paris Fashion Week

This is not about makeup. This is about the strangeness of Paris Fashion Week. Against the background of the public tobacco sale being banned in the UK, Paris is still very liberal in its attitude to smoking. One can even practice catwalking with a cigarette in the mouth. And these are not simple models, but celebrities instead, who frequently serve as a role model for many people. Lady Gaga entered the catwalk with a cigarette during Mugler show, and Kate Moss did the same during Louis Vuitton fashion show. Okay, let the girls do with their health whatever they want, but we must warn: smoking is the easiest way to lung cancer and wrinkles.

Paris Fashion Week, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss

Luxurious L’Abeille de Guerlain Bacarrat Flacon

Guerlain and Baccarat have been working together again – this time to produce a flacon that would be worthy of Guerlain’s new fragrance. The scent, called L’Abeille de Guerlain (The Bee of Guerlain), refers to the bee as the long-time symbol of the company, ever since Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain made himself a name with perfumes created for Empress Eugénie of France (years of reigning 1853 – 1870). The bee is also known as the emblem of France’s Second Empire.

Therefore the luxurious flacon is crafted in the shape of a large bee with faceted wings that resemble beautiful diamonds.

The Bee perfume is a limited edition with only 47 flacons available, to be had by fastidious scent admirers for the price of $17,400.

Hardly Recognizable Zooey Deschanel for Rimmel

This beauty starring in the latest ad for Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick looks like a dark horse, but she actually isn’t. That’s only what the makeup company’s Photoshop expert managed to do with – take a deep breath and look again – Zooey Deschanel! Requires some taking in, even though her bangs are very much in evidence, and her babyish expression is there as well. But the facial features tell a different tale, and the current face for the brand sure needs introduction – or some good detective work!That may be nothing extraordinary considering that Rimmel has already been dragged over hot coals for misleading mascara ads; we all expect make-up to alter our appearance, but to just what extent? Will we have to not recognize even our celebrities more and more often – as it happened last year, when Harper’s Bazaar did a bit too much airbrush on Katy Perry?

Trendy Nail Enamel Colors for Spring 2011

Do not forget to update your spring palette of nail polishes. This spring, you can bring to life brand new ideas. Use them during your next visit to the store or nail salon.

Green Nails

An obligatory condition to follow in this color group is a medium and light tone of the new nail polish. And the shades range from the khaki and olive up to the mint and jade. Matte shades are the season’s special chic. And if one chooses gloss, it should be something with a pearl or golden glow.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Lilac Colors

This season presents not only pastel shades for brides, but also more artistic metallic textures.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Pink Nail Enamel Shades

Pink nail polish returns onto the catwalk and is back in the streets. Alongside the classical infantile pink, one can buy more vibrant shades of the bubble gum, of the sparkling rose, and of faded pink colors.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Nude Nail Colors

Nude shades are popular in clothing, accessories, and manicure. Here we are looking for sandy colors, shades of tanned skin, milky-beige, and the classical body color.

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Red Coral Nails

Having stormed into the previous summer season, this shade cannot be so quick to leave, and we still have not completely enjoyed it. Bright and super-glossy coating is highly popular now, as it perfectly “works” on tanned skin. There can be different variations – from tomato-red, and orange-red to a classical coral. Coral is this spring’s new red color!

Trendy Nail Polish colors

Gray Manicure Is Still Hot

“Gray” manicure remains trendy, and it is great. Steel shades are still fashionable and often complemented with metallic effects and matte blue-gray.

Royal Wedding Nail Polishes by butter LONDON and Nails Inc

Only the lazy do not try to gain profit from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding that will take place in April. And it’s not just about souvenirs. Almost every brand has a product with a reminder of the royal event. And even those who produce nail polishes.

The Butter LONDON company has released a nail polish which can be bought not only because of its pleasant shades of beige, but also as a souvenir for posterity. The nail polish has been named very poetically – “No More Waity, Katie” – and it is one of the colors of the brand’s season collection (All Hail McQueen for Fall-2010 season).

Though it remains a mystery why this particular shade has been selected as the nail polish for the princess.

By the way, Nails Inc. is also inspired by the upcoming wedding. The company has created two special nail polishes with specific, almost jewelry lids (15 pounds each), and a set of four mini-gloss nail polishes at the price of £ 25.

Nail polishes by Nails Inc for Royal Wedding

”Kate” nail polish has sapphire crystals on its lid. The nail polish is dedicated to Kate Middleton and her famous sapphire ring, presented by Prince William at the engagement.

”Will” nail polish presents crystals on its lid arranged in the form of the British flag.

Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection
Chanel prepares a summer makeup collection Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel. The official premiere is on May 20, 2011. The first information about the collection appeared, and the most important thing one can point out and identify easily is the optimistic and rich shades of nail polish.

Summer is just around the corner, so we can plan the purchase of new colors, or their equivalents. Because, as practice shows, all the shades, which Chanel produces, become hits.

Thus, among the summer novelties there are three shades:

  • pink nude
  • mimosa, a bright yellow-gold
  • morning rose, medium-pink shade.

Les Fleurs D'ete de Chanel

I dare say that exactly “mimosa” will be a must-have of the season Summer 2011.

The collection of three new lip gloss Levres Scintillantes:

  • Aurore
  • Pink Peony
  • Pensee

Les Fleurs D'ete de Chanel

Mosaic bronzer and a rouge in two variations:

  • Bronze Rose (for pale skin)
  • Bronze Corail

Les Fleurs D'ete de Chanel

Les Fleurs D'ete de Chanel

More information about the shadows and other products will come later.

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