Omnia Coral Fragrance by Bvlgari

Omnia Coral Fragrance by Bvlgari
Bvlgari announces a new fragrance for women produced by the popular Omnia line. This is Omnia Coral eau de toilette, which provides optimistic coral shades for Spring 2012. The fruity floral fragrance is full of joy and romance.

The new product will be on sale in early spring.
Omnia Coral is distinguished by a feminine composition. It opens with bergamot and red goji berries, the “heart” of it is a gentle water lily, hibiscus, and pomegranate, and the base notes complete the fragrance with a complex mix of musk and cedar.
Omnia Coral comes in the form of toilet water (25, 40 and 65 ml) and is accompanied by body products: body lotion and gentle body peeling.
This is the fifth fragrance in the Omnia collection. Omnia, Omnia Amethyste, Omnia Crystalline and Omnia Green Jade appeared on sale before it. Each of the fragrances from the collection was presented in identical bottles of its own color. The same is with the new product. It is not difficult to guess that the color scheme of the new bottle is the coral.

Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette

Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette
Bourjois is making an unusual product – the three-color palette for lip makeup, which is called Colorissimo.
Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette comprises four kinds of palettes with shimmering shades for lips.
This spring novelty can be a new must-have for every one of us, because the creators have tried to make a palette with a unique combination of colors. It is assumed that each of the shades can be good for different moments during the day, from morning till night.

The pigments are intense, and the product itself is resistant. The creamy formula moisturizes lips all day long.
It is only left to choose a variant of the Colorissimo palette which is best for you:
• 01 Rouge Collection
• 02 Roses Muse
• 03 Roses Fashion
• 04 Nudes Dandy

Victoria’s Secret Launches New Fragrances for the Valentine’s Day

Victoria’s Secret Launches  New Fragrances for the Valentine’s Day
Victoria’s Secret produces not only the traditional collection of festive playful clothes and lingerie for St. Valentine’s Day. This year, the brand will delight its fans with two new perfume products, exclusive and limited fragrances, whose faces are Victoria’s Secret “Angels” Adriana Lima and Lindsay Ellingson.

The first perfume, Bombshell in Love, is a reproduction of the famous Bombshell and an easy and tempting fruit and floral composition. Grapefruit and raspberry open the chord, then the fragrance is revealed with the scent of peonies, jasmine and freesia, and the loop notes are obtained from sandalwood, cedar and musk. The face of the fragrance is Adriana Lima.
The second novelty has a plain name – Simply Gorgeous. It is also a flower and fruit fragrance presented by the young Lindsay Ellingson.

Louis Vuitton to Launch Debut Fragrance

Louis Vuitton to Launch Debut Fragrance
The representatives of the Louis Vuitton brand have officially confirmed the information that the brand’s first fragrance will at last be produced this year.
Many millions of Louis Vuitton fans have caught their breath and are rubbing their hands. In 2012, the first fragrance will finally appear and will be decorated with the cherished “LV” initials, which every self-respecting victim of the fashion world is amazed by.
Louis Vuitton can surely be called the people’s brand. Perhaps, the accessories of no other brand are forged in such huge quantities – and this is the surest sign of universal success. It is strange that the LV management had not dared to go the well-trodden path of most fashion brands and produce their first fragrance earlier. This is known to be the standard way of enriching and maintaining popular.
The classic figure in perfumery, Jacques Cavallier, is entrusted with the development of the debut fragrance. He has already presented the world with such masterpieces as Classique, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ultraviolet, Paco Rabanne, Nina, Nina Ricci, not to mention entire aromatic collections for Amouage, Stella McCartney, Bulgari, and even Yves Rocher. There is no doubt that Louis Vuitton debut fragrance will be interesting and profound. For this purpose, the perfumer set off on a journey to gather the world’s rarest and most exclusive ingredients. We are looking forward to the results!

Fragrance Clinique Happy in Bloom

Fragrance Clinique Happy in Bloom
Starting since 2006, Clinique has been pleasing its fans with a new fragrance called Happy In Bloom. And every time, it is a fountain of optimism in an ingenious package. Meet Happy In Bloom 2012!
The new bottle has even more energy, vivacity, and good mood! As for the fragrance itself, it remains the same from year to year, but it gets enriched with fresh details. In 2012, it has more delicate floral motifs, reflecting the atmosphere of a spring flower garden. The composition as a whole is advertised as more delicate and sparkling.
The top notes of Happy In Bloom 2012 are green, aquatic, fruit, and the notes with a plum accord. In the “heart” of the fragrance, there is the harmony of a blooming garden: freesia, lily of the mountain, and mimosa. The base consists of woody notes and amber.
The new limited edition of the fragrance will be produced in the form of EDP, 50 ml.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mini Nail Polish Collection

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mini Nail Polish Collection
L’Oreal Paris announces the April 2012 novelty. This is a L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche mini nail polish collection based on a gel formula and produced in 5 ml vials.
The brush of the nail polish is really admirable. It is easy to use, it takes just the right amount of polish, and at this point it is the best brush for many people.

What are the benefits of the formula on the basis of the gel? It is not only resistant. It also means such gloss and shine that one does not need a topcoat.
The new mini-collection includes 41 shades. The mini-bottles allow you to try a lot of colors without risking to spend all your money. And for the holiday season, small packages are the best solution.

Chanel Harmonie de Printemps Makeup Collection

Chanel Harmonie de Printemps Makeup Collection
We have not had enough time to experience the beauty of winter, but cosmetic brands have already started presenting their spring collections to us. Chanel, for example, sees the new season in pink and gold colors, inspired by the dawn clouds, and the first rays of dawn.
The Harmonie de Printemps line turned out to be very gentle. The new Jasmin powder with shimmering particles will give the skin the “kiss of the sun” effect, and Blush Horizon, which consists of five shades, will underline cheekbones and add more relief to the face.
The products for the eyes are quite diverse: we are offered a palette of four Eclosion shadows, which include gold, beige, purple and orange tones, as well as Tigerlily and Rose de Mai mono-shadows. An interesting novelty is the garnet-colored eyeliner. Would you dare to try it?
One of the potential hits of the collection is Lip Rouge Coco Baume, which guarantees long lasting hydration of lips thanks to natural oils and cane sugar contained in its formula.
By the way, there is more to say about the lips. Peter Phillips has developed three new shades of Rouge Coco lipstick: coral Chalys, pink Paradis and rich plum Destinee. Rouge Coco Shine line is complemented with two shades – Candeur and Flirt. The collection of glosses has also been enriched, and they are now represented by the bright pink Bagatellle and peach Petillant.
The fans of bright manicure will probably enjoy three new nail polishes: April, May, June. If only spring came sooner!

Emily Blunt Is the New Face of YSL Opium

Emily Blunt Is the New Face of YSL Opium
Emily Blunt has played one of the most memorable roles in the cult film “The Devil Wears Prada”, and her image seems to have eclipsed even Anne Hathaway. She just “hit the target”, as critics say. How can one fail to notice such a girl in the advertising industry?

Last year, YSL updated its famous Opium fragrance, having created a new bottle and changed the versions of the fragrance. Now it is time to invite the new face of the fragrance.

The brand has chosen Emily Blunt. And one should say that the new commercials turned out to be gorgeous! But Emily herself does not make such enthusiastic commentaries about the new contract. Emily says they have made a terrible mistake by inviting her. She considers herself very far from the image of a true French woman and finds the choice of the brand unsuccessful. However, she starred in the commercials, and will now proudly bear the title of the face of Opium by YSL.

We think that Emily is still flirting, and her acting abilities and her appearance in general should be highly praised. This advertising contract must be only the first step to a real success.

Madonna Has Launched Fragrance Truth Or Dare

Madonna Has Launched Fragrance Truth Or Dare
Madonna, who has recently released her debut fragrance, Truth Or Dare, presented the first image of the perfume ad campaign. Naturally, the pop queen herself became the main character of the commercial and the face of the fragrance.

In fact, the frame of the photo session that has been published was not originally intended for advertising. The photo session was held by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for publication in a magazine. However, this very picture, according to the authors, best reflected the intent of the advertisement.

On the black-and-white photo, Madonna appeared as a femme fatale, with bright red lipstick and neat curls.

The Truth Or Dare fragrance became the first product of Madonna’s new brand, which will include clothing and perfume. The target audience will be women aged 27 to 50.

Hair Care with Milk and Eggs

Hair Care with Milk and Eggs
Fancy hair care products from the top names in the fashion industry can command a high price, but the truth is that the same great effects can be seen in many cases using much cheaper ingredients.Around for years, an old wives’ remedy for bringing back natural shine to the hair is a simple combination of items that a woman can usually find in her pantry without even leaving the home. Milk and eggs make the basis for this wonderful concoction that will not only increase the shininess of the hair, but will not have any of the possibly damaging side effects of using a chemical product.

The first step to getting this great look for pennies on the dollar is to assemble all of the necessary ingredients. A woman will need a cup of milk, two to three eggs, some sugar, and a little bit of olive oil. The eggs should be separated into yolks and whites. This recipe will only use the yolks, but the whites can be saved to make a fluffy omelet once the hair care has been completed. After separating the eggs, the yolks should be put in a bowl. The yolks will need to be beaten well and one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon added to the mix. All of these ingredients should be combined well and left to sit while the woman prepares her hair. The milk should be placed in a separate bowl.

To get the hair ready for the application, a woman will need to shampoo and condition the hair and rinse it well. This is a two stage process, with the first being a milk rinse. The woman will need to pour the milk over her hair while it is still wet and comb it through to make sure all areas of the hair are evenly coated. After letting it sit for about seven minutes, it can be rinsed out with warm water. For the second stage, the eggs mixture will need to be massaged into the hair evenly and then left to stay for ten minutes. The final rinse is done with cold water to eliminate frizz from forming at the ends of the hair.

To see how it looks, a woman can use a hair dryer to remove the moisture. It may be a good idea to spray a small amount of perfume or scented hairspray into the hair to remove the smell of the olive oil and eggs. All told, the new shine should last for around one month, at which time the woman can simply repeat the process to bring the optimal texture back. With the process finally completed, a woman can bask in the beauty of her natural hair shine and think of all the money she saved by choosing not to buy an expensive beauty product that could have damaged her hair. The common logic that spending money equals great hair care is simply not true and many women have found that common remedies are often cheaper, provide better results, and last for longer periods of time.

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Stella McCartney’s Fragrance LILY in Honor of Linda McCartney

Stella McCartney’s Fragrance LILY in Honor of Linda McCartney
Designer Stella McCartney will launch the 2012 fragrance called L.I.L.Y. It is the second fragrance by Stella. Its name is an acronym meaning Linda I Love You, as McCartney would sometimes call his first wife Linda.

The name of the fragrance not by chance contains the name of a flower. Mountain lily is one of the central notes of the fragrance. It is surrounded by lily of the valley, truffle notes and oak moss.

The fragrance Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. was developed by the perfumer Jacques Cavalier, who had also created Stella, the most popular fragrance by Stella.

The sales of the fragrance will begin at Selfridges department stores in the UK in January 2012. But in the world, the fragrance will be distributed throughout the year and, for example, will not have reached American shores until September 2012, when it will be sold at Sephora.

The fragrance will be released as Eau de Parfum (30, 50 and 75 ml at the price of 60 to 100 dollars), there will be a stick ball (10 ml, $25), as well as perfumed body products.
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