Bracelets with dry perfume Marc Jacobs Lola

Marc Jacobs perfumes often receive prominent spots on the top perfume ratings. For example, the last year’s perfume Lola became a real bestseller. The brand appreciates its fans by releasing new products and collector’s items almost every season.

This holiday season, the Marc Jacobs perfume brand prepared a line of gift-accessories to match its famous perfumes.

Perfume Marc Jacobs Lola will now be accompanied with a limited edition bracelet, with solid Lola perfume inside.

Another bracelet was created for the fans of the Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume. The bracelet also contains solid perfume.

Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection by La Prairie

While covering the numerous Holiday 2010 collections, we absolutely have to comment on the new products from La Prairie. The quality of the products and sophistication of the packaging remain the same. This Holiday collection La Prairie features thee new perfumes, luxury anti-age products, and even decorative makeup.

The decorative line contains two elegant products for lips:

Cellular Luxe Lip Colour, in Cardinal shade, $ 55.00.

La Prairie Holiday 2010 collection

Lipgloss Cellular Lip Color Effects, in Firefly Glace color, $40.00.

Le Prairie lipgloss

The perfume collection is a trio of fragrances, which glorify three precious stones (last year the trio was devoted to three noble metals), $125.00.
• Ruby
• Emerald
• Sapphire

La Prairie Ruby, Emerald Sapphire perfumes

The skin-care collection is priced at $950.00. The formula is based on white caviar and has a thee-stage system, which makes skin lighter, restores natural illumination, has anti-aging action, and fights pigment spots. The collection contains:

• White Caviar Illuminating Cream + Travel sample
• White Caviar Illuminating Serum + Travel Sample
• White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum + Travel Sample

La Prairie skin-care collection Holiday 2010

Precious Platinum Rare Collection, $950.00. It is presented in a silver jewelry box:
Cellular Cream Platinum Rare
Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare
Necklace made with platinum and featuring symbols of the sun and the moon.

La Prairie Platinum Rare Collection

Reasons Not to Wash Hair

Surely, nobody likes to walk around with greasy hair. Don’t worry, we are not urging you to do so. But, did you know that there are situations when it is not recommended to wash hair? We have three situations when you may want to delay hair washing for a while.

You should not wash hair after getting a perm

You should wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair after getting a perm. Some hair professionals recommend to wait 72 hours. In fact, the effect of the chemical components can be neutralized, which can lead to messy hair with uneven level of curling. Moreover, you should use special shampoos, which are specially formulated for permed hair. Those shampoos are much softer than the regular shampoo.

Do not wash hair right before your hairdresser appointment

Any hair professional will start the session by washing the client’s hair. Surely, it may be a little embarrassing to come with very greasy or dirty hair to your hairdersser appointment. However, it would be much worse to wash your hair too frequently. So, you need to overcome your fears and have your hair just as it is, the specialist will understand.

Why is it forbidden to wash hair after a Botox injection?

Botox procedures are becoming increasingly popular those days. Doctors typically warn their patients to avoid any type of face massage (including the areas around it) and instruct them not to sleep on their faces. Hair washing is a procedure that involves the scalp and the face. So you should avoid washing your hair right after a Botox injection. For how long? In order to avoid any unpleasant side-effects, such as bruising, you should wait at least six hours.

Use Green Concealer

You’ve probably seen green correctors, concealers, and foundation sticks in various cosmetic boutiques and supermarkets. But, there is always something that keeps you from buying those products. Most likely you simply do not know how to use the green masking products.

Why do we need green concealer?

In order to understand how the green concealers work we need to recall the color wheel. You probably have heard that on this wheel the colors which are located opposite each other make pairs. Each color pair balances, or neutralizes, each other. Green is paired with red in this wheel. Therefore, this color neutralizes red. So, a green corrector can significantly mask redness, pimples, acne, and even overly rosy cheeks.

Color Wheel

When is the concealer not needed?

You absolutely do not need to rush to the store to buy a green concealer as soon as you notice redness. A regular foundation can deal with it just fine. You may need a special green concealer if your regular foundation can not completely mask the redness.

How to properly use the green concealer?

Basically, there are no special tricks on how to use this product. If you do everything well, then there will be no green or white spots after using the green concealer.
• Take a brush and cover only the pimple or the red area with the concealer
• Make sure to blend the edges in order to create smooth transition of color
• Cover the area with your regular foundation. It should completely cover the green color.
• A light touch of powder will not hurt. The powder will help keep your ”cover-up” stay in place and prevent smudging.

Why do we need green primer?

Green primer is a relatively new product for most of us. This is a semi-transparent makeup base, which helps the makeup stay fresh much longer. Some say that this product is even better than concealers and correctors at hiding redness. So, if you are experiencing such problem you may want to try this product, as it has been receiving very good reviews since its introduction.

Become As Erotically Burlesque As Christina Aguilera

We are not to experience yet the full sexy impact of Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell playing the Burlesque’s gorgeous ladies as the film comes on the next month, but the cosmetic products that went to create their screen beauty are already out.

Smashbox Cosmetics unveiled a limited edition of Burlesque-inspired makeup collection comprising eight exquisite items in an super-luxe train case.

Eyes can be perfectly done using a black liquid liner pen, purple and pink eye shadows, and a cream eyeliner palette plus powder-applied shimmer and mascara for longer eyelashes.

Lips are certain to attract attention done with double-ended lip gloss, whether pink or berry depending on your mood. Now all that remains is to put on the final touch with the O-Glow cheek color (it will give you a celebrity-honored look) and highlight with powder.

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection for Holiday 2010

The Holiday 2010 makeup collection, Metallic Colorama Collection, from Yves Saint Laurent will be launched next week. This collection offers magnificent combination of pearl and metallic pastel colors, including gold and chocolate.

The star-product of this collection is Metallic Colorama Palette, which creates amazingly light and sparkling shades on skin.

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Lipstick Rouge Pure Shine is available in two metallic shades:
• No. 34 Or Metallique
• No. 34 Rose Metallique

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Lipgloss Golden Gloss comes in three golden shades:
• Golden Champagne
• Golden Chocolate
• Golden Carat

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Mascara Volume Effect Faux, shade No.9 Crimson (dark-red).

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

The eyeshadows duo offers two sparkling colors: silver-gray and golden-plum.

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Golden Touch Highlighter for the Face.

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

The nail polish is released in three colors: golden shades of champagne and milk chocolate and silver-steel color.

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Yves Saint Laurent is presenting a very unique holiday image:

Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Collection

Diane von Furstenberg to Launch Her Own Cosmetics Line and Fragrance

The famous American fashion, accessories and furnishings designer is launching her own cosmetics line, which will debut a new women’s fragrance and will premiere this Fall.

The new cosmetics line will include skincare and decorative cosmetic products. Diane dreamed about this long ago, and actualized it with the help of her girlfriend Chantal Roos, president of YSL Beauté cosmetics brand.“Everything I do in life has to do with how much I am inspired by women, how much I respect women and how much I want every woman to feel strong, beautiful and confident”, Furstenberg told the fashion journal WWD.

To be fair, it’s worth remembering that Diane von Furstenberg has already released cosmetics line and fragrance named Tatiana (her daughter’s name) in the 70’s. It is believed that the new scent will be similar to that one.

5 Must Have Fragrances for Fall 2010

Fall period for perfumes is the time of special fragrances. Their inspiring smells of flowers and fruits of a new crop, first frosty air and dry leaves. We decided to make an original rating of 5 must-have fragrances for Fall 2010.

Beauty by Calvin Klein

The last fragrance Calvin Klein Beauty is a true embodiment of femininity. Notes of special varieties of tobacco and jasmine add uncommonness

Guilty by Gucci

Inspired by the Barbara Streisand’s song, Gucci perfumers reflected a special female sexuality, stressing the notes of pink pepper, lily and amber. $95

Gucci Guilty perfume

Love by Chloe

A light and airy new product from Chloe. Includes chords of orange, flower, wisteria, iris, and powdery notes.

Chloe Love perfume

Cashmere Mist Liquid Nude by Donna Karan

Re-launch of the famous fragrance DK Cashmere, now in Liquid Nude version with notes of musk and wood, very sensuous fragrance $75.

Donna Karan Liquid Nude perfume

Yves Rocher Vanille Noire

Vanille Noire – a new fragrance for women – sensual and evening-like. Notes of vanilla are considered sexy and feminine. Therefore, attention to the new product is assured.

Yves Rocher Vanille Noire perfume

Most Notable Ideas for Makeup and Hair SS-2011 from Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fahion Week is over. The shows for SS-2011 season are being actively analyzed by art specialists and fashion editors to pick out the latest fashion trends. We can provide you with some of the new makeup ideas for the spring-summer 2011 season. You should start getting ready for this season, because spring collections are not as far away as they may seem to be. So, here are some spring ideas from MFW SS-2011.

Saturates shades of blue were featured in Giorgio Armani’s catwalks.

MFW SS-2011

Hazy purple eyeshadows and glowing golden lips from Etro.

MFW SS-2011

Intense eyebrows from Byblos.

MFW SS-2011

Sparkling apple-red lips and golden hair from Gucci.

MFW SS-2011

Floral-shaped hair accessories and neon-orange lips in Les Copains show.

MFW SS-2011

”Ruffled nest” hair from Dolce&Gabbana.

MFW SS-2011

Roberto Cavalli featured smokey eyes, the tone covered the entire eyelid from the eyelashes line to the eyebrows.

MFW SS-2011

Wet hair in Versace and Bottega Veneta shows.

MFW SS-2011

Bright-pink lips from Jil Sander.

MFW SS-2011

Orange craze form Maurizio Pecoraro (some say, that orange will be the color of the ss-2011 season).

MFW SS-2011

Shiseido Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

The luxurious eyeshadows trios are, once again, the star-products of the new Shiseido Fall 2010 collection. Dick Page, the art-director at Shiseido, believes that the offered color combinations facilitate creation of a balanced and complete image. We hope that his visions of fall makeup will inspire you to create a new and unique trend this fall.

The collection Fall 2010 contains 7 versions of palettes.

Dick Page offers two colors of Perfect Mascara Defining Volume for this Fall 2010 season: black and brown.

Now onto the mascara base. It lengthens the eyelashes and nourishes them. The product can even be used without the mascara, as in that case it will create glossy-looking eyelashes.

The Automatic eyeliner comes in two colors: black and brown.

Shiseido Fall 2010 collection

The lipstick is moisturizing, long-lasting, and contains Vitamins D,E. This product comes in five shades.

The cream concealer is available in five very natural shades.

The Primer (finishing coating) absorbs grease, oil, and can even be applied separately. This product has SPF2.

Have you been inspired by the eyeshadow trios? Which shades would you pick?

Manicure Tips for a Busy Woman

You, like any woman, want your nails look healthy, beautiful and professionally well-attended to. But like most of us, you work every day, in addition, you have your home, children and relatives on you. But if you find it difficult to even to set aside time for manicure, there are some very simple tips to help your nails always be beautiful.

Buy a coating for the nails that strengthens

Its enough to use it once a week, but it will significantly reduce the time in the future to correct irregularities, layering, and any other nail defects. Try such products, they are available, for example, at Sally Hansen and Neutrogena.

Do not once again touch the cuticle and skin around the nail

When asked, “what is the most common mistake in home manicure?”, professionals answer: “too much meat”. This means that women fairly often cut too much skin. It is better to turn into manicure with cuticles pushed back and not cut.

Mini-manicures in the shower

Taking a bath or shower, do not forget about the nails, just like you do not forget about the hair or skin. Hot showers allow the skin to become softer, so after taking a bath always push the cuticle back with a stick. It is very simple to do this. It will save you time when you will need to do manicure quickly before leaving, you will no longer need to spend time on the cuticle. After a shower, do not forget to moisturize not only your hands and feet, but also the skin around the nails.

Mini-manicure during sleep

Sometimes you can do this procedure during sleep. Before going to bed, treat your hands with greasy lotion and wear gloves. Morning showers will wash away all skin particles, including from the cuticle.

Hand scrub daily

Keep this substance always close with soap and water so as not to forget to massage the hands a little once every day and carry out a good scrub. It also allows you not to waste time in handling hangnail and cuticle during nail painting.

Mini French Manicure

If you do not even have time to fiddle around with stripes, paint masks, and several colors of varnishes, then never you neglect the treatment of the back side of the nail. Buy a special white pencil for this and constantly paint nails from the back side, and also the edge of nails. Then the grooming will be obvious.

A balanced diet helps the state of nails

Fruits, vegetables, adequate amounts of water – these three components affect the state of the nails. You will immediately see that the nails and hair have become stronger when you simply start including these foods in your daily menu more regularly.

New Fragrance LA Glow by J Lo

The new feminine fragrance from Jennifer Lopez is called L.A. Glow by J Lo. The nightlife of the festive and vigorous Los Angeles inspired J. Lo to create a new feminine fragrance LA Glow by J Lo. Sexy feminine and sweet notes are mixed with luxurious and sensual flowers, leaving the warm glow of Los Angeles nights on the body.L.A. Glow is a feminine and sexy cocktail of fruits, flowers wrapped in creamy amber that evokes the warmth of LA nights. The top notes of the fragrance are cherry, plum and blackberry. The “heart” notes contain jasmine, peony and magnolia, while the base notes represent amber, musk and tropical cream.

Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection Dior Minaudiere

Dior is releasing its Holiday makeup collection 2010 Dior Minaudiere and creates a luxurious image with the gold and warm bronze shades. The collection is expected to arrive in stores in early October 2010.

Get ready for golden glow on nails and eyes, for magnificent vintage packaging, and rich cherry color on lips.

The limited palette for eyes in beautiful carrying case is the base of the collection. The palette comes in two variations. Each palette holds three eyeshadows, an applicator, a brush, and a large mirror.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

The classic five-color palettes Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow are also offered. Those come in two versions as well The versions differ not only by colors but by texture as well.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

Eyeliner – only in black.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

The collection also includes volume boosting serum for eyelashes Dior Show Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

Lipgloss Dior Addict Ultra Gloss is available in four shades. Two of them are reintroduced from the last seasons. Yet, the cherry shade needs to be mentioned separately – since it is an absolute hit!

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

Nourishing lipstick-serum Dior Serum De Rouge comes in two shades. Both colors are not new, but instead are borrowed from the previous collections. However, they are perfect for this Holiday image from Dior.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

Nail polishes Dior Vernis comes in three colors. The two golden colors are new products.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

Foundation Dior Nude SPF 10 Foundation is a reintroduction from the previous collections.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

The concealer Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen is also in gold.

Dior Minaudiere Holiday 2010 collection

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