Jennifer Lopez to Launch New Fragrance Love and Light

Jennifer Lopez presents her 17th fragrance, and it is called Love and Light. The fragrance is announced as a rich, floral-woody composition. The presentation of the new fragrance will be held for its fans on July 2, 2011.

The shape of the bottle is like in the previous Love and Glamour fragrance. Its outline resembles the shape of a beautiful female figure. The difference is that the previous fragrance was dominated by a golden color and the new one has a pearl, milky-white vial.

Love and Light Perfume by Jennifer Lopez

The new fragrance reflects harmony and balance, light and purity which is directly represented in the bottle and in the composition.

It will appear on store shelves this September as toilet water (30 and 75 ml), accompanied by a body lotion.

Jennifer will present the fragrance on July 2 exclusively for her fans via the resource. During the promotion campaign of the new fragrance, Jennifer will share with the readers the stories of beauty-trends, her life and career. The Web site also offers some campaign with a personal meeting with Lopez as the main prize. Some more prizes include:

  • Tickets to the place of meeting with Lopez (for 2 persons)
  • Two nights in St. Petersburg (the Vinoy Renaissance Resort and Golf Club hotel)
  • $ 500 for expenses
  • Love and Light products

Lady Diana’s Bag Inspired Dior Eye Shadow Palette

Exclusive, luxurious, and real works of art – it is all about Dior shadow palette that the brand produces each season. The palette is distinguished by an exceptional design, an extraordinary color scheme, and a beautiful story. This time, the story is about a Lady Dior handbag.

For some reason, when the matter concerns bags, many think of Chanel, but not Dior. And the designers of the brand are confident it is wrong, for at least one Dior handbag should necessarily be in the arsenal of any stylish woman.

So they decided to recall the famous Lady Dior handbag. This model gained fame when Mrs. Chirac presented one of such bags to Lady Diana. The princess just fell in love with it, carried it everywhere, and almost did not let it out of her hands. It is worth noting that after this event Dior boutique shops were taken by storm by the ladies searching a handbag they liked.

The line of Christian Dior makeup is closely linked to the brand’s history, so each season presents us with a shadow palette dedicated to various pages of Dior biography. It is worth recalling the luxurious palette dedicated to Mitzi Bekar, Christian Dior’s muse (the shadow palette has been released this spring),

Lady Dior Eye Shadow Palette

or the palette, which was created by the makeup artist Tien in honor of his 30th anniversary of collaborating with Dior,

Lady Dior Eye Shadow Palette

or the palette created in honor of the first haute couture collection in 1947. The design of the shadow palette is borrowed from Rene Gruau’s drawing, one of the first Dior posters (the 2010 edition).

Lady Dior Eye Shadow Palette

This time, in summer 2011, a new page of Dior history is Lady Dior handbag which once inspired Lady Diana and nowadays brings joy to millions of women all over the world. Mind that the chosen color palette is contemporary. It was in this bright-red variant that the Lady Dior bag was presented in Dior’s spring-summer collection. The designers of the brand find the combination of a red bag with a blue tweed the most successful.

Lady Dior Eye Shadow Palette

Lady Dior Eye Shadow Palette

It is also worth saying that these palettes should not be regarded as a must-have thing. These are often very limited editions. For example, the palette dedicated to the first haute couture Dior collection was released in a limited edition of just 150 copies.

Artistic palettes are of particular interest to collectors and fans of the brand, and we simply need to enjoy them as a work of art.

Shades of Lip Gloss D’Armani

Attention to all fans of luxury cosmetics by Giorgio Armani! There is a new product – a lip gloss called Gloss D’Armani. 18 shades and a luxurious formula is what the customers of the brand will get.

Gloss D’Armani offers a refined and exquisite palette. Each girl will be able to select the necessary lip gloss out of the new 18 shades: from pale yellow and nude to deep plum.

The formula promises a high concentration of color in glitter, three-dimensional glowing and durability (the gloss will not fade and “float” up to 8 hours). Perhaps this is what you need in summer.

Lipgloss by Giorgio Armani

The secret ingredient used in the lip gloss is Color Bond Polymer which was first used in the Rouge d’Armani lipstick. It gives some special force and pearl gloss to the pigments. With this polymer, the lip gloss acquires special reflective properties, and the lips gain certain expression and voluminosity.

The lip gloss contains natural caring oils, and the silicone oil allows the texture to be applied gently and without getting sticky.

Lipgloss by Giorgio Armani

The palette is divided into four color groups: red, beige, pink, and plum shades. The price is rather high, from $ 28 up, as in the case of other Giorgio Armani make up products.

The face of the new lip gloss is Megan Fox. Armani does not change his favorite, and she has already been successfully raising the sales rate of luxury cosmetics for several seasons. The new commercial will feature Megan’s lips with a new lip gloss and without Photoshop, as its creators promise.

Halle Berry Is Launching New Fragrance Reveal The Passion

The actress Halle Berry is one of the few celebrities whose perfume products generate revenue and are recognized by consumers. By the way, the recent FiFi award has marked Berry with a prestigious prize. Therefore, the new fragrance from the celebrity is quite expected.

After the last year’s premiere of the Reveal fragrance, the fans will be able to enjoy the new Reveal The Passion fragrance in July this year. The fruity-floral composition is announced as sensual, mysterious and elegant, and it is designed as a challenge of a strong woman.

The Reveal The Passion fragrance is built on the contrast of sweet and passionate notes and reflects Halle’s character.

The top notes present the fragrance with Italian bergamot, freesia, and apple. In the “heart” notes, one can find mangosteen, and the “base” of the fragrance warms with woody notes, patchouli, and musk.

A bottle of the new fragrance imitates the shape of the Reveal fragrance, but it is just painted purple. The Reveal The Passion fragrance is produced together with a range of body treatments.

The commercial image of the new fragrance is created by Halle Berry herself, she is depicted on a photo in an elegant fuchsia dress.

Protect Your Skin from UV

Millions of people face the risk of getting sunburns or even skin cancer because of an incorrect application of a protective cream. British National Health Service (NHS) encouraged the citizens to use creams with an SPF of 15. However, this is not enough.A cream with an SPF of 15 provides sufficient protection of the skin from the sun, only when applied in a layer of 2 cm thick, but in reality people usually use much less cream because in its ideal dosage it will flow down from the skin. In addition, about 35 milliliters are needed to apply the protectant on all of the body. And the NHS recommends to apply the cream every two hours. Therefore, the fans of sunbathing will have to buy 200 milliliters of cream every 2-3 days. It is more practical to use creams with a ratio higher than 15 (e.g. 30 or more).

2011 Is the Time to Grow Nails

Girls, we should eat more vitamins and attend nail-strengthening procedures. Let us invest money in the plates for nails and super-resistant coating. Why? Because all of this will come in handy in Fall 2011.

The fashion shows of Fall-2011 have offered a new autumn trend in manicure. Makeup experts of several fashion shows, held at New York Fashion Week, have marked the models with long and even extra-long nails.

Following the “Color blocking” trend for nails

Manicure 2011 Trend

as well as metallic,

Manicure 2011 Trend

Fall 2011 will bring joy to the supporters of false nails. Extremely long variants (Emanuel Ungaro, Joanna Mastroianni and The Blonds) are back in the swim.

Emanuel Ungaro Fall-2011

Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2011

The Blonds Fall 2011

Wear Peacock Eyelashes

When a girl’s got a job to do the importance of eyework is paramount, and if the eyes are enhanced with a striking eyelash design, the chances of success grow sky-high. There are ways and ways to make your eyelashes mightily eloquent – like those LED lashes that scream for a comparison of a girl with an Audi. You sure can strike down a lot of guys with those, but girls, we have a choice.When a girl’s got a job to do the importance of eyework is paramount, and if the eyes are enhanced with a striking eyelash design, the chances of success grow sky-high. There are ways and ways to make your eyelashes mightily eloquent – like those LED lashes that scream for a comparison of a girl with an Audi. You sure can strike down a lot of guys with those, but girls, we have a choice.

A highly noteworthy competitor for a more effective eye-laser job is those new “Peacock Eyelashes” that are a decent imitation of peacock feathery with the color flamboyant. In addition they gleam when touched by light and look doubly exotic and glamorous. A little adhesive goes a long way towards sending waves of colorful charm around! Sounds thrilling to try on for a night out. Are you in?

Peacock Eyelashes


Makeup Collection by Tom Ford

Fired up by cosmetics since around the age of 14, at 40 plus Tom Ford is surely on the peak of his career as cosmetics creator. He’s already done a great deal towards betterment of the skin with his lipstick line (enhanced moisturizing and pigmenting), but that was only the beginning! Now he has really come out fine and large with a new beauty and skincare line.The official announcement also says the collection is to include a variety of lip glosses, eye shadows, brow tint pens, foundation, primer, oil-based serum, and, of course, a cleanser. Ford added in his talk with WWD that the collection was designed to be downright practical. Keep an eye open for oncoming Ford!

Cream Based on Blood Type

Today, nobody can be surprised with the diet by blood group. This method is entirely based on individual characteristics, namely, the person’s blood group. A similar approach has recently been applied to the skin.

Dr. James D’Adamo, the author of the method, has launched a system promising to give the skin radiance and health. The system is currently available only to customers of his clinics in Portsmouth where the face cream and the cleanser based on different blood groups are sold. The composition of the products includes a wide range of natural ingredients which allow to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

The face cream is enriched with ozone which transports oxygen to the skin. It also contains emu oil, vitamin E, and rosemary. But the cleanser is a mix of tea tree oil, neem oil, and ginger. This mixture helps to get rid of rash and stimulates blood circulation.

Hottest Makeup and Fashion Trend

The hottest color blocking trend has entered our lives this spring fast and loud. This trend features combinations of large blocks of color (for example, blouse+skirt, pants+blazer), no prints, but colors are to be the most vivid and sometimes can match in tone.

The trendiest color block combinations are:

  • Orange+ Purple
  • Orange + Fuchsia or Magenta
  • Blue + Green
  • Blue + Blue

The key aspect of the trend is that the blocks of color are to be sufficiently large.

However, any new fashion trend never exists in vacuum, but rather it usually spills into accessories and makeup trends. The world of accessories has also welcomed the idea of combining local bright colors. The trendy color pairs can be extended to the combination of shoes+ bag.

New Trend: Color Blocks

The makeup artists are not ignoring this trend either. The color block trend was already part of the nail fashion last year, when the hottest trend was to paint each fingernail into a different color. Lips makeup is currently welcoming this trend as well.

Max Factor Color Blocks

Note, that while nail polish lasts quite some time, you will probably need a good primer in order to keep the color on your lips longer. Plus… you will need to keep your mouth open?

Max Factor Color Blocks, Lip Gloss

Lancome Color Design Makeup Collection

New Collection Lancome Color Design

Color Design from Lancome, the remarkably bright summer collection of makeup products, always has something special to offer. This season, the collection presents a line of new eye shadow palettes, which can ”light up” any woman’s eyes! At the end of the article we are including brief instructions on makeup application from Lancome.

Each palette features five colors. Makeup artists at Lacnome believe that this is exactly how much you will need in order to create a bright look this Summer 2011 season. This is a new generation of eyeshadows, which provide glow and are easily applied with a light silken touch.

The brand offers twelve variations of those palettes. Each palette has a large mirror and a comfortable double applicator. The makeup is guaranteed to stay bright and glowing for eight hours – the whole day.

Lancome Taupe Craze и Amethyst Glam

Lancome Rissed by Gold и Emerald Boudoir

Lancome Sienna Sultry и Mauve Cherie

Lancome Bronze Amour и Jade Fever

Lancome Coral Crush и Pink Envy

Lancome Midnight Rush и Teal Fury

Each palette contains five colors, which are applied in five steps to create one stylish look: 1. Basic shade, 2. Medium tone, 3. Darker tone, 4. Highlighter, 5. Liner

Lancome: 5 steps makeup

The five colors will help you create a great look for the day or an elegant night. Here is a quick master class from Lancome (the numbers correspond to the name of the shades)

Day Makeup:

Lancome Day Makeup

Evening Makeup:

Lancome Evening Makeup

The collection’s ad campaign is by no means less eye catching. The famous fashion-photographer, Mario Testino, was in charge of the photoshoot. Daria Werbowy, who has been the official face of Lancome’s cosmetics and perfumes for several years now, Arlenis Sosa, and Elettra Wiedemann were chosen to be the models for this campaign. The photo is indeed luxurious!

Especially Escada Fragrance Presented by Bar Refaeli

Especially Escada – the newest women’s perfume from the Escada fashion house. The fragrance was created for glamorous, spontaneous, and playful women. Bar Rafaeli – the face of this product- skillfully reveals the positive and feminine character of this new perfume.

The model herself commented on the perfume: “I’m mad about this perfume. The scent is neither too sweet nor too heavy. A truly feminine fragrance, modest, but elegant. It ’s just delicious! ”

The composition is velvet, soft, and sensual. Rose- the queen of the flowers, is one of the key notes. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of pears and ambrette seeds. The heart of the fragrance captures notes of ylang-ylang, and aquatic notes. Light musk sets the the base of the composition.

Especially Escada perfume will arrive in stores in August 2011 in the form of Eau De Parfum (30, 50, and 75ml) accompanied by perfumed lotion and shower gel.

Bourjois Vernis 10 Jours Nail Lacquers

Bourjois presents its newest line of nail polish – Vernis 10 Jours. The brand guarantees that this nail polish will preserve juiciness of the color and strength of the coating on your nails for ten whole days. Indeed, it is a great offer for summer travelers!

Those nail polishes boast not only by the longevity of color, but also by delightfully comfortable brushes. This line brings twelve new colors for this Summer-2011 season – twelve long-lasting, juicy, and glossy colors:

  • 11 Un Coquelicot
  • 12 Un Blanc Nacré
  • 13 Un Rose Pastel Tendre
  • 14 Un Rose Lilas
  • 15 Un Fuchsia
  • 16 Un Corail Rosé
  • 17 Un Bougainvillier
  • 18 Un Bleu Pétrole
  • 19 Un Ultra Violet
  • 20 Un Rouge Glamour
  • 21 Un Rouge Profond
  • 22 Un Brun Chic

Vernis 10 Jours nail polishes by Bourjois

Vernis 10 Jours nail polishes by Bourjois

Vernis 10 Jours nail polishes by Bourjois

Despite the fact that the new season will draw your attention with some very unusual colors: light blue, yellow, metallic, however, the classic pink and red shades have always been greatly appreciated by women.

Prada Candy Fragrance

Prada will present its newest fragrance for women – Prada Candy. Its been quite a while since the brand spoiled us with new releases, so this new oriental fragrance will surely bring excitement to many Prada lovers.

The fragrance was designed for impulsive, passionate, and young women.

The composition is a luxurious mix of musk and caramel notes, and a large dose of benzoin.

The Prada Candy fragrance will be released in concentrated and intense perfume. It will be available in 30, 50, and 80 ml packages. The new caramel fragrance will be accompanied by a line of perfumed body products.

Each bottle will contain this summer’s most popular combination- fuchsia and orange. Intriguingly, the model’s super popular red hair perfectly emphasizes the character of this provocative and trendy fragrance.

Cosmic Radiance Fragrance by Britney Spears

After a very successful Radiance fragrance which had surprised us with a luxurious bottle imitating gems, Britney decided to repeat the success of that idea and released a brand new fragrance with a new composition, but the design of the bottle with jewelry motifs remained.

The new Cosmic Radiance fragrance is an absolute novelty by Britney in 2011, even though the bottle reminds of the last year’s Radiance fragrance, and only the color of the gems has changed.

The new Cosmic Radiance fragrance by Britney Spears again reflects the idea of being a star and being selected, however, this time in a cosmic scale. The composition opens with strong and optimistic notes of citrus, “heart” notes are colored red, and it is a whole bunch of flower petals. The base notes give you a warm sensation of amber, soft vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

The fragrance is going to be launched for sale as an accompaniment to the new album of the star’s remixes. Britney herself reveals the idea of the fragrance and encourages to “become the brightest star in the universe!”. It is this phrase that has become the slogan of the fragrance.

Fragrance Made of Urine by Cherry Tree

We have already seen the perfume with the smell of blood, but not with the smell of… urine! It had been unprecedented until the new fragrance appeared. And what is more, their producer hopes the fragrance will be popular and will cause excitement among the fans.

The author of the idea is a bold conceptual artist Cherry Tree. The girl supports the so-called waste-free way of life and tries to recycle everything that surrounds her, thereby helping the planet’s ecology. And one day she thought that her own urine could be successfully used.

She admits she is very much into recycling. And urine is something she has thought needs to be recycled, since it is something that gets eliminated.

Cherry made her unique fragrance in 2006 for the first time. She recollects that it was the first morning after a full moon. And she decided to collect her urine in a perfume bottle.

The idea is that only the urine collected after the full moon is needed for the perfume.

The girl is fascinated by how the smell changes depending on what one eats… For instance, it smells really good after you eat a lot of honey, and it smells terrible after eating chicken.

Cherry Tree is by no means embarrassed by the idea of using her urine for the fragrance. She reminds everyone that there are certain types of musk, which are extracted from the deer’s genital gland.

It is unknown what the artist expected, when she was going to put her idea on sale. Because the first batch of such unusual fragrance appeared to be a miserable failure. But not because the fragrance had a bad smell. The girl says that the fragrance was a little bit chocolate because she had been drinking much coffee. The liquid was spoiled very quickly, and Cherry was forced to throw it away.

The bold artist still believes that her idea will be a long-living one. She is constantly experimenting in this direction. She even tried to process her urine twice to make the smell as creative as possible.

Tree dreams that someday her creations will go to the people. She would have to sell the fragrance in small quantities or make it for people out of their own urine. But she does not want to imagine the logistics of that.

Still, Tree’s main idea is to live without waste and use all waste products to the maximum.

Kardashian Sisters Are Launching Opi Nail Enamel Collection

Kardashian sisters project is going to be targeted at the nails. It adds a new item to their long sale list that includes clothes, jewelry, tanners and what not. So how about a splash of the Kardashians on your fingers, reality show fans? Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Nicole by OPI will see to it that their nail statement hits the market soon (competing with other OPI collaborations like Justin Bieber & Nicole polish, Glee polish from Sephora, Katy Perry and Serena Williams stuff with OG).The project has been brewing since some time in April – at least as reflected in the sisters’ Twitter messages. Khloe and Kourtney have been sounding off about “amazing top secret” meetings at OPI for some time now with Kourt claiming to go crazy over their polish colors. The final confirmation came this week from Kim who shared they got round to shooting the ad campaign for the product that was announced as a new GLAM nail polish line for Nicole by OPI. Kim went on to promise the best “glitz and glam” colors that they are sure will delight fans.

Salma Hayek to Launch Makeup Collection Nuance

Salma Hayek has long been intriguing the journalists with the news. And finally it has been officially confirmed that there will be a new makeup line by Hayek. In August, there will be the debut sale of the new line products.

About 100 items of decorative makeup, means of skin and hair care have been scheduled for release in total and are already in production. The collection is called Nuance, and the products represent the mass-market. However, some people predicted that those had to be luxury products, alluding to the actress’s connection to the luxury market (Salma’s husband is the manager of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, the group of luxury companies).

Nuance Collection by Salma Hayek

Salma says she just wants to create a better product and to give everyone access to the better things. When Hayek speaks about the new makeup, she knows what she speaks about. For a long time Salma herself has been a fan of good makeup and understands it perfectly well.

Nuance Collection by Salma Hayek

The fact that the makeup collection was created with the assistance and pieces of advice given by Salma’s mother, a cosmetologist by profession, inspires confidence that the new products are of high quality. Thanks to her mother, Salma has introduced in her Nuance makeup such rare ingredients as the bark of rare trees from Mexico and Brazil. This extract restores the red blood cells and acts as a powerful anti-age agent.

It is naturally a great pleasure that Salma Hayek does not only produce makeup, it is her commercial image as well.

Nuance Collection by Salma Hayek

The prices for the new products are expected to be affordable, ranging from $ 7.99 to $ 19.99. And the first sales will take place in August only in CVS so far.

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