Make Up Factory Metallic Glamour Collection

This Christmas season, Make Up Factory offers us Metallic Glamour collection filled with glitter of silver, shimmer of pearls, and steel shades.

The shiny and purple colors in the Metallic Glamour collection from the Make Up Factory send us back into the 1980s. The collection added metal look to the colors of nail polish as well as to blush and lips, and even eyeliner.

Dermatologists advice to take good care when using make-up products with glitter. Those elements often cause irritations and infections. Make Up Factory took this into consideration by offering a special product in this collection – eyeshadow base for sensitive skin. This product makes it safe to use eyeshadows and even eyeliner with glitter. The base protects the skin and adds extra glow to the eyeshadows.

Here is the list of the new products and the new look from the Make Up Factory.

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Causes of Pimples Appearance

Despite many modern substances, clinics and professional advice, pimples continue to appear. Maybe the answer does not lie only on a good care and well-selected cosmetics. Here are some causes of pimples:


If pimples appear monthly and periodically, their appearance may be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle.


If you often experience stress, then pimples can be connected with it. The fact is that under stress, our body produces more androgens that trigger pimples.


Are you one of those who talk a lot on the phone? No matter how funny this sounds, but a constant irritation of the cheeks by the handset and radiation that it bears, as well as skin contact with bacteria that accumulate on your mobile phone can sometimes cause pimples.

Moisturizing cream

Do you know that a moisturizer that does not match your skin type can clog pores?


The rays of the sun make the skin thicker, this leads to clogging of pores and formation of pimples.

Highly pigmented cosmetics

Try to use mineral decorative cosmetics, and remember the stronger the concentration of pigments, the greater the likelihood that they will clog the pores and lead to pimples.

Washing soap and cream

It is necessary to clean the face but it is more necessary to completely wash off cleansing agents. Their remains on the face cause irritation, pimples, and they clog pores. Ironically, any hair not very well-washed of a conditioner can cause clogging of pores, because the smallest particles of unwashed substances somehow fall on your facial skin.

New nail polish colors from Chanel and Dior

Currently, those new products are released in very limited editions and are sold only in very few stores around the world. Yet, keeping in mind that those French brands are practically the lawmakers in the world of fashion and beauty, it is easy to guess that soon enough those colors will fill shelves of beauty stores and will surely become great hits.

Chanel introduced limited edition of a nail color with a very poetic name – Riva. This nail polish stands out with its glitter and light-blue color. Cold and pale. The product will be available for sale only in November and only in some boutiques in Europe. But don’t worry, the color will instantly become very popular, so similar shades will follow soon.

Chanel nail color Rive

Dior also has something new to offer- a mini-collection of nail polishes devoted to the three fashion capitals – Paris, London, and New York.

The color Gris Montiagne resembles the iconic color of Dior Fashion House in Paris.

Dior new nail polish color

While, the Bond Street shade pays tribute to the color of London streets under the morning smog. This shade is gray with some blue hints.

Dior new nail color

Finally, the spirit of Manhattan was glorified in the shade NY57th. This gray shade captures the shine of diamonds and glare of spotlights.

Dior new nail color NY57th

Fragrance L’Occitane Fleur Cherie

L’Occitane has announced release of new perfume for womenFleur Cherie. The fragrance is concentrated around the scent of orange blossoms.

The upper notes are fresh and sparkling and include light mix of neroli and cassia. The ”Heart” of the fragrance captures combination of orange blossom and infusion of orange blossoms, which were picked in Mediterranean. The lightest notes are citrus, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, and musk.

Fleur Cherie from L’Occitane is available in as eau de toilette in 75ml bottle. The band is famous for its bath products. Not surprisingly, L’Occitane plans to release a line of products with this fragrance: bath products, body lotion, hand cream.

Reasons to Use Powder

Powder is an important finishing step of daily makeup application. Ideally, every woman should have powder for application at home as well as a compact powder. What can powder do? Here are four reasons why we should not overlook this makeup product.

Powder improves face color and tone

You can use powder on top of foundation but also can apply it directly to bear skin if your skin is in good condition. In both cases the powder will make your skin look smoother and will hide uneven skin color.

Powder helps makeup stay on longer

Some makeup specialists even recommend use of powder before application of lipstick. Powder will keep the lipstick in place longer. A light layer of powder will also keep your blush on longer, as well as keep the lipstick or lipgloss line smudge-free. Eyeshadows and eyeliner will also look fresher.

Powder absorbs oil

Powder (mineral) does not contain moisturizing components. On the contrary, it absorbs oils and moisture. Therefore, powder will prevent appearance of oily spots, which make your skin shine. Powder is surely an irreplaceable product for women and girls with oily skin.

Powder helps fix makeup at any moment and in any situation

Wearing too much blush? Foundation is too dark and unnatural? Powder will fix it! Often enough, it is hard to pick the right colors for different lighting settings when applying makeup at home. Even some redness or a minor pimple will not ruin your important meeting or your mood in general if you have powder in your purse.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Extravagant Makeup Collection

Estee Lauder’s seasonal collections are becoming more and more impressive since the makeup artist Tom Pecheux became the brand’s creative director. The new Christmas collection Pure Color Extravagant is not an exception.

The collection even has some surprises. For example, the five-color palette for lips – Pure Color Five Color Lip Palette. The palette follows the extravagant color theme of the collection and includes various shades from autumn cherry and bright coral to golden glitter and mate bronze.

Christmas collection Pure Color Extravagant

Finally, the long-awaited eyeshadows palette was presented as well. It exclusively offers natural shades, which are perfect for the smokey eyes look. Moreover, the palette can be used for lips as well!

Christmas collection Pure Color Extravagant

In addition, the collection offers two more products for lips – long lasting lipstick and lipgloss:
Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and Pure Color lipgloss in new shades.

Christmas collection Pure Color Extravagant

When fashion lovers are reviewing new collections, they are usually particularly excited about the new nail polish colors. In this collection, Tom Pecheux exceeded any expectations by offering amazing variety of nail polishes. The two new colors are: Extravagant Pearl and Extravagant Night.

Christmas collection Pure Color Extravagant

Versace to Launch New Fragrance Vanitas

The world-known fashion brand Versace is announcing its newest perfume for women – Vanitas. According to the news, this will be the brand’s most expensive perfume. The product will be released no sooner than 2012.

Idea of the perfume: Real high-end fashion in a perfume bottle Vanitas from Versace. The perfume formula will be based on the notes of lime, freesia, tonka beans, tiaras, and cedar. The designer of this composition is perfumer Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

The perfume will be released as Eau de Parfum in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles. The smallest bottle will cost over $75.

Versace has already chosen the face for this product – the 16-year-old model Lindsay Wixon. She is currently seen as personification of the new wave of American top-models.

Girl Jessica Biel for Revlon 2010

In 1952, Revlon launched its famous Fire & Ice makeup collection. The collection’s advertising campaign was called It Girl and featured Dorian Leigh as the its face. Today, in 2010, the brand is re-launching the luxurious products from the Fire & Ice collection with a new face – Jessica Biel.

The stylists decided not to think too deep about the advertising campaign and picked up the same image from 1952, which was created for Dorian Leigh. Jessica Biel perfectly copies the image of the famous It Girl. The new products in Fire & Ice include lipstick and nail polishes with a special luxurious femininity.

Revlon makeup collection 2010

The new colors are luxurious and daring. They include trendy orange, rich pink, and classic red.

Revlon makeup collection 2010

Fragrance 2011 L`Eau de Kenzo Amour

L `Eau de Kenzo Amour is the new Kenzo fragrance expected in the coming year. The fragrance is a continuation of the love saga, calling for new journeys with its sensual nuances.The top notes are accented by sparkling and glittering bitter orange and bergamot, surrounded by tea accordss. The heart is floral and intense, decorated with petals of ylang-ylang, peony and frangipani. The base is sensual and soft: vanilla and white musk.

L`Eau de Kenzo Amour

The bottle is the same form as the previous editions of Amour. It is transparent with a prominent central part of cyclamen nuances. The fragrance comes in the form of toilet water in a volume of 70 ml.

L`Eau de Kenzo Amour

Rene Lalique To Launch Women's Fragrane

Rene Lalique is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a launch of women’s fragrance called Fleur de Cristal on Monday November 15.

Fleur de Cristal’s juice is created by Perfumer RaphaĆ«l Haury, which contains top notes of bergamot from Calabria, pink peppercorn and jasmine sambac. In the heart are lily of the valley, stephanotis and sunflower notes, while the base comprises precious wood, sandalwood and musk notes.

The fragrance is bottled up inside blown crystal bottles with stoppers adorned with carved lily-of-the-valley springs.

Twelve one-of-a-kind crystal bottles made with the lost wax process will also be available for the holiday period. They contain 100 ml. of the perfume extract and are to be 12,000 euros, or $16,535.70, apiece.

Perfumed candle EAU DE CAMPAGNE by Sisley

Created as continuation of the legendary fragrance of freshly cut grass, with an elegant and bold scent, this first perfume candle Eau de Campagne will bring a breath of green freshness to your house during this winter.Just like the nature comes alive in the Eau de Campagne composition, this candle releases aromas of basil, wild herbs, lemon, and other citrus fruits, which are hovering above the unique and exquisitely bitter scent of green tomato leaves, and floral notes of jasmine, plum, lily of the valley, geranium, and makes its final breath with woody tenderness of oak moss, musk, and patchouli.

How Much Time Do Women Spend Looking in the Mirror

It turns out women spend a whopping five days a year looking in the mirror! Moreover, British women use lipstick each day that will be enough to draw a line from London to New York, along with 880 gallons of foundation a year, 16 million sweeps of a mascara wand for dyeing eyelashes.And here is a couple of interesting observations provided by a new study. Almost 40% of women say they wouldn’t leave the house without makeup, while 19% claimed they would spend less on food rather than cut down on their spending on cosmetics.

British women believe that crisis cannot affect their desire to buy cosmetics. At least 53 percent of respondents said that the recession had not stop them buying from the cosmetic department and financiers confirm this. Women can spend an average of $1,034.47 per year on beauty products, totaling over $68,055.37 in a lifetime.

Beauty for modern women is the most important area of interest, and they wouldn’t agree to reduce their spending on it.

Women with Cellulite More Intelligent

In the news review of the journal Science, a conclusion by American researchers was published in which they stated that women’s cellulite is…a sign of high intelligence.

According to the scientists, fat cells that make up cellulite provide a wonderful supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids that ensure an active work of the brain. Fatty acids, in particular strengthen the gray matter.

In addition, the researchers stressed that it is wrong to consider cellulite as a disadvantage, since it is a sign of a good production of female hormones and developed sexuality, which in turn guarantees a healthy offspring.

Christmas Trend Products by The Body Shop

The Body Shop is launching its Christmas palette in November. In addition, the brand will improve the formula of its nail polishes. The Christmas collection is filled with shine, glitter, and sparkles. Pink is the key color.

The new nail polishes will be free from formaldehydes, toluene, and camphor (3-Free). The Christmas Trend Products collection features two nail polishes: Starry Night and Twinkling Pink.

Body Shop Christmas Trend Products

The collection will also include eyeliners in Stardust and Black colors.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, eyeliner

Lipgloss will be available in two colors: shiny pink and nude.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, lipgloss

The newest product: body spray with glowing effect in warm pink color. The product is called Sparkler and is available in Boudior Pink color.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, body spray

The Body Shop collections always include very popular shades of eyeshadows, blush, and foundations. This Christmas collection will offer two variations: warm and cold.

Body Shop Christmas Palette, eyeshadows

Lipgloss is particularly popular during every Christmas season. The Body Shop offers comfortable packaging with regulation function for control of the intensity of application.

Body Shop Christmas Palette

7 Ways to Apply Eyeshadow

It is very hard to do the same routine procedure – to apply makeup every morning. Women always get tempted to do something different, something unusual. Here is what we think- there are several ways to apply eyeshadow. We found seven methods. Perhaps, some of you know some other ways to apply eyeshadow. In that case, read ours and send us yours!

Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

Apply your usual eyeliner. Take the thin eyeshadow brush or the eyebrows brush. Wet the brush and pick up the eyeshadow. Apply eyeshadow right over the eyeliner line and in the corner of your eyes. Now you have a new luxurious image! If you are brave enough then try this method with light eyeshadow colors. Bright fuchsia or lime colors create really cool looks, especially for exciting and fun parties!

Brighten your eyelid

Pick up any color in metallic shade and apply to the inner corner of eyes, close to the nose, and just below the eyebrow line. Eyelid itself can be coated with any color. You can even leave it natural, without the color!

Color the entire eyelid with eyeshadow

Try applying the eyeshadow in a different way. Apply color not strickly to the moving part of the eyelid. Pick any color and use it to cover the entire surface of the eyelid, up to the eyebrow line. Apply with constant saturation. You will get this year’s hot fall image!

Three eyeshadow colors

It is easy to diversify your make-up by using three eyeshadow colors at once. You can buy a three-color palette or use your own imagination to mix colors. Apply the lightest color to the entire eyelid (from the eyelashes line to the eyebrow line). Apply the darker color to the moving part of the eyelid, and the darkest color goes to the innermost fold.

Two eyeshadow colors

This method can be used for work make-up. Apply lighter color under the eyebrow line and inner corners of eyes, and darker color on the moving part of the eyelid.

Experiment with your application technique

You can apply your eyeshadow with a dry applicator today. Tomorrow – use the moist one, and the day after tomorrow try applying the same eyeshadow on top of your foundation.

Take a break from eyeshadows

Arrange an eyeshadow-free day. Many women are surprised by how nice the skin on their eyelids looks without color. Its a new image as well!

Perfumes from American Housewives

Almost every celebrity tends to release his/her perfume. Moreover, fragrances from celebs are becoming very popular. But ordinary women have said: “We also want to!”. They have been heard, the idea has been picked up, special training courses on preparation of one’s fragrance have been set up.

At first, Anne McClain perfume (MCMC Fragrances) gathered small groups, whose perfumery art course lasted for about 9 months. Then, these classes became more affordable, and now perfume students hold their own classes for those interested.

One of such schools received a very interesting continuation. Lena Corwin organized a 4-hour course in which each female listener can create her own fragrance. During the course, women learn 75 basic fragrance notes, learn to mix and combine them. Such an interesting course provides women with all the ingredients and small brochures-textbooks.

This pleasure costs $250-275 (cost of ingredients included). Would you have gone to such courses?

Get Beauty on without Germs

Of course tomorrow you will be over at some store trying on samples of makeup. There’s absolutely no reason on earth to deny yourself the pleasure except one: the makeup samples you will be putting on you are likely to be swarming with bacteria.

This warning was issued by a team of researchers at Rowan University in New Jersey. Lead researcher Elizabeth Brooks, a former biological sciences professor, said that there are chances to break out or get pink eye from shop testers.

So here are a few hints how you can enjoy the try-out fun and keep on the safe side.

Lipstick should be applied with a cotton swab only after you have taken off the top layer with another cotton swab or a piece of tissue.

Eye shadows should be tried on your brow bone and not on your eyelids. Once again, keep a cotton swab handy.

Lotions are much safer if they come from a tube or another type of closed container as compared to jars.

Blush is usually applied with a store-supplied makeup brush, so before trusting it better clean it with an alcohol-based spray and wait for a couple of minutes to let it dry.

Solid foundation will be safer on your skin when you wipe away the top layer and apply it carefully with a disposable makeup sponge.

Eye Makeup for Those Who Wear Glasses

The days when people felt bad for young women who wear glasses are over. Now, those means of vision correction have been transformed into trendy and fashionable accessories. They are worn even by people who have good eyesight and don’t need vision correction. However, if you want eyeglasses that gracefully highlight features of your face, you will need something more than well-chosen glasses frame. You will also need to have properly done makeup.

Choosing makeup tones

Generally, the color theme of your makeup should match the color of the frame. You can even pick exactly the same color! Cold colors are more suitable for grey, silver, and deep blue glasses, while warm ones – for golden and beige.

Hiding skin imperfections

Eyeglasses make particular emphasis on the area around the eyes, so you will need to pay special attention to ”mask” it well. You can use a special corrector or concealer for this.

Eyebrow shape correction and glasses frame

Ideally, the shape of your eyebrows should match that of the frame or at least they should not contradict each other. Smooth, slightly curved line of eyebrows will match practically any frame. If the frame is very thin and light then you can make special accent on eyebrows by shading them with special powder or pencil. If, on the other hand, the frame is massive and has rich color – it is better not to highlight eyebrows.

Wearing mascara with glasses

You should be careful with mascara, since it easily gets smeared when eyes get tired or watery. Special eye-drops will help you deal with irritation and redness of the eyes, so you should carry those around all the time. You can even try to replace mascara with artificial eyelashes. Those look very natural and some types can be worn for up to four weeks and come in different lengths.

Eyeshadow color and glasses

Eyeshadows should not be applied beyond the frame line, otherwise eyeshadows will create a messy look and will break the harmony of your face features. Apply this product only with special brushes, because this way the makeup will look neater.

Eyes makeup for ladies with myopia

Those with myopia can use more color for their eyes. Brighter eyeshadows will highlight eyes, which are usually visually reduced in size by the lenses. Pearly eyeshadows look particularly good, different colors can be matched to create gradual transitions. A nice trick is to make lighter accent on middle part of the upper eyelid, this will add volume to your eyes.

Eyes makeup for ladies with farsightedness

It is better to use eyeshadows in soft, matte, conservative colors if you have farsightedness. Those eyeshadows will help you create natural look and reduce the enlarging effect of the ”farsighted” lenses. By lightening the upper corner of the upper eyelid and darkening the inner one you can minimize the impression that eyes are positioned too close to the nose bridge, which is often created by the ”plus” lens.

Choosing the right frame

It is important to remember that frame has to be chosen according to the shape of your face, your hairstyle, and your style in general. This is why makeup should not dominate over the glasses, but instead it should maintain the general image and should not stand out.

Remove a Perfume Scent From the Body Skin

Choosing a scent is a fascinating process. Many of us like going to our favorite perfume shop, trying out some perfumes, going home and feeling some enchanting notes on our bodies. It’s a great joy when a choice is successful, and we pleasantly rush back to the counter to indulge in buying. But what would you do if you didn’t like the smell?

When you don’t’ like the smell, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But it pursues you everywhere and already seems that everything smells like that haunting fragrance. Can we remove a perfume scent from our skin? In fact, there are some tips:

Wipe the area where you sprayed perfume with spirits

This is probably one of the most well-known ways to remove odors. But you can hardly call it a universal method: not all smells can be removed in this way and the skin is dried out and irritated. Nevertheless, this is the first thing you can try. Vodka can do if there are no spirits. Moisten a cotton wool tampon and just wipe the area of the skin where the perfume was applied.

Deodorant and detergent

Do not be surprised, but such a strange combination works very well. First take a non-odorous deodorant and treat the skin area affected by the perfume. Then wash the skin with a detergent solution (it’s preferable if the detergent is also non-odorous).

Soda paste

Make a dense composition of soda and warm water. They need to be taken in equal amounts. Place the composition on the skin. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water (but not hot water!).

Vinegar (light) and olive oil

This is another recipe found in every kitchen. You need to make a mixture of vinegar and olive oil, wipe the skin area, wait for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and then with neutral soap.

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