Catwalk Makeup Tips

The well-known makeup artist Pat McGrath, who has been responsible for the models’ makeup at Givenchy, Prada, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton shows, is one of those, who create beauty trends. She has shared some of the techniques often used at the shows and still applicable in real life. Some of them are suitable for every day, and some will help in creating an unusual bright image for the party. Here are ten tips given by Pat:

1. Louis Vuitton Makeup: Apply 10 Mascara Layers

During the Louis Vuitton show, the girls had 10 mascara layers applied on their eyelashes. If you use false eyelashes, you should first of all use as much makeup as possible on your own eyelashes. Otherwise, they will look patchy.
Louis Vuitton Catwalk Makeup

2. Miu Miu: Red Eye Makeup

At the Miu Miu show, the models had unusually red eye makeup. However, it is not so easy to reproduce it in everyday life since Pat used professional pigments. To try to replicate this effect, McGrath advises to use… a lipstick.
Miu Miu Catwalk Makeup

3. Mix 2 Blush Shades

To make the face more prominent, you should combine two colors of blush. Apply a lighter blush shade over the dark shade or mix two similar tones.

4. Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein: Nude Look

To have a “clean” and natural face, such as the models from the Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein shows, one firstly has to bring it to a perfect order, correcting the eyebrows, making the tone even and the lashes a little brighter. Pat points out that the “natural” face is never such at the shows. It requires much work to create a nude look.
Stella McCartney Nude Makeup

5. Tips to Make Lip Makeup Last Longer

In order to have shiny glossy lips for a long time, McGrath advises to resort to such a technique: first you should apply the base, then the lipstick itself and the gloss.

6. Shadow Trick

Pat uses the CoverGirl Intense Shadow Blast Eye Shadow both as a means of creating light shadows around the eyes, and as a liner.

7. Natural Lash Effect

To make the eyelashes look natural, showing enough of the eyes and enframing them, it is necessary to use black mascara at the base of the eyelashes, and brown mascara at the tips.

8. Perfect Brows

Pat advises to contact the professionals in order to correct the shape of the eyebrows. According to the makeup artist, her primary task at New York Fashion Week is to correct the models’ brows, and during the remaining part of the “fashion month” she just maintains their shape.

9. Brow Pencil Rule

Pat recommends to use a well-sharpened eyebrow pencil to apply it in the places with scarce brows. One should never use the black color since it looks unnatural; it is better to choose brown. Then one should align the color with a special brush.
Prada eyebrow makeup

10. Lip Makeup Secret

Pat has also shared some secrets about how to use lipstick. If you like shiny red lips, as at the YSL defile, apply your favorite lipstick first and add some golden shadows on top of it. To create dark cherry lips, as at the Balenciaga show, one should use a dark red lipstick, then apply a little black all over the center of the lips with the help of shadows or a pencil and then mix it all to create an amazing theatrical effect.
Yves Saint Laurent Lips Makeup

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour Eyeshadows

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour Eyeshadows
The new Shiseido cream eyeshadows were announced in September. And now we can definitely say that the new product is a success. Meet the trendy shades characterized by the Japanese quality, as well as find out what the benefit of cream eyeshadows is.
Cream eyeshadows were very popular in the past few seasons. Apparently, one can explain it with the fact that juicy pigmented shades are relevant. First, the smoky eyes were appealing, and now colorful smoky eyes have become trendy.
Shiseido Cream Eye Color
In general, makeup is particularly concentrated on the eyes in the fall 2011 season. It may be the reason why there are so many new products for the eyes. To compare, let us try to recall how many new products for the lips we had last year, when bright lips dominated among the trends.
Now, a few words about the new Shiseido cream eyeshadows. The full name of the product is Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour. It is not cheap and costs 28 euros for a small 6-gram jar. 12 shades have been offered.
Shiseido Cream Eye Color
For many people, cream eyeshadows still are not a very good product. It is believed that makeup flaws are much more visible with them, they are difficult to mix, and one should not use them as the basis for powdered pigments. However, the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour eyeshadows are said to have nothing in common with these critical remarks.

Eyelashes For Men

Eyelashes For Men
We are no longer surprised to hear the notions guyliner and manscara, and now there have appeared guylashes. The world of beauty uses this word to call makeup products for men:
The British Eylure brand has decided to help the men, who want more than just the eyeliner, and presented a new product – false eyelashes for men. A pair of guylashes should cost about 4.75 pounds ($ 6.5). Now they are sold everywhere in the UK. There are two variants of guylashes – thick and thin, and both of them are attached with the help of an invisible adhesive tape. The novelty makes its owner have a real “Hollywood look”.
It might be a new product for the Europeans, but the market in Asia is already saturated with a variety of false eyelashes. The fact is that the average eyelashes of people in Japan are only 5.8 mm long, and it is almost a half of what the Europeans have. Japanese men have long used false eyelashes. For example, in 2008 the Japan Times newspaper wrote that there were more men with false eyelashes than women at the party in honor of the Shu Uemura brand in Tokyo.
As for Europeans, the product is of great interest, and men buy false eyelashes. The owners of the shops that sell guylashes note the great popularity of the new product.

Paper Cut Eyelashes

Paper Cut Eyelashes
If you feel that you haven’t attracted enough male attention so far nor inspired a large enough amount of poetry dedicated to your beauty, these days you have quite a number of means at your disposal to put things right. As regards your eyes, there’s a new and extra exciting proposal to make a statement from London-based company Paperself.
Among the more traditional options to accentuate your eyes paper-cut eyelashes do look something special. What about trying to wear a piece of art over your eyes? You can choose your style in bizarreness, complexity, color or theme. Deer & Butterfly or Peacock for animal lovers, Peach Blossoms or Under the Sea for natural freshness of the image – get limitlessly arty with Paperself eyelashes!
Paperself Eyelashes
Paperself Paper-Cut Eyelashes
Paperself Eyelashes

Dior to Relaunch Fragrance Diorling in 2012

Dior to Relaunch Fragrance Diorling in 2012
The Diorling 2012 fragrance from the House of Dior will appear in early 2012. The name of Diorling has been known since 1963, when this perfume masterpiece was created. The leather-chypre composition was presented to the public as the fragrance of English elegance.
The new version of the fragrance has been created in the spirit of the first launch. But it will be more modern. The top notes include Calabrian bergamot, the heart notes are Egyptian jasmine, and the base notes are represented by patchouli and leather.
The new Diorling 2012 women’s fragrance will be available after January 2012 in the bottles of 100 ml.
The Diorling bottle has changed since the time of the first release in the sixties. Since the fragrance has been added to the collection of Les Creations de Monsieur Dior, the shape of the bottle is the same as in the other products of this collection. Thus, the collection contains eight classic fragrances from Dior, which have already become bestsellers and the symbol of the brand.

Starring Dakota Fanning Banned for Being Too Racy

Starring Dakota Fanning
Whatever Dakota Fanning may think herself of her appearance on Marc Jacobs’s perfume ad, the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority believes she is too young to go for such risqué stuff.
Marc Jacobs’s Oh Lola! advert depicts the 17-year-old Twilight actress sitting in a short dress holding the perfume bottle pressed to her crotch. By the ASA’s ruling issued Tuesday the placing of the bottle together with the length of the dress and Fanning’s general appearance go a long way towards sexualizing a minor and make the ad offensive. Therefore they concluded that the irresponsible ad should be banned.
Coty UK, perfume producers, beg to disagree – they say there have been no complaints related to the ad so far. As for the bottle position, it is “provoking,” but there’s no reason to regard it as indecent.
It’s the first time for Fanning to be involved in a decency dispute – will it be also the last one?

Katy Perry Launches Fragrance Meow

Katy Perry Launches Fragrance Meow
Hello Kitty Perry! Katy Perry’s unbounded love for cats is once again in evidence with her next fragrance release. Her last year’s debut perfume was called “Purr,” and Perry stays faithful to her favorites in the animal world with her successor smell, 2011’s “Meow.”
Meow” is reported to be basically similar to the softer-sounding “Purr,” but while the former was more floral, the latter carries vanilla, honeysuckle and pear notes that make it sweeter. The bottle for the new scent is somewhat quirky resembling a kittenish skeleton with eyes that are a shade too impressive!
Two bottles are available, one for 1.7 oz goes for $24, the bigger one, a 3.4 oz, will cost you $65. Let’s pool other cat sounds and guess what Katy Perry’s follow-up fragrance will be named.

Kate Moss’s Fragrance Lilabelle

Kate Moss’s Fragrance Lilabelle
The famous model Kate Moss announces a new fragrance Lilabelle, a floral scent for young girls named in honor of Kate’s daughter Lila Grace.
The basis of the fragrance is the mixture of modernity and the classics. Lilabelle is intended for the young girls, who become women, as well as for the women, who want to be young girls. The composition is playful, sophisticated, bright, and delicate.
By its nature, the smell can be referred to the floral-musky-woody compositions. Its essence is at the same time sensual, enveloping, passionate, feminine, fresh, playful, and daring.
The main notes include mandarin, osmanthus, freesia, lily, jasmine blooming at night, the plum flower, sandalwood, ambra, and heliotrope.

Solid Gold Nail Wraps by Nails Inc for Quick Manicure

Solid Gold Nail Wraps by Nails Inc for Quick Manicure
When there is no time for a manicure with the application and drying of several layers of nail enamel, and you need to look stunning, you can use Solid Gold Nail Wraps by Nails Inc.
Solid Gold Nail Wraps creates an amazing effect – as if King Midas touched the nails, turning them into gold. However, the exquisite shimmer is available not only in this version – Nails Inc products also include a set of Solid chrome. It provides a white metallic luster with a slight purple hue.
The British brand offers the fans of bold and bright decisions four variants of nail wraps design:
  • Pink Cheetah
  • Leopard print
  • Black and white zebra
  • Leopard Print purple and white
Solid Gold Nail Wraps by Nails Inc is indispensable for quick making of manicure. It costs 8 pounds ($12) for the set in any of the six variants of design. Each set includes 24 “pieces” of nail wrap for the nails on the fingers and toes, as well as 4 spare items.
We have already written about the nail strips by Avon – the difference in use is that Solid Gold Nail Wraps should be pre-warmed with a hairdryer, and only then applied onto nails.

L’Occitane Fall 2011 Cosmetics Collection

L’Occitane Fall 2011 Cosmetics Collection
It is fall outside, and it’s time to enjoy cosmetic innovations. Special attention should be given to L’Occitane products: the French cosmetic brand has presented an up-to-date anti-aging line with Immortelle and moisturizing agents from the limited collection – a lip balm, hand cream and body oil. But first things first!
In 2001, the specialists of the company discovered the amazing properties of immortelle, capable of keeping the beauty and youthfulness of the skin for a long time. The essential oil obtained from these yellow flowers growing on the Mediterranean coast became the basis of the line with the same name, which includes a facial toner with essential oil and a balm for the skin around the eyes, as well as day and night creams.
L'Occitane Anti-Aging Collection Fall 2011, Precious Eye Balm
The representatives of the brand say that when using a new series of products the skin becomes smooth and elastic, making you look younger.
L'Occitane Anti-Aging Collection Fall 2011, Precious Protection
If it is still too early for you to think about wrinkles, you can indulge yourselves with wonderful products from the limited fall collection: a lip balm with the extract of hibiscus, a hand cream on the basis of cocoa oil, and body oil with adenium.
L'Occitane Anti-Aging Collection Fall 2011

Colored Nail Polish for Men

Colored Nail Polish for Men
Johnny Depp, David Beckham and even Prince Harry were noticed with colored nail polish. And it had not taken much time before it became a trend. The manufacturers also reacted immediately. A special nail polish for men has already been released, and is successfully sold.
If a man has painted nails, which is unacceptable to you, you’ll have to bear this disappointment since it is already a fact. The only thing you will be glad about is that your boyfriend should not borrow your nail polish – he ought to have his own.
One of the novelties is the Evolution Man nail polish, created for men. Its new collection contains four male shades, including gray metallic, purple metallic, bronze, and matte.
The stylists have immediately noticed that the colors of nail polishes for men resonate with the trendy shades of cars. They also say that men are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a special manicure and nail care. In fact, Rolex is somehow difficult to match with unkempt hands.
Johnny Depp was spotted with gray-blue nail polish. Back in 2002, Beckham had a light pink polish, and Prince Harry appeared with the bright pink nail polish in 2009.
For men, colored nail polishes can be an opportunity to show that they are not limited to the usual rules, they are strong and independent.
Earlier, the market of male cosmetics had already witnessed the appearance of foundation and lipstick; moreover, night creams and anti-age products for men are no longer a novelty. The experts believe that men are not willing to buy women’s products for manicure, so one should expect new nail polishes for men soon.

Fragrance Pills

Fragrance Pills
What does it mean: fragrance pills? This is not a form of packaging the perfume. Everything is much more surprising. You swallow the pill, and your skin exudes a pleasant aroma.
The pill allows you to turn sweat into a fragrance. The idea belongs to the designer from the Netherlands, Lucy McRae. Swallowing fragrance pills, we make our body emit fragrance. And since we are all different, each woman will have a fragrance of her own.
Lucy’s idea was supported by the biologist Sheref Muncie. Due to his help, the fragrance pills appeared.
What still remains unknown is the purpose of creating a new perfume. Maybe, it is for very lazy girls, who are so reluctant to spray a few drops of perfume over their body or take a shower and use deodorant. We have nothing against the Netherlands, but this country seems to already have a lot of uncommon (for the Americans, for example) and legalized things that you can eat (and even smoke).
The date of bringing the idea to life and producing fragrance pills is still unknown. Although the promo video is already available.

Scarlett Johansson Fragrance

Scarlett Johansson Fragrance
Fragrances are subtle things, and their commercials are a thing in itself, often leaving viewers wondering over the real meaning behind them. At times a meaning can be found, at other times it appears extremely elusive. And it seems as if Dolce & Gabbana – thinking up a commercial for The One – decided to let the meaning go altogether. In that they were aided and abetted by Scarlett Johansson.Either the idea was to get a charming actress (played by the charming Johansson) draw out ruminations and reminiscences at random from out of her mind when left alone in her dressing room or it was a sort of imaginary private press conference where the character goes imagining various reporters and their questions (which the viewer doesn’t hear) and delights in giving replies that sound arty, coy and quirky at the same time – whatever. One is left with the supposition that the video’s director Jean-Baptiste Mondino came out with exactly what he wanted to come out with. So now it’s up to us to construe it or misconstrue just as we like – or simply enjoy Johansson’s acting.
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