DKNY Gold Delicious $1 Million Worth Fragrance Bottle

DKNY Gold Delicious $1 Million Worth Fragrance Bottle
Good perfume is undoubtedly a pricey thing, but just how pricey can a bottle of one be? Here’s the latest answer from DKNY – a million dollars!
This is the price stuck to a unique bottle of the brand’s Gold Delicious perfume. The scent is a happy blend of notes of vanilla orchid, orange flower water, golden delicious apple, and white rose. It is a worthy buy in itself but it is paled by the bottle.
Creation of jewelry designer Martin Katz, the bottle is adorned by 2,700 white diamonds, more than 180 yellow sapphires, and a 2.43-carat yellow canary diamond, all strewn against the yellow and white gold base.
The expensive perfume has been unveiled at the DKNY store by Chanel Iman, amply bodyguarded. It is supposed that there will be buyers not frightened off by the price tag, and the proceeds will go to the Action Against Hunger fund.

Hunger Games Nail Enamel Collection

Hunger Games Nail Enamel Collection
Movies are now hitting the shelves of beauty shops almost as fast as they hit the theatres. This fall it was The Muppets Show that inspired nail brand OPI to create a 12-shade polish line bearing quaint names such as Getting Miss Piggy with It, Wocka Wocka! and Fresh Frog of Bel Air. The next feat in this field belongs with nail brand China Glaze who went after the much-talked-of upcoming film The Hunger Games featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks.
China Glaze’s film-named collection is reported to include 12 resplendent lacquer shades of creme and glitter. The release is timed for March 2012 to coincide with the film’s premiere.
And it’s not only nail polish designers – or notebook and T-shirt artists who were also jumping at upcoming flicks in search for inspiration. At H&M stores you can find a clothing collection named Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Trish Summerville, who was also the movie’s costume designer.

90-Year-Old Iris Apfel Launches MAC Makeup Line

90-Year-Old Iris Apfel Launches MAC Makeup Line
Iris Apfel is a famous American, a business lady, a designer of furnishings, and a style icon. Born in 1921, she is still considered one of the most stylish women in the USA.
The MAC company traditionally makes a surprising choice of new faces for cooperation. Its makeup used to be advertised by provocative men, lesbians and gays. And now, a line presented by the 90-year-old Iris Apfel will appear.
The collection from Iris will be on sale from January 5, 2012. The product is surely intended not only for elderly women, although the main premiere took place at
The new line includes bright shades of lipstick, restricted nail polish and clear colors of shadows (20 products in total). The creators of the collection say that the chosen colors have been inspired by the style of Iris Apfel.
Iris Apfel for MAC Makeup collection
The colors in the collection are named after birds. For example, there is “the pink pigeon”, “the brilliant pigeon”, or “the scarlet ibis”. The prices for the collection products range from 14 to 23 dollars.
MAC Makeup collection by Iris Apfel
Despite the fact that the shadows from the collection and the advertising image itself are bright and vibrant, Iris herself prefers more restrained and muted tones in her normal life.
Interestingly, Mrs. Apfel admitted in an interview that she did not live up to date, and she had to be “somewhere in the Middle Ages, in the seventeenth century”. And she also said in the same interview that most young people today look horrible, and celebrities look even worse. One can only wonder if they will look better with her collection?

Passion Holiday Makeup Collection by Clarins

Passion Holiday Makeup Collection by Clarins
The Christmas Passion Holiday Makeup mini-collection by Clarins includes just three products – a soft Passion Rose lipstick, a new Smokey Passion set of mineral shadows, which can be applied dry and wet, and the compact pearl powder with a shimmering effect and the Passion Face Palette graphic package.
Clarins Holida Makeup Eyeshadows and Mascara
Clarins Holiday Makeup Lipstick and Powder
May you have a good shopping, a Happy New Year and a merry Christmas!

Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature Makeup Line

Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature Makeup Line
Anticipating the New Year holiday, another expert in the sphere of natural makeup, Yves Rocher, has released an unusual series of products called Couleurs Nature. It includes matte blushes, giving the skin a soft golden glow, a four-color palette of shadows (black, blue, pink-purple, and gold), moisturizing cream lipstick, and lengthening mascara. The star hit of the collection is the palette of 54 shades for eyes and lips and five brushes – a real gift for every day!
Yves Rocher Holiday Makeup Collection
Yves Rocher Holiday Makeup Blushes
Yves Rocher Holiday Makeup Lipstick and Mascara
Yves Rocher Holiday Palette
Yves Rocher Holiday Makeup Collection Image

Holiday Makeup by Bobbi Brown

Holiday Makeup by Bobbi Brown
An acknowledged genius of the natural makeup, Bobbi Brown, has created five exclusive holiday palettes: Ultimate Party Collection (matte colors of shadows, lip glosses and mini-brushes), Party To Go Palette (eyeshadows, lip gloss and two shades of lipstick) Cool Party Eye Palette, Black Ruby (shining evening shades for eyes), Smoky Eye Collection and a compact mini-set Party Collection which includes the most needed brushes.
Bobby Brown Holiday Makeup Collection
Bobby Brown Holiday Makeup Collection Eyeshadows
Amazing Bobby Brown Holiday Makeup
Bobby Brown Holiday Makeup Collection Lipgloss
Bobby Brown Holiday Makeup for lips

Pure Color Cyber Eyes by Estee Lauder

Pure Color Cyber Eyes by Estee Lauder
The Pure Color Cyber Eyes winter collection by Estee Lauder contains six mono-shadows of Cyber Copper, Cyber Lilac, Cyber Pink, Cyber Green, Cyber Teal and Cyber Silver colors with a unique Prisma Shine formula of silky permanence. The collection is dominated by the cold chrome, violet, azure blue, and brown colors. The collection also includes six permanent kaya pencils and Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in two shades of Extreme Teal and Extreme Copper. Nine exclusive powders in elegant and colorful cases are a true masterpiece of the collection.
Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Collection
Shiny Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Collection
Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Collection Eyeshadows and Rouge
Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Pure Color
Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Collection Powder
Estee Lauder Holiday Makeup Collection image

Christmas Makeup Collection Glitter & Ice by MAC

Christmas Makeup Collection Glitter & Ice by MAC
The holiday Makeup Collection Glitter & Ice by MAC is created literally for everyone’s taste. Such a variety is truly breathtaking! And there are plenty of things to choose from: creamy lipsticks, compact powders, volume lip glosses, mineral shadows, six-color shadow palettes, pigments, pearl pencil eyeliners, nail polishes, mascara, and even false eyelashes. Such a wealth of colors and textures will help you easily create a bright festive makeup and is also perfect for muted daytime and office images.

Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection

Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection
One will find delicate gold colors in the Les Scintillances Christmas collection from Chanel. The collection consists of two-color eye palettes in the black and cream color called Noir-Ivoire, two versions of mono-shadows, two cream-colored shades of lipsticks, four sparkling lip gloss shades, soft friable powder, liquid eyeliner, berry shades of nail polish and the star product of the series, a compact Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel powder with the gentle light reflecting pigments and the relief in the form of a belt buckle print with one of the personal photographs of Coco Chanel.
Chanel Holiday Makeup
Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection
Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection Lipsticks
Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection for Christmas

Dolce & Gabbana Precious Stones Makeup Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Precious Stones Makeup Collection
Gold is a symbol of another famous brand, Dolce & Gabbana Make Up. Due to gold, each product of the Fashion House becomes a real jewel. This very Christmas Precious Stones Collection is characterized by a rich package, which is filled with the products in purple, lilac and ash tones.
The festive color scheme consists of the creamy lipstick in two shades (Purple Pearl and Plum Sapphire), Ultra-Shine Lipgloss Lipstick in two colors (Pink Sapphire and Pink Diamond), lip pencil in the Rose Pearl shade, two-tone Gems shadows, four-tone Jewels shadows, Topaz eyeliner, Mauve Diamond rouge. And, of course, the nail polish in two luscious colors of Amethyst and Grey Pearl.
Dolce and Gabbana Makeup Collection
Dolce and Gabbana Makeup Collection shadows
Dolce and Gabbana Makeup Collection Rouge
Dolce and Gabbana Makeup Collection lipsticks
Dolce and Gabbana Makeup Collection nail polish

Holiday Makeup Collections 2011-2012

Holiday Makeup Collections 2011-2012
During the holidays, one wants to be especially bright and unique and expects too much from makeup. It is particularly nice that holiday makeup collections have been created not only for the realization of great images, but also look as a real gift themselves. Some brands have focused on a wide range of products and the richness of color, while others have made an emphasis on moderation and design.

New FoundationChanel Perfection Lumiere

New Foundation - Chanel Perfection Lumiere
Peter Phillips, the creative director of Chanel make-up, creates a technological novelty that will delight millions of women around the world. Finally, the difficulties with the selection of colors have been solved – the palette of the foundation is really broad. In general, 23 shades have been created.
The new foundation Chanel Perfection Lumiere is a long lasting semi-matte texture. The skin looks perfect, and it is sufficient to apply only a few drops of the foundation – so economical it is. Even a very thin layer of Chanel Perfection Lumiere will make your skin perfect. It retains its properties during 10, 12, and sometimes 15 hours. The foundation contains SPF 10.
The semi-matte texture of the new product is ideal for the flashes of cameras, and the new foundation is already used by makeup artists during the photo shoots of models for glossy magazines.

Rouges Or Collection - Dior

Rouges Or Collection - Dior
This season, gold is definitely fashionable. Golden shimmer on the cheeks, eyelids and lips is not just welcome, it has become an obligatory element of the current make-up. The Christmas make-up collection called The Rouges Or Collection, Dior contains all the shades of the precious metal.
Thiene, the legendary art director of Dior, could not have failed to use gold as a source of inspiration while creating the festive collection of make-up. Why? The history of the fashion house itself suggests the answer: in the late 1940-s, the first Dior collection was created by the designers, in which the master expressed his reverent attitude to this metal. Dior’s love of golden shades can be better described by the dresses that he created, including Aladdin (1947) and Pactole (1949), as well as the gold evening shoes… Examples are numerous. The continuation of this sparkling story is the Christmas make-up collection called The Rouges Or Collection, which includes the lipstick Rouge Dior and the nail enamels Dior Vernis.
Dior Lipsticks Rouge Or Collection
The lipsticks are promised to give a “blazing lip effect” when used and are presented in seven shades varying from pale pink to scarlet. The most interesting shade is mere gold that covers the lips with shimmering particles. They are also generously added to all other shades. The creators of the collection warn that one should hardly expect an ordinary pearl shine from this lipstick, because the golden hue merges with the main color, becoming its integral part.
Dior The Rpuge Or Collection Nail Enamels
Nail enamels, presented in four versions, are also dazzling with gold. The undisputed hit of the collection is a glossy gold nail enamel resembling molten gold.

Daphne Guinness for MAC Cosmetics

Daphne Guinness for MAC Cosmetics
Having learned that Daphne Guinness would release her personal collection for MAC, many people were expecting something extraordinary – weird colors and unusual design.
But everything proved to be far more prosaic: the shadows, lipsticks and nail enamels happened to be surprisingly practical, despite the fact that the heiress of the brewing empire had been drawing inspiration from “pigeon blood and the UFO”:
I am trying to look like a Japanese woman. But I prefer watercolor and acryl rather than cosmetics… Sometimes I even draw on my face!
I think that the opportunity to transform the way you look is the only sense of human existence.
After much debate and deliberation, Daphne decided to choose the plum, pink, and beige. She was looking for these surprisingly quiet shades with the help of… paints. The MAC representative said:
She came to our office, took out a palette and began to mix shades, diluting them with her saliva. Once she entered the room, it became clear, how tempting she was … It was impossible not to fall in love!
The workers of the brand have fallen in love with Guinness, and we are surely encharmed with her collection, which will be appropriate for creating a daytime and evening makeup, even though it does not surprise the eyes with a variety of colors.

Jennifer Lopez’s Fragrance Eau de Glow

Jennifer Lopez’s Fragrance Eau de Glow
Glow is one of the celebrity’s most successful fragrances, Jennifer Lopez released it in 2002, and since then there have been several bestselling versions of the fragrance. And now, in early 2012, the star is going to release a new spring version of the fragrance, called Eau de Glow.
The image of the fragrance is spring flowers which are blossoming and giving their freshness to everyone around. The new Eau de Glow underlines sensuality and tenderness.
The nature of the fragrance is floral and fruity, reflecting the natural beauty and sincere emotions. The fragrance is opened with fresh grapefruit and the flowers of an orange tree. In the “heart”, there are the most luxurious and most feminine flowers, such as rose, iris, jasmine, and vanilla shades. The base notes are sandalwood, amber, and musk.
The fragrance Eau de Glow comes in early 2012 in the form of Eau de toilette, bottled as 50 and 100 ml.

Makeup Makes Women Look Older or Younger

Makes Women Look Older or Younger
Makeup is a real time machine. Any professional makeup artist will tell you that properly applied makeup will help you look significantly younger. But not all realize that the influence of makeup may be directly the opposite. informs what makeup techniques can help you look younger, and which of them will make you look older.


Dark Rouge Shades on Cheek Bones Make Older

Pronounced cheek bones make the face more refined, but, alas, they make it look older. Think of Marlene Dietrich. Even in her youth photographs she looked very grown up. If you need to look older for some reason, darken the cheek bone hollows with a dull brownish rouge, as Victoria Beckham does.
Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker

Fresh Rouge Shade Applied on Cheek Apples Makes Appear Younger

A young face always shines with a bright blush. Choose refreshing rouge shades (pink, peach). The star makeup artist Sue Devitt advises to apply rouge high onto the cheek apples and then rub a drop of lip gloss over the top of it. This technique is often used by Sarah Jessica Parker.


Thick Foundation Cream Layer Makes You Look Older

Hollywood makeup artists are sure that applying thick layers of foundation and masking makeup means granting yourself with some twenty more years of age. Cosmetics is rammed into wrinkles and emphasizes them strongly. It turns the face into a lifeless mask, as was the case with Kim Kardashian.
Sharon Stone and Kim Kardashian

Light Foundation Makes Women Look Younger

If you want to look young, discard thick foundations in favor of light hydrating fluids. Apply foundation with your fingers, but if you have a very dry skin, mix the foundation with a moisturizer before using it, as Sharon Stone does.

Lipstick and Eyeshadow Texture

Matte Lipstick and Eyeshadow Make Women “Older”

The principle of dry matte skin of the face works for eye makeup and lips: matte texture and darker shades add more age and underline wrinkles depriving the face of volume, as it happened with Lily Allen. Do not go to extremes and do not waste money on glittering makeup – intense shine will also emphasize the unevenness of the skin.
Lily Allen and Jennifer Lopez makeup

Moist Shine Effect Lipstick and Eyeshadow for a Younger Look

Your choice is light satin shine of the natural color, which slightly diffuses the light, softening wrinkles. Satin shades will give some youthful glow to your look, and thanks to the moist shine effect lipstick your lips will look fresher and bigger, as if those of Jennifer Lopez.


Black Soft Eyeliner Makes “Older”

At the time of incredible popularity of smokey-eyes, everyone adores intense lining the inner corner of the eyelid with a black pencil. This technique certainly looks impressive, but it makes you much older and emphasizes eye redness, as it did with Milla Jovovich.
Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Aniston Makeup

Light Soft Eyeliner for Younger Eyes

Shining kajal pencil, in contrast, makes the eyes whiter, underlines the eye and enhances its brightness. Here we can follow the example of Jennifer Aniston.

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss Applied on Entire Lips for an Older Effect

Young girls can apply as much lip gloss as necessary on their lips, but sometimes it does not seem quite careful – the lip gloss can appear at the corners of the mouth or spread beyond the lip contours, as in the case with Miley Cyrus. Older women, who have lip gloss on the entire surface of their lips, will only have their wrinkles around the mouth emphasized.
Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie makeup

Lip Gloss in the Middle of the Lower Lip for a Fresh Look

Lip gloss can be applied only in the middle of the lower lip, which is not only enough to make the lips look fresher, but will also help to create an optical effect of full lips. Angelina Jolie always uses this technique.

Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Makeup Don’ts: These Will Make You Appear Older

  • a brown lipstick
  • a pale chalky color of the face
  • a black eyeliner
  • blue eye shadows

Makeup Tricks for a Younger Look

  • light shadows in the inner corners of your eyes and under the eyebrows
  • pink, peach and coral shades of pink rouge
  • golden bronzer, applied on the jawline and the neck
  • well curled up eyelashes
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