New Fragrance Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera

After successful editions of Christina Aguilera Inspire and Christina Aguilera by Night, the celebrity is going to launch a new fragrance, namely Royal Desire. The launch is planned for Fall 2010.
With rose, honeysuckle, herbs and lily in the heart, based on sandalwood, musk and cedar, the new Aguilera’s fragrance has white marshmallow, blackberry and mandarin as its top notes. Royal Desire is characterized as sweet and fresh, long lasting and warm. When you smell it, you feel the wonderful notes of honey and flowers.

The bottle looks pretty royal, resembles the previous Christina Aguilera’s fragrances. It’s something for women with truly royal desires!

Will appear as Eau De Parfum in 15, 30 and 50 ml bottles.

New Fragrance Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera

Eau de Toilette Guerlain Idylle

The last hit from the Guerlain House – eau de parfum Idylle will welcome a new ”light” version in the form of eau de toilette, Idylle Eau de Toilette, in October. The composition was slightly changed and became more floral.

The new version, like the original one, is creation of the perfumer Thierry Wasser. He was inspired by Bulgarian rose and thus its notes became central in this fragrance.

The Bulgarian rose is surrounded by notes of mountain lilies, peony, and jasmine. Muscky motives, chypre accord, and ylang-ylang add the sense of lightness and warmth.

The new eau de toilette will be released for sale this October in 34, 50, and 100 ml packages.

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Deep blue-violet and warm cherry-pink colors are the focus of the new collection from the ArtDeco brand. The collection is very expressive and soft at the same time.
As always, ArtDeco focuses on make-up for eyes.

The brand’s traditional four-color palette of eyeshadows, Beauty Box Quattro Art Design comes in a luxurious case! The shades are:

  • Pearly Midnight Blue
  • Pearly Lavender Blossom
  • Lucent Ferrite
  • Silicia Glass

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Surely, liquid eyeliner and eyebrow color pen are musts for flawless eyes make-up:

  • Eyebrow pencil (medium brown).
  • Liquid eyeliner (shades: Timberlake and Sapphire)
  • Magic eyeliner ( violet diamond)
  • Soft waterproof eyeliner (vanilla white)

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

As for lips, the collection offers a soft palette with three lipstick colors, lipgloss, and lip liner:

  • High performance lipstick (in shades: Flush Mahogamy and Sinuous Claret)
  • Perfect lip color lipstick (in shades: Decolorized Rose and Soft Columbine)
  • Lip passion smooth touch lipstick with volume-enhancing effect (in shades: Romantic Blush and Creamy Dahlia)

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Lip Brilliance Long-lasting Lip Gloss in two shades, and lip liner in two shades as well.

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

The blush color, Azalea Rosy, is very soft.

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

The four colors of nail polish are also very soft – from cherry-pink to coffee ‘n cream.

ArtDeco Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

IsaDora Graffiti Nails for the New Manicure Look

Are you looking for something new in manicure? Something trendy and easy to use? Tired of the long and complicated technologies? Yet, still want something personalized? Then you should look for the new special coatings –the so-called cracked nail polishes, for instance the IsaDora Graffiti Nails.
This manicure is very easy to create. First, paint your nails as you usually do, in any color. Next, coat them with the cracked coating. IsaDora offers the following colors: black, white, blue, yellow, pink, and green. So, you can create any style from bright and contrast to pastel and uniform.

IsaDora Graffiti Nails for the New Manicure Look

IsaDora Graffiti Nails for the New Manicure Look

New Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

It is not an easy task to be a Chanel fan, since the brand continuously presents something new and amazing! Every item they present is a must have; all one can think of is how to find the precious item.

The lip gloss Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss from the Fall collection is likely to become one such item. This is the third updated version of the lip gloss Rouge Allure. The product has already been called lipstick-lacquer for lips, based on its deep color, shine, and smooth look on the lips. This lip gloss looks more like a bright nail polish than a lipstick.

New Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

New Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

Store Makeup During Summer

Where do you usually keep your makeup? In the bathroom? On your bedside table? Or perhaps in your kitchen refrigerator? We would like to give you some advice on where to keep your favorite makeup products.

Makeup Enemies

A makeup product can go bad long before its expiration date indicated on the package if you don’t store it properly. Heat, humidity, and sunlight are bad for any makeup product.

Creams Storage

Cream should be kept at temperatures 5-25°C. At lower temperatures it can solidify, which is particularly dangerous for liquid emulsion creams, since the water component can crystallize and the cream will go bad in that case. At high temperatures the cream softens, which is not good as well. Thus, make sure you read the information about makeup storage conditions, which is typically indicated on the package, as soon as you buy a new cream. Do not use fingers to extract a cosmetic substance. The microorganisms on your fingers can easily travel to the bottle. Preferably, use a spatula or an applicator.

Mascara Storage

Mascara is usually the first product to go bad. Use it for six months at most after opening; past this period the bacteria will grow inside the tube and irritate the mucous membranes on your eyes.

How To Store Lipstick

High quality lipstick can be used for at most for two years; past this period it dries the lips and does not apply evenly. You can easily spot a spoiled lipstick by bad odor.

Where to Store Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows can be dry or liquid. Dry eyeshadows have quite a long shelf life – around three years. Liquid ones, on the other hand, have to be disposed of after 1.5- 2 years.

How to Store Foundation, Fragrance and Other Cosmetics Correctly

Water-based foundation will be hard to apply evenly in a year. Creams high in lipids can be used a little bit longer – up to two years.

Storage periods after opening for tonics, creams, and lotions vary. If the product is packed in a vacuum-sealed package the bacteria will be less likely to get inside and destroy the structure of the product, which means that you can use it longer – around 5-12 months.

An unopened bottle of perfume can be stored for up to three years, an opened one – from 6 months to 1.5 years. Perfumes have the same ”enemies” as makeup products – light, heat, and humidity.

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

Welcome the hottest makeup trends for this fall season- colors of red and black cherries, and black currants for lips and eyes. The Bobbi Brown brand helps us explore the new fall trend through release of its newest fall makeup collection called Black Velvet. Those colors will be particularly popular during the Fall-Winter 2010 season.

Ladies who prefer the vamp style will be particularly pleased, since thanks to the new trend most brands turned their attention to rich, dark, and bold colors in makeup. Bobbi Brown Black Velvet is one of such collections. It is dedicated to colors for eyes and lips.

Eyeshadows with sparkle effect – Sparkle Eye Shadows, come in two shades:
• Black
• Black Velvet

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

Eyeshadows named Metallic Eye Shadow are offered in three metallic shades:
• Black Berry
• Black Cocoa
• Black Charcoal

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

All colors and shades make perfect combinations with each other and can be easily mixed, and create various color variations.

As for lips, the brand offers two colors: Black Maple and Black Raspberry, in addition to the creamy lipstick in such shades as Black Mahogany and Black Cherry.

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

Prevent Ingrown Hair after Shaving

Ingrown hair is a problem, which is equally familiar to men and women. It is commonly unpleasant, painful, especially in sensitive areas such as bikini. Would you like to learn how to avoid ingrown hair?

Causes of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair forms when a hair is pulled too much during shaving and after contraction grows into the skin; sharp end of the shaved hair also contribute to formation of ingrown hair. The second reason is overly large number of dead cells surrounding the hair and causing it to grow at an angle. By the way, people with curly hair also experience this problem more frequently.

Preventing Ingrown Hair

  • Hair is commonly twisted and stretched during shaving, so this method of removal of unwanted hair should be replaced with, for example, waxing.
  • Yet, if you still prefer shaving, make sure you exfoliate your skin before shaving. It will prevent follicles from clogging and the hair will grow strictly perpendicularly to the skin.
  • Choose exfoliation scrubs, that contain Beta Hydro Acids (Salicylic acid), since those act deep on the pores and prevent accumulation of dead cells around the follicle
  • Exfoliate skin with a shower sponge as an alternative to scrubs.
  • If possible, wear clothes that do not get much in contact with the areas where ingrown hair commonly forms, especially the bikini area. This way you will reduce the irritation and accumulation of dead skin cells in those areas.

New Fragrance Givenchy Naturally Chic

Givenchy prepared a new perfume sensation – a limited edition perfume for women called Naturally Chic. The fragrance is described as a combination of charm, sensuality, and lightness.
The composition is indeed very light and airy, which is even reflected in the product’s concentration (the fragrance is presented in the form of eau de toilette). The nature of the scent is woody-floral.

Some of the key notes of this perfume are lemon, bergamot, peony, raspberry, floral and green notes, patchouli, amber, and white musk.

New Fragrance S by Shakira

As soon as one starts to think that the list of celebrities who have released their personal perfumes has been exhausted, there is always another celebrity who will ruthlessly destroy this delusion. This time it is Shakira, who has joined the society of celebrity-perfumers.

The singer has released the S by Shakira perfume. Its key notes are fresh wood, vanilla, amber, and jasmine. Shakira described this fragrance in the following way:

“The type of women who feel a connection with this fragrance would be independent and strong, but also a woman with a great capacity to love and a strong sense of who they are. It’s for a woman who believes in herself.”

Shakira S Perfume

Like other celebrities, Shakira insists that she took very active part in the development of this scent. In particular, she ensured that the bottle captured oriental dance theme.

New Fragrance for Women Coeur De Glace

Sometimes even before he looks at you, your fragrance tells him your tale.

There are simple tales, one-feeling tales, open-hearted tales – and there are deep tales that speak of a heart not given away lightly, but one that can give all of a woman in you to him who will read your tale right.

Here, giving away your fine-spun tale unobtrusively and seductively, is a new fragrance, the first one from a signature line by Anthony Embry in collaboration with Nathalie Giroux-Roussel, Director of ‘Your Brand Name Fragrances’.

Called Coeur De Glace, or “the heart of glass” in French, is an evening fragrance for women, long-lasting, expressively sweet, but with a citrus touch that creates the complicacy of the image and the special sophistication.

Coeur De Glace’s live charm is partly due to its being completely natural – no chemicals at all – offering a concentration of fragrance oil exceeding that of most other perfumes. The head note is made up of Bergamot, Gardenia, Galbanum, Mango, Sage and Woodberry with a flowery heart of Jasmine, Narcissus, Rose, Hibiscus, and Neroli. Oak, Patchouli, Sandal, Labdanum Ciste, Musk create a deep base note.

Coeur De Glace is for romance that will start slowly and tenuously, for your heart not to be tossed away lightly and broken… again…

For the time being Anthony Embry’s debut perfume is only being offered to celebrities.

NARS Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

NARS is launching fall makeup collection in August. In addition to the products and images, which can be created using those products, we are also interested in the person, whom the company chose to be the face of the collection. This person is the gorgeous Daphne Guinness, who has long gained the honorary title of the ‘’style icon”.

The collection’s central image, presented by Daphne, is the most appealing and interesting. Smooth and pale face tone contrasts with bright ultramarine eyeshadows with special accent on golden flare. This is the product of work of Kabuki makeup artist, who added exotic and unusual character to this collection.

NARS Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

On the photo below you can see the new products of the NARS Fall 2010 collection.

NARS Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

How to Make Dirty Hair Look Fresh and Clean

Lets admit it, sometimes it is hard to find time to wash your hair. Some situations simply make it impossible. Yet, nobody likes going in public with dirty, greasy hair. It simply looks bad. So, maybe there is a way to make dirty hair look cleaner.

Hair Accessories

It is possible to hide dirty hair under a bandana or a scarf. Any hair accessory (hairpin, ribbon, or hair band) will add charm and style to your image and nobody will notice that you have dirty hair.

Put Your Hair up

This advise is for those of you with long hair. Simply make a braid or a pony-tail and your hairdo will never show that your hair has not been washed for a while.

Dry Washing

The best option is dry shampoo. However, if you don’t have it handy, you can use, for example, corn starch. Simply apply some to your hair, the starch will absorb oil and dirt, and thoroughly comb your hair afterwards. Now, you are ready to go for any important meeting. One point to note though- you can safely use baby talcum powder or baking flour as dry shampoo if you have fair or blond hair. However, you cannot use those products if you are an owner of dark hair, since the remains of those products will be visible; brunettes can only use high quality dry shampoo.

Chanel Launches Coco Mademoiselle Bath & Body

The famous fragrance Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is going to launch beauty products for bath and body. Now your favorite scent will follow you everywhere and also take care of your skin.

The Coco Mademoiselle Bath & Body line will hit the beauty stores at the end of September. Well, fall is actually the right time to purchase fresh body care lotions and oils.

So, what exactly beauty products from Chanel are to appear?

Moisturising Body Lotion Coco Mademoiselle containing sparkling particles that makes your skin glow nicely. The expected price is about $40 (on the picture above).

Foaming Shower Gel Coco Mademoiselle, which texture resembles that of a light foaming mousse (about $35).

Chanel Launches Coco Mademoiselle Bath & Body

Velvet Body Oil Coco Mademoiselle, covering your skin with a light silk (around $40).

Chanel Launches Coco Mademoiselle Bath & Body

By the way, did you know that Coco Mademoiselle is one of the bestsellers of Chanel? It’s the second most popular fragrance after Chanel No. 5. Its composition is oriental, very feminine and very special.

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