German Supermodel Heidi Klum to Launch Fragrance Shine

The famous German supermodel Heidi Klum has signed a contract with Coty. This fragrance company will assist Heidi in creating and producing her first fragrance. The name has been already invented – “Shine”. Its premiere has been set for September, 2011.

Last year Heidi Klum dissolved a contract with the global brand Victoria’s Secret. She is no longer “Victoria’s Secret Angel”, but she has got time for lots of new projects. This is despite the fact that she is the mother of four children! Creating a personal fragrance is one of the long-awaited beauty-news from Klum.

Heidi holds a unique position in the market, Steve Mormoris, the senior marketing vice-president in Coty Beauty, says in an interview for WWD. She is not only a supermodel and a celebrity, he adds. Heidi is an excellent businesswoman with multifaceted interests. And Coty Beauty is planning to create a fragrance that will reflect all sides of her talent.

The fragrance Shine is announced warm and universal.

The company is in prospect of a thrilling intrigue: what the bottle will be like, what advertising campaign is expected – all this is still to learn.

Coty Beauty produces fragrances for most of the world’s celebrities.

Lip Care Tips in Winter

Chapped or dry lips are among the most common winter problems for women. The lip skin is very sensitive, so it immediately responds to temperature and humidity changes in the environment. Do not forget about winter lip care. And we will remind you of these simple tips.

Apply Olive Oil on the Lips

Despite its simplicity this balm is a real rescue, believe it or not. If you do not feel comfortable going out with oil on your lips, run the procedure before going to bed. The result will come. Just do not lick your lips after applying the oil!

Peel the Lip Skin

Find a peeling solution to your taste: it can be a purchased or a homemade scrub. For the best results, you can use a soft toothbrush. Just do not rub too hard! Proceed gently.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Like the skin, lips should be kept moisturized. The easiest way is a moisturizing lip balm. If you follow the latest trends in makeup and buy high-quality cosmetics, you probably know that the new lipstick and lip gloss formulae often contain moisturizing ingredients, for example, aloe vera.

Apply Vaseline

Though many treat this solution reprehensibly, the majority think vaseline is a universal and really effective lip remedy. In pharmacies they sell not only boxed, but also lipstick-shaped vaseline, because it is very convenient.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

Do not lick your lips. Everyone knows this rule. It is not so difficult to get rid of this habit – apply lip balm more often, even at home.

Use UV Protection

Buying a lip remedy, look for products with SPF-filters. They are more effective in protecting not only from sunrays, but also from free radicals that dry the skin and make it older.

Follow our winter lip care tips, and you will hardly encounter the problem of dry, chapped lips in winter.

Laser Treatments Information

Women often consider beauty procedures but don’t really know what is involved. One of these areas is with laser treatments available include. Laser treatment can be for: hair removal lasers, skin resurfacing lasers, tattoo removal lasers and Fraxel lasers.

All these lasers perform various treatments and it really assists you to be informed prior to having a treatment on your body.

Hair removal lasers

These Lasers remove unwanted hair growth permanently, the procedure can be performed on abdomen, back, shoulders and bikini line. The procedure can even be used on the face and neck. These lasers can treat ingrown hairs in the face and neck on men also. If you are concerned about how it will effect your skin, there are different lasers for different types of skin and hair, treatments are tailored to your hair type and skin color to ensure that you get the best results.

Fraxel lasers

Fraxel lasers treat various skin conditions such as acne scarring, skin pigmentation issues including skin exposed to sun and wrinkles. These lasers assist the production of collagen and do not remove any layers of the skin; this therefore means that recovery time is fast.

Fraxel lasers can be used on the face, back of hands, neck; other areas can be considered but depends on your skin type and suitability.

Skin resurfacing is another treatment used to improve skin texture, remove fine lines and reverse skin damaged. The treatment involved treating the skin with various lasers, one popular laser is the carbon dioxide laser, which removes a layer of the skin very cautiously. This laser is sometimes used with the erbium laser; which removes a thin slice of skin also. This treatment may require some rest time and this should be considered.

Finally there are Tattoo removal lasers. The Q-Switched lasers send laser impulses over the tattoos to remove as much ink as possible from the skin. The treatment typically requires several visits and can be up to 20 sessions may be required. There are various lasers used and all tattoo colors can be treated.

As women and men beauty and cosmetic treatments are important to us now, however always ensure that you take care and feel comfortable with the physicians and treatments you are undergoing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be well informed.

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute offers qualified and experienced professionals in a friendly environment.

Women Ashamed of Their Faces without Makeup

The mere idea of being seen with no makeup on stirs up such a welter of emotions in British women that many of them will never allow it to transpire, as has been revealed by a study conducted by Superdrug.

The survey that encompassed 3,000 UK beauties concluded that one out of three ladies – which comes to a matter of about 8 million – wouldn’t even think of stepping out without making their faces first.

60% insist on wearing their war paint every day even if they have no special occasion scheduled or are going to meet somebody they would like to impress.

30% will do their faces before going out shopping even if they are just stopping by the store round the corner for a couple of trifling buys.

10% of women said that their boyfriend would never see them with their faces not done up, even if it entails sleeping in make-up.

Superdrug’s spokesperson in the comment called make-up “a great confidence booster” that is an important procedure for every woman, helping them to accentuate what they deem best in their appearance while playing down the blemishes… Otherwise they may feel absolutely horrified!

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Enamel Collection

There must be enough Glee fans everywhere, and the Glee craze must have hit Sephora Originals quite hard – for it ignited the spark of inspiration, and Sephora by OPI will soon present us with a limited edition nail polish line that owes its birth to the show.

The collection, entitled “Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic”, was designed as reflecting the spirit of this particular show – which Sephora Originals Senior Vice President Michael McGeever described as “vibrant, creative and bold” – simultaneously offering a new exclusive collection that will delight consumers.

The Glee-inspired collection consists of 10 nail shades and three print nail design appliqu├ęs all of which relate to the cast (“Miss Bossy Pants,” reflected in a bright raspberry), songs (“Mash-Up,” embodied in a shimmery grayish green) or jokes (“Celibacy Club,” presented as a glittery topcoat). A mini set of six lacquers worth $22 is thrown in.

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Polish

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Polish

“Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic” is scheduled to appear in stores in the beginning of February. On February 8 the collection will appear in the St. Valentine’s Day episode in which Tina Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz), Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris), and Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) will be shown applying the hues.

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Polish

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Polish

Sephora by OPI Goes Gleek Chic Nail Polish

Botox Makes Women Look Older

Despite the fact that Botox is popular among many those days, long-term consequences of this drug have not been studied much. One recent study has shown that safety of those ”youth injections” is clearly exaggerated.

Scientists from the University of Calgary (Canada) have proved that botox injections can lead to sagging muscles, loss of muscle mass, and replacement of muscle mass with fat. Moreover, these changes occur not only in the injected muscles but in other muscle groups as well. In essence, this suggests that people who abuse use of Botox eventually will look older than those who did not go for the ”youth injections”.

During the study the scientists injected Botox in rabbits. Eventually, the injected rabbits lost over 50 per cent of their muscle mass.

The study proves that Botox is poorly understood regardless of its popularity. For example, in 2009 over 2.5 million people applied for botox in US. This is a growing tendency, as injections are progressively becoming more affordable. Now, even average and low-income Americans can afford Botox injections for $300-600.

Rihanna To Launch Her Women's Fragrance

Parlux Fragrances Inc. is about to unveil its long-awaited first women’s fragrance by Rihanna.

The stylelicious diva, Rihanna is about to unveil her long-awaited women’s fragrance called Reb’| Fleur, which is a nickname that Rihanna’s grandmother used to call her.

The fragrance is being launched by Parlux Fragrances Inc. Parlux chief exzecutive officer Fred Purches hopes Rihanna will provide a third pillar of strength to his business, along with Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. “We need a third,” he said.

The fragrance, which will launch on January 25, is developed by Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien of Givaudan, and its structure has red berries, purple plum and peach. At the heart are Hawaiian hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose and coconut water. The base is formed by vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk.

The singer is said to have wanted a scent that reflected her roots in Barbados and life in New York and Los Angeles — “like high heels with a short, flirty dress,” she reportedly described it.

As for price points, a 1.7-oz. eau de parfum will retail for a suggested $49, the 3.4-oz. size will be priced $59 and a 6.7-oz. body lotion will be $30.

Komen Foundation Launches 'The Promise' Fragrance

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, which has raised and invested $1.5 billion in fighting breast cancer since 1982, has taken its crusade into new territory — the fragrance bar.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, which has raised and invested $1.5 billion in fighting breast cancer since 1982, has launched a women’s fragrance called ‘Promise Me’, as a fund raising vehicle.

‘Promise Me’ is also the title of the book written by Nancy Brinker, founder of the organizations and sister to the late Susan Komen. The title of the fragrance alludes to Brinker’s promise to her dying sister to launch a mission to end the pain and suffering of breast cancer.

“My sister was always passionate about fragrance,” Brinker said. “She had a great fashion sense.”

The fragrance, which is developed in the supervision of Brain Robinson, the founder of Zihr, is expected to raise a minimum of $ 1 million a year.

The fragrance’s formula is a floral oriental, created by Jean-Claude Deville of Drom. Key notes include mandarin, bergamot, blood orange, fresh aldehyde, black current, pink peony, wild orchid, rosewood, white patchouli and musk.

Use Skin Oil

Some of us underestimate the value of skin oil. There are many questions on how to use it properly. Women often note that it is extremely difficult to apply the oil uniformly.

Applying the Skin Oil

In order to achieve uniform distribution apply the oil to damp skin. It is very difficult to apply oil uniformly on dry skin. Damp skin is perfect for this. But, make sure that the skin is not too wet, because then the oil will simply slip right off.

The Amount of Oil for Skin

You will need little oil, but not too little. The optimal amount of oil for face is 2-3 drops. The amount will depend on the type of oil. For example, one drop of rose oil is enough.

Massage the Skin

Do not forget to massage your skin. Nutrients and antioxidants have to penetrate the outer layer of the skin instead of being retained on the surface of the skin. So, first squeeze 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and then evenly spread the oil between the two palms. Finally, gently massage the face with your palms. Start with the center of the forehead and massage with up and outward movements. Do not massage around the eyes, simply gently press this area with your palms.

Base for Skin Oil

If your moisturizing cream is water-based – use it before applying the oil. Water can not penetrate through the layer of oil. If your moisturizer is oil-based then you can use it after applying the skin oil.

Mixing Oil for Skin with Moisturizing Creams

For more delicate use of skin oil- mix it with the moisturizer. Those of you new to skin oil can add a few drops to the moisturizing cream. This useful trick will help you apply the oil evenly and will prevent unexpected skin reactions. The enriched moisturizer will have extra nourishment and will help the oil penetrate deeper into the skin layer.

Chemical Peels Reduce Immunity

Passion for chemical peels designed to rejuvenate the skin is dangerous for immunity. Israeli scientists from the University of Haifa made this disappointing conclusion.

The experts analyzed data on the immune system of women, who often use chemical peels and those who do not. The antibody of women in the first group was markedly reduced, and this means resistance to infectious and viral diseases was also lowered.

The doctors attribute this to the fact that chemicals for skin peeling remove the skin upper layers and penetrate very deeply. Thus, they irritate the surface of the dermis and destroy cellular structures. Microbes attack the organs of lymphatic system, and the organs find it difficult to resist under a reduced immunity. Therefore, a regular use of chemical peels leads to the occurrence of various diseases.

Hair Become Thicker After Shaving

Not all girls like using shaving razors for hair removal. It is believed that the hair becomes much thicker after shaving. That is why some people believe that shaving should only be used as a last resort. After all, shaving is in fact one of the most effective, and most importantly, painless methods of hair removal. Are those who discriminate against shaving right?

Here is the answer to the question: does the hair become thicker after shaving? Shaving DOES NOT make hair thicker! This is just a visible effect. The fact is that when hair grows, it has a conic tip, which makes it visually thin. And when hair is shaved, the shape of the tip is changed, it becomes blunt, which makes it visually thicker.

After shaving, the hair also does not become rougher. It simply becomes shorter, and this deprives it of its former elasticity.

So do not give up shaving procedure, it does not damage the hair. You would agree that waxing is too painful, and you can safely transfer to shaving during winter.

18 Guerlain Fragrances for the 180th Anniversary

Guerlain house is celebrating its 180th anniversary. This is an excellent opportunity to recall some of the brand’s bestsellers. Guerlain has released a special collection of 18 best selling fragrances – expensive and rare.

The 18 fragrances come in identical bottles and are placed together in an elegant coffret ‘180 Year Collectors Case’. The collection costs $3,750. But, the brand’s 180th anniversary happens only once in a lifetime! Which fragrances were chosen for this collection? Which fragrances were recognized as the most successful in the history of Guerlain?

  • 1853 Eau de Cologne Imperiale,
  • 1889 Jicky,
  • 1912 L’Heure Bleue,
  • 1919 Mitsouko,
  • 1925 Shalimar,
  • 1959 Vetiver,
  • 1965 Habit Rouge,
  • 1979 Nahema,
  • 1989 Samsara,
  • 2003 L’Instant de Guerlain,
  • 2004 L’Instant de Guerlain pour Homme,
  • 2005 Rose Barbare,
  • 2005 Angelique Noire,
  • 2005 Cuir Belluga,
  • 2006 Bois d’Arenie,
  • 2006 Insolence,
  • 2007 Iris Ganache,
  • 2008 Cruel Gardenia.

18 perfumes capture the entire history of Guerlain: from Eau de Cologne Imperiale, which was created for the Empress Eugenie in 1853, to the most recent fragrance from the Guerlain house – Cruel Gardenia, which was created in 2008.

Indeed, this collection will mostly be purchased by collectors. The brand issued 60 coffrets for US alone. But there are many Guerlain fans around the world, so the brand promises to release more affordable anniversary items over the coming year.

Pink and Grey Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

Spring 2011 makeup collection from Dior has already received its share of critique. Many specialists note that this collection does not look like a spring one at all. The collection features a lot of gray colors in combination with pink. Gray+pink is the combination from Christian Dior’s childhood, which he spent in Normandy. Art-directors at Dior House were inspired to choose this color combination by the first Christian Dior boutique, which was opened on Avenue Montaigne.

The Makeup collection includes the following products:

Serum de Rouge Lip Treatment, in two pink shades (#240, #460)

Addict Ultra Gloss, in shades #654, #707

Lipstick Rouge Dior Lip Color in pink shades (#540, #658)

Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

Eyeshadow palettes:

Two versions of five-color combinations

Two four-color eyeshadow palettes

Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

Mascara Diorshow 360 ( new with rotating brush)

Eyeliner in dark-grey color (#077)

One-color eyeshadow palette (#053)

Color moist powder with SPF 8, in three soft colors (#001, 002, 003)

Dior Vernis Nail Enamel, in two shades #108 and #707.

Dior Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

We started by noting that critics did not like this collection much. Indeed, when winter is over women want bright and juicy colors. But those of you inspired by gray will truly appreciate the variety of shades in this collection. Indeed, gray lipgloss is something unique and new to the makeup world. Overall, Dior Spring 2011 collection offers a very discreet and elegant image. Isn’t it the image that can reveal the inner beauty of any woman?

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