Chanel Nail Enamel Collection SS 2012

Chanel Nail Enamel Collection SS 2012
There has appeared some information about a mini-collection of nail enamels created by Chanel for the Spring-Summer 2012 collection. We expect the charming trio of colors!
We adore Chanel enamels not only because of their quality. It is good that they are available for each season not in large collections of twelve or more shades, but mostly as well-balanced and trendy couples or trios. Because if we count how many times a year we use a new nail enamel, the quantity will turn out to be not so impressive. It seems that each new shade should be “to the point”. Therefore we highly recommend to be guided by Chanel collections while choosing a color. They leave no room for a mistake.
Despite the fact that not all Holiday collections have appeared on the shelves, the ideas for the spring should also be considered. Since September Fashion Weeks have already taken place (and they were targeted at the Spring-Summer 2012 season), the new items have received their first portion of undivided attention.
Chanel is preparing a new charming trio for the spring. The three caramel shades are called “April”, “May”, and “June”. It is the color of berry jam, soft pink shade, and the pastel shades of apricot. The so-called “June” shade (apricot) was at once assessed by the experts as the most striking novelty of the coming season.
Enamels will go on sale in January 2012. And you are inevitably longing for the summer the moment you see them!

Louis Vuitton to Launch a Fragrance

Louis Vuitton to Launch a Frag
Women’s Wear Daily reveals that Louis Vuitton plans to create a fragrance starting from January 2012; it will be the first attempt on the part of the famous French luxury house to enter the perfume market.
The creating power behind the Vuitton fragrance will be Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, a perfumer in the third-generation, renowned for working on such smells as Jean Paul Gaultier Classic, Stella McCartney’s Stella, Dior Addict, and many other memorable names.
Cavallier-Belletrud is reputed to have a liking for natural and raw ingredients, and Louis Vuitton is busy investigating the possibilities of rare French flowers that are difficult to come by.

Nicki Minaj and OPI Nail Lacquer Collection

Nicki Minaj and OPI Nail Lacquer Collection
Nicki Minaj is not only a stage attraction – she is out to become a major OPI rival of Serena Williams and Katy Perry, for she has launched a nail polish line of her own with the company.
To be expected are six nail lacquers (limited edition, naturally) with unforgettable names like purple, graffiti-like Super Bass Shatter, glittering charcoal Metallic 4 Life, bubblegum-evoking Pink Friday, electric Fly, Did It On ‘Em in fluorescent lime and silver-rainbow hued Save Me.
Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Lacquers
Fans can do it on ‘em starting January 2012 – look for Minaj lacquers in salons, Ulta, JC Penny and other places like those. Price – $8.50 for one.
OPI’s statement, issued by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive VP & Artistic Director, expresses OPI’s delight in collaboration with Minaj. Recognizing her musical success, Weiss-Fischmann says: “Her music is only part of the equation. She’s also become a fashion inspiration.” The nail beauty brand anticipates her achievements in beauty products to be as daring as her stage images.

Dita von Teese’s Fragrance Eau de Dita

Dita von Teese’s Fragrance Eau de Dita
From now on, the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese, who is a good specialist in perfumery, has her own fragrance. A few days ago she presented a perfume line called Eau de Dita at Soho House in Berlin.
Dita, as always, was impeccable: she appeared in a vintage black dress with lace trimming, and her shoes and clutch designed by Christian Louboutin were carefully selected to suit the dress. The lady herself had a perfect retro hairstyle and red lips.
Dita makes her first steps not only as a perfumer, but as a designer too: she has been producing lingerie, and will soon present a capsule collection in a retro style for the Australian network of David Jones department stores. The collection will consist of five truly feminine luxury dresses. By the way, there is some good news: it was earlier said that the dresses would be available only in Australia, but now their sales in Europe and America are being negotiated.

Marrakesh Chic Makeup Collection by Bobbi Brown

Marrakesh Chic Makeup Collection by Bobbi Brown
Makeup can be regarded as successful in case it is able to highlight facial features, to hide flaws and to give a natural appearance at the same time.
This is possible with a new collection of color cosmetics presented by the Bobbi Brown brand. Working at the collection, its creator, the make-up artist Bobbi Brown, was inspired by Marrakesh.
Bobbi Brown Nakeup Collection Fall 2011
The collection was called Marrakesh Chic. This is a new cosmetic line, rich in natural soft shades that are able to create a superb, sensual and expressive image. The influence of oriental themes is felt in the cosmetics due to the shades of brown; in addition, there are muted shades of purple which is also relevant in the new autumn-winter season.
Bobbi Brown Makeup Collection, eyeshadows
The Marrakesh Chic collection includes eight kinds of shadows and four types of lipstick. Rich Lip Color gives the lips softness and a delicate pink hue called Desert Rose. Metallic Lip Color is the lipstick of the Violet Glaze color characterized by a metallic shine. Creamy Lip Color has a creamy texture and exists in two shades: Pink Blossom and Pale Plum. Lip Color is the lipstick with the most saturated color known as Desert Plum.
Bobbi Brown Makeup Collectiom, lipsticks

Clinique Joins Cancer Struggle Movement

Clinique Joins Cancer Struggle Movement
October is the month cancer struggle, and that is why many cosmetic brands have produced special limited editions. The money gained from selling them will be sent to charities.

The French Clinique brand has joined in and produces a housekeeper and three mini-samples of gloss. This item is decorated with the logo of “Pink October“, a symbol with a pink ribbon that symbolizes the fight against cancer.

In the set, one can choose the Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 lip gloss or Gloss Longtemps SPF 15, each in three colors: Air Kiss, Clearly Pink and Cabana Crush. Clinique gloss will provide you with a lasting color, long-term lip moisturizing and protection from ultraviolet rays. Its price is about $18.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Couleur Collection

Make Up For Ever Smoky Couleur Collection
The smoky eyes makeup technique is one of the most burning issues during the fall-winter season, and in order to facilitate the work on its creation, many brands have released collections which include products for a spectacular smoky makeup.
The Make Up For Ever brand, which has released Smoky Couleur collection, is among them.
Make Up For Ever launched Smoky Couleur
The new collection of the professional makeup presented by Make Up For Ever will contribute to a stylish make-up which is designated by the make-up artists as brash and fatal.
Smoky Couleur includes a reticulation with eight shadows, four eyeliners, and four colors of mascara.
Make Up For Ever launched Smoky Couleur

Hot Makeup Trends This Fall

Hot Makeup Trends This Fall
Just as fashion is sensitive to the changes in season, so are makeup trends vulnerable to it. To stay updated and be the sexy diva on the streets this fall, be sure to catch up with the following beauty trends and makeup colors for the coming few months.Lip on Burgundy

Wine shades in matte or gloosy finish are “in” this season, be it fashion or makeup. The shiny,rich look of enamoring burgundy lips was first noticed at the Gucci show this year. The Black Honey Almost Lipstick from Clinique is a great pick if you want it to be too glossy. The blackened raisin look is a stunning choice for every complexion.
Bold Brows

Naturally thick brows have made a come back again this season. From city streets to runways, you can see them making an impact everywhere, however do not interpret “natural” brows to mean unkempt or unruly brows. Be sure to have nicely shaped brows. You can add a dab of vaseline or apply eyebrow gel to have strong, attractive brows. Use a pencil that is just one shade darker than the natural shade of your brows, in case you have sparse brows.
Gold Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is another important aspect of flaunting ravishing eyes. Slight strokes of metallic shades can work just perfect for a hot smokey eye look for the evening or the daytime. But be sure to wear them subtly. Don’t overdo them. You may even add on a light-handed stroke of your eye shadow to your lips and cheeks for a better effect overall. Aqua and plum eye shadows also look pretty chic.
Juicy Color Pops

Okay, juicy pops are usually a thing of summers but there’s a no rule, right? Citrus lipsticks are very much the hot trends this fall. It may be a red eye shadow or tangerine lips, a slight hint of juicy pops of color can brighten your look to a great extent. You may try Neon Orange lipstick from MAC to achieve this effect.
Nail Nudity

Nude nails look sexy, simple, and sophisticated, all at the same time. For longer nails, go for matte finish; shorter nails will be better complimented with glossy nude shades. Essie Nail Polish has some great choices when it comes to selecting the nude nail color. Priced at less than $5 per nail shade, there is nothing that can beat the appeal of this nail color brand.

Brenda Lyttle is a beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on beauty tips, best wrinkle cream, anti-aging, costume wigs, and other related topics.

Guerlain Miroir Miroir Holiday Makeup Collection 2012

Guerlain Miroir Miroir Holiday Makeup Collection 2012
Miroir Miroir is a new autumn-winter collection presented by Guerlain: its title is an allusion to the fabulous content.
With the help of this collection, you can create a real make-up of the Snow White – with accentuated eyes and a seductive red mouth.
Miroir Miroir Holiday 2012 Collection
Miroir Miroir includes nine reticulations of shadows, and each of them contains four hues of one color, a liquid liner, an eye pencil, and three new luscious shades of Rouge G lipstick. With the help of the products for eyes, you can create a delightful smoky eyes effect, which has been declared the trend of the season. Rich shades of the lipstick will appeal to those who do not mind intensive retro-makeup.
Miroir Miroir Holiday 2012 Collection, eye shadows
The face of the Miroir Miroir campaign is Natalia Vodianova, who has been Guerlain’s representative for many years.
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection, shadows

Wong Kar-Wai to Launch a Holiday Makeup Collection

Wong Kar-Wai
One of the leading brands in the makeup market, Shu Uemura, is preparing a surprise for all the fans anticipating the holiday season of 2011-2012.
The brand launches a collection of decorative makeup, created in collaboration with the director Wong Kar-Vai, who has produced a promotional video for the campaign. Kar-Wai is a legend of Asian cinema, as well as a recognized master of color.
Wong Kar-Wai and Shu Uemura Makeup Collection
The key features of this collection are femininity, elegance, sensuality, which are embodied in the color scheme of Shu Uemura products. The collection includes bright colors and shiny textures that accentuate winter images which are traditionally poor in terms of succulent shades.
Wong Kar-Wai and Shu Uemura Makeup Collection
The collection includes two shadow palettes (six colors each), an eye gitter, false eyelashes, a mascara, a nail polish with sparkles, a powder with the gloss effect, a lipstick, and a set of brushes and makeup applicators.
Wong Kar-Wai and Shu Uemura Makeup Collection
Wong Kar-Wai and Shu Uemura Makeup Collection

Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Products Collection

Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Products
Lauren Conrad’s latest postings in her blog on reveal that she intends to focus on her involvement with her beauty website, TheBeautyDepartment. Well, that is nothing new to her fans who are following her life closely and know of the existence of the site from its launch in the spring, and we know Conrad for her fashion endeavors perpetuated in her shows and novels, but now the creator of LC and Paper Crown really means to step on the gas.

Conrad writes that it is one of her “main objectives” to evolve her site and set up a product line. She is currently busy investigating all possibilities and fully hopes to hit on the final concept soon and get down to the execution.

Braced to expand her beauty endeavors, the 25-year-old reality star is backed by a strong team of makeup artist Amy Nadine and hair stylist Kristen Ess. Here is a viable (and cool!) foundation to build upon. Conrad invites everyone to stay tuned, and it seems she will be able to justify the attention, what do you think?

J’adore Dior Fragrance

J’adore Dior Fragrance
While we are waiting for a chance to get a whiff at J’adore, Dior’s signature fragrance, the French luxury goods company adds to the impatience unmercifully by exposing us to its new ad featuring Hollywood diva Charlize Theron.

Therion is shown to turn up at the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles for participation at a fabulous fashion show alongside Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and other iconic models priming themselves up for the show of the century.

The movie star looks resplendent in a golden dress made to resemble the flacon of J’adore, and her inspired walk along the catwalk is worth seeing in its own right.

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