Minogue Launches Fragrance Dazzling Darling

The original “Darling” fragrance launched by the Australian singer Kylie Minogue was released in 2006. Then its success was consolidated by its flankers – “Sweet Darling” in 2007 and “Sexy Darling” in 2008. In the summer of 2011 the pop star presented a continuation of this perfume story in the form of a new fragrance called “Dazzling Darling”.

The premiere was held in August this year. The fragrance was described as the one which emphasizes femininity and individuality, and leaves a memorable trace.

Dazzling Darling” opens with the fresh notes of spices and the accents of red pepper, berries, and violet. Roses and the buds of iris are the elegant “heart” of the fragrance. The base notes are delicate and warm sandalwood and cashmere musk.

The fragrance can be purchased in bottles of 30 and 50 ml, in the form of eau de toilette. The shape of the bottle is the same as that of the previous fragrance, and only the color is different.

Eye Liner Stickers

Eye Liner Stickers
You may have repeatedly seen the stickers which help to make eye makeup in the style of smoky eyes. But now there have been produced the stickers that can make the eyeliner truly ideal and creative. Dior was among the first to offer this novelty.

In the season of Fall-2011 a special focus will be on the eyes. The Nude effect remains for the summer. And in the coming season, dramatic and even a little theatrical eye makeup will be fashionable.

In order to achieve artistic eye lining you will need certain skills, or a set of stickers, such as the one recently produced by Dior. It was created by the makeup artists of the brand. As a result of its application, you will have a smooth and rich in color eyeliner which can be adorned with Swarovski crystals if you wish.

A set of Dior stickers includes:
4 pairs of stickers: 2 pure black, one sticker with gray crystals, one sticker with white crystals, and glue.

How to apply shadow stickers:

  • They are for dry skin without makeup.
  • One should carefully unfasten the eye liner sticker from a silicone base.
  • Apply the sticker on the lash line. You can use a little glue to apply the sticker.
  • To remove the sticker one should just carefully remove it from the skin holding the sticker by the edge.
  • After use, place the sticker back on the silicone base. Thus it will not lose its properties, and it can be used again later.

Dior Eyeliner Stickers

In general, the use of stickers in makeup is likely to become a usual thing soon. Shadow stickers will probably no longer surprise anyone, as well as stickers for lips makeup. The technologies are different: imitating decals and temporary tattoo. But the idea is clear – to make various styles of makeup the most affordable ones.

Dior Eyeliner Stickers

Emma Watson For Lancome

Emma Watson For Lancome
Too full of narration for a commercial, too vapid for a full-time movie, just a spot of a love story meant to inspire us with a heavenly potency of Trésor Midnight Rose – that’s the essence of Lancome’s new commercial starring Emma Watson. It took the company some time to work it out, and whether it gives credit to Lancome or to the actress is a dubitable point.

The story the commercial tells commences when Watson visits a bookshop having previously donned male clothing, for reasons unspecified. There’s a nice boy whom she ropes in to help her – and is so entranced that leaves her fedora behind.

The boy takes up the hint and, getting hold of the fedora, positions himself in a café hoping she walks by – which she obligingly does. The passionate boy runs in pursuit. There is an almost-leave forever scene and almost-kissing scene with the hat – raise your eyebrows, please – returning by magical agency to its rightful owner. And it really is as thin as it sounds. Better luck next time, maybe!

Cute Chanel Shade Parade Commercial

Cute Chanel Shade Parade Commercial
Chanel-adorned, your fingers may burst into dancing with delight! Fingers live a life of their own, and don’t you forget about it! When treated properly, they are capable of great things, and the latest commercial from Chanel offers a cool proof of that, with a cute dance troupe featuring.Chanel’s Shade Parade presents a digital performance with every finger resplendent with a Chanel nail polish hue; they move to Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers‘ Little Bitty Pretty One with enviable grace. The environment is heavily decorated with Chanel’s signature symbols, codes, pearls, letters C that form lit-up patterns and, finally, the mirrored staircase that crowns the festive atmosphere.

Christina Aguilera Launches New Fragrance Secret

The singer Christina Aguilera will not allow herself to be forgotten. Even if she has no new songs, she will present a new fragrance. This fall, Aguilera is going to expand her collection of perfume products and present a novelty with the intriguing title Secret Potion.

The fragrance is described as a scent for a mysterious and erotic evening, addressed to women who love being in the spotlight, whose beauty is in their strength and confidence.

The Secret Potion perfume combines the notes of exotic fruit and flowers with warm and sensual oriental undertones. The fragrance opens with the top notes of juicy passionfruit, lemon and mandarin. The luxury “heart” notes contain jasmine, orange blossom, and lotus. And the base notes include musk, tonka beans, amber, and ebony wood.

The style of the bottle fully corresponds to the idea of a sensual fragrance which resembles the seductive shape of a female figure. Each package has a small medallion in the form of an emblem with a mirror. The fragrance is available as Eau de Parfum in 50 ml vials.

Kate Moss Makeup Collection

Kate Moss appeared in a video promoting her range of lipsticks created in collaboration with Rimmel London, and it’s so rocky and breathtaking and very becoming to the gorgeous supermodel!

The action begins with Moss waking up and finding that she was sharing the bed with three models. Clad coyly in red panties (and nothing more), the 37-year-old gets involved with The Vaccines – adds a guitar solo to their music as they are shooting a video – jumps aboard a helicopter and combines beauty with lightning action throughout the clip.

Moss’s lipstick collection hits the shelves September 7 at Boots, the UK. There are seven colors different shades of red to violet.

Karleidoscope Fragrance by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s fragrance inspired by the smell of a book sounded as if it was a blatant experiment, but his next one promises to be really charming, judging by the announcement – and by the name!

According to Beauty High, the new Lagerfeld perfume, to be unveiled in September, will carry notes of patchouli, freesia, angelica, violet and something evocatively exotic like tonka bean (hopefully it’s legal). The creator describes the fragrance as reflecting a many-faceted nature of a muse, so that it will bring out the individual aura of every woman.

The scent is named befittingly – Karleidoscope, coming in a bottle that is kaleidoscope-shaped to promise a cool and changing aroma. Wanna play with it?

OPI Muppet Nail Enamel Collection

What price getting Muppets on your nails? Like all movie folks, the Muppets are busy guys, showing up for events and sweating away at collaborations. If they haven’t dominated the headlines yet they are on the way to do so, with Miss Piggy preening herself for an appearance at Fashion’s Night Out where she is to open the ceremony, and others helping the nail polish experts at O.P.I. turn out a puppet-themed holiday collection.Not being good at chemistry, the Muppets don’t offer anything out of the way in terms of color, but they surely are strong at naming – so you may soon be treating your nails to shades called Warm and Fozzie, Divine Swine, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, or Getting Piggy with It.

Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Enamels

For many people, Chanel is the model of a makeup brand. Trends are checked in accordance with its collections, and they help determine what to buy for the new season. As for nail enamels, the French brand is altogether exemplary.

It is not only the highest quality of nail enamel by Chanel. Each season, Chanel nail enamels represent the trendiest palette. And it is doubtless – if some color appears in Chanel, it is sure to be a hit of the season. One surely needs to look for an alternative, if it is impossible to get hold of Chanel nail enamel.

In addition to luxurious metallic colors, Chanel is preparing the launch of a limited mini-collection of “jeans” shades of Les Jeans de Chanel this fall. They will be available at the site of the brand and in boutiques on September 8.

It should be noted that the blue color plays a significant role in the Fall-2011 makeup. Many collections have made it a centerpiece. Therefore, preparing for the new season, do not forget the indigo color.

Lash Lift for Beautiful Eyes

To make your eyes fascinating and eyelashes curved, voluminous and long – this is what each fashionable cosmetics manufacturer promises. At the same time British fashion stylists who work for Groom in Selfridges beauty salon, offer their clients a brand new way to make their eyelashes curved and voluminous without the use of mascara – the Lash Lift silicon curling.

The cold eyelashes curling done by the London lash stylists is a forty-minute procedure, which involves several stages, during which the client can relax and take a nap. She is only required to lie with her eyes closed. In the meantime, a light silicone pad, with the help of which the curling is done, is laid over the upper eyelids.

The client can choose one of the three levels of eyelashes curve: the strong curve, when the eyelashes are curled almost from the base, the mid curve (from the middle), or the weak one, when only the tips of your lashes are curled. Almost every separate eyelash is “pasted” on the silicone pad, with the help of a brush and a special eyelashes gel, and kept for 40 minutes. During this time, due to harmless physical and chemical effects, the eyelashes acquire a new, eye-catching curve.

At the end of the procedure, the eyelashes are dyed with an appropriate colour. Then, the gel and the dye are removed, as well as the silicone pads, and – voila! The client receives beautiful curled lashes that provide an attractive look of wide-open eyes. Besides, the effect will last for a long time – up to 6-8 weeks. Moreover, the eyelashes will remain such in the morning, when you wake up next to your beloved man, without makeup, but none the less attractive.

As shown in the clip, you can mascara the curled lashes. In this case you achieve the false-lashes effect in 2-3 sweeps of the brush. You can safely wash your face and apply eye skin cream because neither water nor cream affects the condition of your eyelashes.

The original cold gel Lash Lift curling procedure at the Groom in Selfridges is done by appointment and costs about 45 pounds – slightly more than $ 70.

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