Spring Haircuts and Hair Styles

There’s nothing like a new haircut or a different hair color to make people look at you with new eyes, you know. Heed a few tips on the latest hairstyle trends and… What about a completely different color?

Haircut Tips

Bob Hints

The bob seems to stay in but don’t be too traditional about it! Let your stylist improvise on it and give it some stray strands or layers to alter its look.

Curly Hair Tips

Curly hair will look good if you keep it short and tousled with the spring wind-in-the-hair appearance. The effect is easy to achieve with some mouse. Just let it be, and when it is nearly dry, apply a little pomade and pull the hair about a bit freely.

Woman with curly hair

Long Hair Trends

Long hair will look gorgeous this spring, think twice before cutting it short. Let it go the way it will this season, dry naturally and allow it to frame your face in its natural fashion. If you wear your hair down past your shoulders, part it in the center and be sure you will look swell.

Woman with long hair

Hair Color Tips

Trendy Blond

This spring and summer are going to be a grand blonde season, and you can go as far blonde as your fancy takes you. For those who wouldn’t want to venture far off, try a blonde fringe or blonde curls to play around your face for additional spring freshness. You can make wonders with short platinum hairdo’s.

Blond hair

Choosing Red Hair Color

Red also promises to be a happy choice. Look through all shades of red (not forgetting deeper colors) to judge how far they will take you. It is a good time to start thinking about it if you haven’t come round to the idea before.

Woman with red hair

Hints for Brunettes

Even if you are dead sure you want to remain in the brunette category, consider warm reddish browns and avoid dullish hues. There’s no call to overuse hair products or go for complicated hair treatment. A moisturizing shampoo, a conditioner, some hair serum will suffice. Spring and a rich warm color will do the rest!

Brown hair

Spring Hair Accessories

Don’t omit hair accessories, they will come in handy. You can use them to add extra charm to your hairdo and keep your hair away from your face. Let’s try and enhance the spring-fresh appeal with a cute little accessory.

Naturalness will go fine with some retro touch if you choose the right headband – like something with a smack of old-hippie chic. Funky eye-catching colors and bold prints can make a smashing difference. Braided headbands may look definitely in the picture. On the other hand, to mitigate the outdoor feeling, pick something satin or patent leather with embellishments.

Di Manno Designs is always there to provide you with quality ponytail holders in leather. Skins or smooth leather will be a fine buy and you can easily find the color and size to your taste.

What good would be a spring theme without a floral barrette? A hair clip and or a barrette with crystals and colorful stones will provide a truly springtime adornment.

Woman with floral clip in her hair

Advertisement Harmful to Women’s Self-esteem

Belgian psychologists conducted a simple research after which they concluded that advertising of cosmetics in the media causes serious harm to women’s mental health, the Science journal writes.

The authors of the experiment asked women to observe different cosmetics on a neutral background and then asked participants to share their feelings.

The vast majority of the women admitted that the image of a makeup (mascara, lipstick, shadow, toner, etc.) causes them anguish because it reminds them of the imperfection of their own appearance.

The negative feeling even magnified the more when beautiful models with perfect makeup advertised the cosmetics. This led psychologists to an obvious conclusion that such advertising has a destructive effect on the self-esteem of even those women who have quite an attractive appearance.

DKNY Golden Delicious Fragrance

DKNY Delicious collection, the famous collection of apple fragrances for women, will welcome a new member in 2011- DKNY Golden Delicious. Lara Stone will be the face of this new perfume, which will be the most luxurious and sophisticated fragrance in this line.

The fragrance has very rich composition. It opens with notes of ‘Golden delices’ apples in combination with notes of orange blossom and Mirabelle plum. The floral heart of the fragrance captures bouquet of white roses, mountain lily, lily of Casablanca, and vanilla orchid. The base holds sensual notes of musk followed by woody tail of sandalwood and teak.

DKNY Golden Delicious comes in the traditional flacon for this perfume line, but in golden-yellow color.

DKNY Golden Delicious fragrance for women

Shaving Tips for Women

Although there are many modern epilators and laser hair removal salons, shaving remains the most popular hair removal method among women. How should we do it in order to prevent irritation and ingrown hair. Here are our shaving tips.

Use moisturizing cream at the end of each shaving session

Moisturizing cream will calm the skin down and reduce irritation. Make sure that your moisturizer is fit for your skin type: sensitive, dry, or oily.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Do not shave against the direction of hair growth. It only seems that it will be more effective that way. In fact, it will only cause unnecessary injuries or discomfort. Shaving should be as soft as possible.

Try different razors

Every razor is different from others. It may have different size, length of handle, number of blades, and ergonomic indicators. You need to find your razor, the one that will cause no unpleasant feelings or discomfort for you.

Shower gel can sometimes replace shaving crème

Some shower gels are so good that they can work perfectly well as shaving creme or gel. There are even 2 in 1 options, which combine shower gel and shaving creme. This is very convenient and makes the process much easier.

Shaving Armpits and Bikini Area

It is not forbidden to pull skin in some hard to access areas, such as armpits and bikini area. This will ensure that hair removal is more thorough.

How to Prevent Pubic Area Cuts and Irritation after Shaving

In addition to other tips and in order to prevent cuts in the pubic area and irritation in the area of armpits and bikini area, it is important that you never dry shave. If the hair is too long there, trim it down to 1 cm before shaving. Once you finish shaving, rinse the area thoroughly and soak it with a clean towel.

Razor must be sharp

It is a misconception that very sharp razors are dangerous. In fact, a dull razor can be more dangerous sometimes, because rather than shaving it can cut the skin. In addition, when the razor is too dull, you often have to shave the same area several times. This inevitably leads to irritation.

Shaving legs in the bath

This method is much more effective and safer than dry shaving. Water helps relax the skin and reduces discomfort.

Isadora Glitzy Holiday Makeup Collection

The new Winter Holiday Collection from Isadora Glitzy is filled with glitter, glow, silver, and sparkling textures. The main colors are purple and silver. The collection uses minimum color and yet, by no means looks less luxurious or rich.

One of the key new products – the eyeshadows palette Crystal Glitz with such hot colors as silver, purple, graphite, and some additional colors – pink and marine blue. Sparkles and metallic textures play important role in this palette.

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, eyeshadows palette

Lash Booster Mascara Volume & Definition

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, Lash Booster Mascara

Fine Liner Eye Stylo

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, Fine Liner

Moisturizing lipstick Perfect Moisture Lipstick is available in three shades:
• Snow Glitz
• Golden Glitz
• Purple Glitz

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, Moisturizing lipstick

Express Star Gloss in Reflecting White color.

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, Star Gloss

Wide Wonder Nail Polish in shades:
• Violet Vai
• Silver Glitz
• Metal Glitz

Isadora Winter Holiday 2010 collection, nail polish

Expensive Nail Polish

How much was the most expensive nail polish you have ever bough? Most likely, it did not exceed the $40 benchmark. How much do you think is the most expensive nail polish in the world? Take a wild guess.

To date, there is a nail polish with the price tag of $132, 000. It is the Models Own Gold Rush nail polish in sparkling gold shade. In fact, the formula does not contain gold. Why is it so expensive then? The bottle itself is the price driver. It is decorated with 1, 118 diamonds.

This luxury product is sold in the London jewelry boutique called Frost of London for 83,000 British Pounds. A £5 version (so-called ”ready to wear” economy version) will be released in December. Will the expensive bottle ever be sold? It is not clear, but there is already a lineup for the cheaper version.

Maintain Eye Health When Using Eyeliner

Red eyes, damaged eyelids, dryness and irritation. Are you familiar with these feelings in your eyes after partying and heavy use of makeup? If so then here are our tips to maintain your eye health despite using eye makeup.

Do not use an eyeliner with sparkles

Even if it is written on the package that the product is safe for the eyes, if an eyeliner contains shiny particles, then you should avoid such a product especially if you wear contact lenses. If micro particles of sparkles fall into your eyes and especially under the lens, they will irritate the cornea throughout the day. Just imagine! Therefore, if you want the effect of sparkles, then select the best blinking liner for the eyes.

Always keep your eye pencil sharpened

Of course it is much easier to draw with a round and soft end of the slate pencil, but the blunt end of a pencil means that you are closer to the tree, and it leads to scratching and irritation. In addition to damage to the cornea and eyelid, even the smallest particles of wood can cause allergic reactions.

How to use a liner in contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, here is the procedure for using liners. First lens, and then – eyeliner and shadow. And be sure to first remove the lens in the evening, and then remove the makeup from the eyes!

New Fragrance Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

The popular fragrance line Daisy from Marc Jacobs will welcome some new members in February 2011. The new spring fruity perfume for women will be called Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Alberto Morillas, the famous perfumer, was in charge of this project. His composition is expected to attract younger audience to this fragrance line. The perfume is saturated with notes of red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, melon, violet, wild rose, apple blossoms, lychee, jasmine musk, plum, and cedar.

This Eau de Toilette will be available in 75 and 125 ml bottles. The bottle cap will be traditionally decorated with flower arrangements (like the rest of the Daisy line products). The perfume release will be accompanied by body lotion with same scent.

Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

The Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010 will fill your holidays with sparkles and brightness. The image is rather aggressive, yet there is some special chic to it.

The color-rich eyes look quite light in contrast with the dark, almost vamp-dark, lips. The Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010 collection features the following new products:

Pearl powder eyeshadows. Pupa decided not to use its famous baked textures and offers something very new. Single-color palettes are offered in four colors:
• 01 Mystery Black
• 02 Vibrant Violet
• 03 Pink Fuchsia
• 04 Night Blue

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, eyeshadows

Automatic eyeliner :
• 01 Shiny Silver
• 02 Shiny Black
• 03 Shiny Blue

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, automatic eyeliner

Gorgeous compact blush (01 Silky Pink) promises soft and comfortable silky to touch coating.

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, compact=

The lipstick offered in one shade- 28 Runny Raspberry, which automatically sets the theme of the entire image.

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, lipstick

Lipgloss is also offered in one color (13 Runny Raspberry).

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, lipgloss

The special sparkling body powder with a brush. The silver gleam adds special glow to it as well. Shade – 01 Shimmering Silver.

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, body powder

Nail polish. This glossy coating is long lasting and is offered in tree luxurious shades:
• 306 Punk Fuchsia
• 613 Sunny Raspberry
• 902 Mist Grey

Christmas collection Pupa Rebel Chic Holiday 2010, nail polishes

Golden Tattoo

Gold particles can be found in decorative cosmetics, there are also precious creams with pure gold, you have heard much about gold thread. And now – a new use of this metal for our beauty.

If you happen to be in Dubai in the luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, you can try exclusive service – tattoo with real 24-carat gold.

Of course, the procedure is not cheap (the price varies depending on the coverage area from 50 to 5500 dollars). Besides, the tattoos are not permanent but temporary and this is rather a plus. The designs are very different, there are those with platinum. One of the ideas is akin to a temporary tattoo from Chanel – a tattoo in the form of jewelry. A great idea for the Christmas holidays!

Makeup Tips for Red Headed Women

Makeup artists believe that matching makeup to hair and skin color requires special skill. Often enough women with bright hair color are not sure which makeup color to choose. Here are some tips for women with red hair.

3 Shades of red hair

First of all, women with red hair need to determine their shade red. There are three shades of red hair:

  1. light ginger/strawberry blond
  2. medium red/ rust shade/ henna color
  3. dark red/ bright purple

The key makeup advice for redheads

Follow tips for your hair shade once you determine it. However, there is one universal tip for all shades: Red color is already quite bright color for your face and appearance overall. If you want your makeup to look fresh and clean, avoid bright colors, since they can overload your face with color and make it look clownish.

1. Makeup for light–red hair color

Use apricot and peach colors for lips and cheeks. Pink will work too, as well as all shades with gold highlights. Avoid brown and purple shades, since those will make your face too rough. You can use light touches of lavender and silver shades for your eyes.

Alyson Hannigan

2. Makeup for medium-red hair color

Avoid ash and dark-gray shades for eyes. Instead, use warm brown and honey colors. Lighter versions of those shades will also work for cheeks. As for lips, use copper clove with hints of gold.

Marcia Cross

3. Makeup for dark-red hair color

Lucky you, since you can be more daring with makeup! Use plum and emerald shades for eyes. Cheeks and lips can stay natural and light. But, you still have to avoid heavy shades, unless you are following emo or vamp style.

Lindsay Lohan

How to mask freckles

Now, lets talk about freckles. The biggest mistake redheads commonly make is trying to cover freckles with foundation. This can make your skin look plain dirty. All you need is light moisturizing foundation. If you have some large freckles, then you may need a good concealer and a concealer brush. Use them to cover those freckles individually.

Some additional general tips for women with red hair:

  • do not use overly brown foundation;
  • heavy textures are absolutely forbidden, so do not forget to coat your lipstick with lipgloss in order to make illusion of light makeup;
  • do not forget to pay attention to eyebrows, they should be darker than hair, otherwise you need to dye them.

Jennifer Lopez is the New Face of L’Oreal Paris

41-year-old Jennifer Lopez has signed a multimillion-dollar deal with L’Oréal Paris, and now she has joined the team of most beautiful women in the world, which L’Oréal Paris calls their ambassadors of beauty in the world.

The first product that will be advertised by the star is likely to be a line for hair straightening and smoothing. Telerollers will appear in January 2011, and printed ads with Jennifer will debut in the February issue of gloss.

Lopez is no stranger to the beauty industry. She has great success in perfumery. Her fragrance Glow (2002) fetched the singer $150 million. All in all, Lopez has launched (together with Coty) 16 fragrances, which brought a total of about a billion dollars!

And yet another premiere for Lopez in 2011. The sale of her new albumLove” is being expected and this promises to be a very loud event in the musical environment.

Vintage Muse Fragrance by Kate Moss

t seems that after leaving the post of Topshop designer, Kate Moss decided to concentrate on perfumery. Her fragrance Vintage Muse was recently presented at Boots in London.

For the presentation, Kate chose a simple and strict dress – tight trousers, tweed black jacket, boots with heels – apparently in order not to distract attention from her perfume, the hero for the day.

Kate Moss

Vintage Muse, as well as Vintage, is the result of Kate’s cooperation with Coty company. The new fragrance is composed of a handful of notes, including plum, blackcurrant cream, peony, violet and tiger orchid, white musk, amber and chocolate. Obviously, Kate has created a perfume for women similar to herself.

New Fragrance Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

The popular fragrance line Daisy from Marc Jacobs will welcome some new members in February 2011. The new spring fruity perfume for women will be called Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Alberto Morillas, the famous perfumer, was in charge of this project. His composition is expected to attract younger audience to this fragrance line. The perfume is saturated with notes of red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, melon, violet, wild rose, apple blossoms, lychee, jasmine musk, plum, and cedar.

This Eau de Toilette will be available in 75 and 125 ml bottles. The bottle cap will be traditionally decorated with flower arrangements (like the rest of the Daisy line products). The perfume release will be accompanied by body lotion with same scent.

CoverGirl Launches Nature Luxe Makeup Collection

overGirl’s Nature Luxe collection was developed for those girls and ladies, who demand cosmetics with natural ingredients, but also prefer natural look and colors.

The Nature Luxe line will be sold only in specialized boutiques. Journalists have already been introduced to the silky foundations and soft lipbalms. Everything is made strictly with natural ingredients.

CoverGirl Nature Luxe makeup collection

For now, the brand has released only the pilot versions of those products. The line will be available for sale no sooner than 2011.

Taylor Swift was chosen to be the face of Nature Luxe from CoverGirl. The celebrity is also the face of the CoverGirl brand as a whole.

Make Up Factory Metallic Glamour Collection

This Christmas season, Make Up Factory offers us Metallic Glamour collection filled with glitter of silver, shimmer of pearls, and steel shades.

The shiny and purple colors in the Metallic Glamour collection from the Make Up Factory send us back into the 1980s. The collection added metal look to the colors of nail polish as well as to blush and lips, and even eyeliner.

Dermatologists advice to take good care when using make-up products with glitter. Those elements often cause irritations and infections. Make Up Factory took this into consideration by offering a special product in this collection – eyeshadow base for sensitive skin. This product makes it safe to use eyeshadows and even eyeliner with glitter. The base protects the skin and adds extra glow to the eyeshadows.

Here is the list of the new products and the new look from the Make Up Factory.

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Metallic Glamour collection

Causes of Pimples Appearance

Despite many modern substances, clinics and professional advice, pimples continue to appear. Maybe the answer does not lie only on a good care and well-selected cosmetics. Here are some causes of pimples:


If pimples appear monthly and periodically, their appearance may be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle.


If you often experience stress, then pimples can be connected with it. The fact is that under stress, our body produces more androgens that trigger pimples.


Are you one of those who talk a lot on the phone? No matter how funny this sounds, but a constant irritation of the cheeks by the handset and radiation that it bears, as well as skin contact with bacteria that accumulate on your mobile phone can sometimes cause pimples.

Moisturizing cream

Do you know that a moisturizer that does not match your skin type can clog pores?


The rays of the sun make the skin thicker, this leads to clogging of pores and formation of pimples.

Highly pigmented cosmetics

Try to use mineral decorative cosmetics, and remember the stronger the concentration of pigments, the greater the likelihood that they will clog the pores and lead to pimples.

Washing soap and cream

It is necessary to clean the face but it is more necessary to completely wash off cleansing agents. Their remains on the face cause irritation, pimples, and they clog pores. Ironically, any hair not very well-washed of a conditioner can cause clogging of pores, because the smallest particles of unwashed substances somehow fall on your facial skin.

New nail polish colors from Chanel and Dior

Currently, those new products are released in very limited editions and are sold only in very few stores around the world. Yet, keeping in mind that those French brands are practically the lawmakers in the world of fashion and beauty, it is easy to guess that soon enough those colors will fill shelves of beauty stores and will surely become great hits.

Chanel introduced limited edition of a nail color with a very poetic name – Riva. This nail polish stands out with its glitter and light-blue color. Cold and pale. The product will be available for sale only in November and only in some boutiques in Europe. But don’t worry, the color will instantly become very popular, so similar shades will follow soon.

Chanel nail color Rive

Dior also has something new to offer- a mini-collection of nail polishes devoted to the three fashion capitals – Paris, London, and New York.

The color Gris Montiagne resembles the iconic color of Dior Fashion House in Paris.

Dior new nail polish color

While, the Bond Street shade pays tribute to the color of London streets under the morning smog. This shade is gray with some blue hints.

Dior new nail color

Finally, the spirit of Manhattan was glorified in the shade NY57th. This gray shade captures the shine of diamonds and glare of spotlights.

Dior new nail color NY57th

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