David Beckham His Own Fragrance Ad

David Beckham is already an old hand in creating perfume after several years’ work in the industry in collaboration with his wife Victoria. Now he decided to strike out on his own with a new fragrance called Homme that will be launched at the beginning of the fall.

Commenting on his upcoming scent, the most famous soccer player said that it stands to represent a clean cool man, with or without a roughish touch to him, who is well aware that he must take good care of himself. “I think it’s always important for a man to look after himself,” Becks accentuated, adding that he will be always doing it.

Homme Prefume by David Beckham

David Beckham Homme is made up of pine, ginger, citrus, and sharp-smelling pepper with a core of cashmere wood, rosemary, and leather and whiffs of patchouli, mahogany wood, and skin musk. According to its creator it strikes a more masculine note than his previous famous scent, 2006’s Instinct. It will be available in three sizes and supposed to outstrip the Instinct sale of $60 million.

Homme Prefume by David Beckham

Beckham is out to look his finest in a neat gray suit and a black tie as he poses for the fragrance’s ad shots.

Nail Art Animation by KIA

Commercials have begun landing on our nails with this very first animation nail job! It’s a moot question whether a lot of people will jump at the idea to go get a Kia Picanto, but no-one will remain unstirred by the staggering manicure feat.t has all the reasons to look splendid with 1,200 bottles emptied and 900 nails painted at the rate of 2 hours each. No wonder it took the hardworking fellas nearly a month to complete the project, but the results deserve every credit they can get. A car driving on your nails – that’s really something!

Store Nail Bars at Sephora

Makeup empire Sephora sure doesn’t give us a breathing spell but keeps us on our toes for every following wonder item it brings up. The latest, in-store nail bars, is another noteworthy beauty service.

The opening of Sephora Nail Studio Art and Lacquer Services is to be expected before the month is over at Manhattan’s 5 Times Square store and San Francisco’s Powell Street one. Towards the end of the year the nail bars will be hitting other stores the number and location of which is yet to be specified.

Sephora has enrolled the cooperation of airport beauty chain XpresSpa to ensure the best bar service possible. The treatments will involve – beside Sephora Collection and other products – brands like Dior, Nails Inc. London, Nars, and Perfect Formula.

But it’s not the only reason to crowd in Sephora – starting July 12, the Manhattan store introduce same-day delivery for its local clientele. It’s a really gorgeous service with logoed Mini-Coopers and liveried drivers dubbed “product chauffeurs” for the occasion. Some strong client service, Sephora! We appreciate the effort.

Lash Lift for Beautiful Eyes

To make your eyes fascinating and eyelashes curved, voluminous and long – this is what each fashionable cosmetics manufacturer promises. At the same time British fashion stylists who work for Groom in Selfridges beauty salon, offer their clients a brand new way to make their eyelashes curved and voluminous without the use of mascara – the Lash Lift silicon curling.

The cold eyelashes curling done by the London lash stylists is a forty-minute procedure, which involves several stages, during which the client can relax and take a nap. She is only required to lie with her eyes closed. In the meantime, a light silicone pad, with the help of which the curling is done, is laid over the upper eyelids.

The client can choose one of the three levels of eyelashes curve: the strong curve, when the eyelashes are curled almost from the base, the mid curve (from the middle), or the weak one, when only the tips of your lashes are curled. Almost every separate eyelash is “pasted” on the silicone pad, with the help of a brush and a special eyelashes gel, and kept for 40 minutes. During this time, due to harmless physical and chemical effects, the eyelashes acquire a new, eye-catching curve.

At the end of the procedure, the eyelashes are dyed with an appropriate colour. Then, the gel and the dye are removed, as well as the silicone pads, and – voila! The client receives beautiful curled lashes that provide an attractive look of wide-open eyes. Besides, the effect will last for a long time – up to 6-8 weeks. Moreover, the eyelashes will remain such in the morning, when you wake up next to your beloved man, without makeup, but none the less attractive.

As shown in the clip, you can mascara the curled lashes. In this case you achieve the false-lashes effect in 2-3 sweeps of the brush. You can safely wash your face and apply eye skin cream because neither water nor cream affects the condition of your eyelashes.

The original cold gel Lash Lift curling procedure at the Groom in Selfridges is done by appointment and costs about 45 pounds – slightly more than $ 70.

Dior's bluish Latest Cosmetic

hristian Dior is doused in the bluish hue of its latest cosmetic color palette for fall 2011, which is currently available at all Nordstrom stores.

The collection incorporates shimmery exotic hues in blue, grey and black. The four new shades are less buttery as compared to previous Dior shadows and feel harder. In addition to that, the collection features a creamy pink, unflavored and unscented gloss.

The new blue palette by Dior is worth $70 and will soon be available on Dior.com.

Dahlia NoirDahlia Noir First Fragrance

Riccardo Tisci is all set to launch his first fragrance, Dahlia Noir, as a creative director of Givenchy in early August 2011.

While sharing his experience as a creative director of Givenchy, Ricardo said, “When I arrived at Givenchy, I had to start a new identity [while] respecting the DNA of the house.”

However, he did have the idea of what to create but he was a bit scared and worked closely with Francoise Demachy, senior vice president of olfactory development for perfumes at Givenchy’s parent company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton to bring his idea to reality.

Dahlia Noir describes a woman, who is super sharp looking and superstrong but with a touch of softness and romance engraved in her very bring.

The face to represent this super sharp and sensual fragrance is none other than Mariacarla Boscono, who beautifully reflects the sharp and sensual flower black Dahlia.

The juice encapsulates the notes of rose, iris, mimosa, sandalwood, patchouli and tonka bean giving it a romantic and powdery scent at first, then sharp and sensual.

Dahlia Noir will be introduced on Aug. 7 exclusively in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. It’s then to be launched in France toward the end of August and rolled out to the rest of the world in 2012.

Bourjois Smile Enhancing LipGloss

The so-called “gloss for a snow-white smile” mostly creates just the illusion of white teeth due to a special gloss formula, which seems to illuminate the teeth with a coldish shade. But the novelty from Bourjois is “working” quite differently.

The new gloss from Bourjois is called Smile Enhancing Gloss, and it is a smart little thing – two products in one. On the one hand, it is a lip gloss, and on the other hand, it is a tooth gel. The gel works wonders with your smile! Just one touch of the applicator – and here is the immediate effect!

Those who have had the opportunity to try this miracle at the presentation of the new items say that, of course, you will not get a white even row of teeth like the Hollywood divas, but there is definitely a certain effect.

The shades of the lip gloss are pleasant as well: soft, natural and warm. They create a good contrast with the whiteness of teeth.

The new item will be available only in October 2011.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Sexy For Burberry Body

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a rising star of the new century, having made her name as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a three-year-long Burberry collaborator. She has also collected British Vogue covers, an Elle Style Award and made it into the cast of the 2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Now she has been unveiled as the Burberry face for the brand’s new Body fragrance.

The Burberry Body was already announced by creative director Christopher Bailey as the “most exciting launch” the brand has ever produced.

Photographer Mario Testino will provide the shooting side of the campaign, taking pics of various models and celebs. He did a beautiful set of visuals of Huntington-Whiteley wearing nothing but a Burberry trench. The 24-year-old model said it had been “an amazing compliment” to be the first in the series.

Burberry’s Body is to inundate more than 150 countries starting September; meanwhile there are more ads and details coming.

Cartier Launches New Fragrance De Lune

Women who are enchanted by the star-studded night sky with the full round moon shedding its romantic light down on the Earth are sure to appreciate Cartier’s new fragrance for ladies. It is called Cartier De Lune and described as moon-drenched floral aroma.

De Lune was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent who used woody and musky base and added notes of lily of the valley, honeysuckle, juniper berries and pink pepper coming out with a scent of wonderful subtlety.

The fragrance comes in a blue glass bottle with a silver-plated cap that is supposed to symbolize the moon reflected in a lake.

Taylor Swift is Wonderstruck Fragrance

Taylor Swift is all ready to mesmerize her fans with her, not the latest song, but her fragrance which is just another reflection of her music.

‘Wonderstruck’ the names comes from her song ‘Enchanted’ which is about meeting someone and Wonderstruck is about blushing all the way with the feelings of love, warmth and subtle sensuality.

While talking about the fragrance, Swift said, “I share personal life experiences through my music, and my fragrance will allow me to share these experiences with my fans in a completely different and new way. Falling in love is a moment every girl daydreams about and Wonderstruck represents that magical feeling of promise and hope and intrigue. It was fascinating to learn that you can layer so many different scents to create a beautiful end result.”

The fragrance is as demure and sweet as Taylor herself and blossoming with top notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry. The middle notes include Hawaiian blanket, hibiscus and honeysuckle. Vanilla runs through the structure reinforcing the gourmand aspect. The midrange is designed to give “a natural, modern feel,” Marino said, while the bottom is meant to seem “warm, cozy and sensual” with musk, peach and sandalwood.

Kardashian Kolors Nail Polishes

Here comes the long-expected Nicole nail polish collection by the Kardashians and OPI, and it is unostentatiously announced as Kardashian Kolors.

It is a set of 14 colors (yes, some of the dictionaries still give the old-fashioned spelling!) that are rather predictable but look good. The outstanding feature is the names that embrace the whole family in a spate of funny wordplay like Sealed With a Kris, Kim-pletely In Love, Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam, or kolorful Rainbow in the S-Kylie. Hard Kourt Fashionista and Kendall on the Katwalk are descriptive and memorable, tempting us to choose by name rather than by kolor, but at the price of $8 each you can just get the whole pack.

There may be another attempt quite soon to misplace some more c’s on the part of the enterprising family – it becomes an unpopular letter in the fashion alphabet, no?

New Fragrance Pulse by Beyonce

Once again, Beyonce is among the celebrities most frequently mentioned in the news. Her new album is being released, another European tour is about to begin, and she releases a new, the third in general, fragrance of hers.

The singer, the winner of 16 Grammy awards and the “Golden Globe” award says that women always tell her that her music makes them feel strong and confident and they begin to feel some inner strength. That is the story she tells about the creation of a new floral-citrus fragrance which will be available on sale in September 2011.

The star’s first fragrance, Heat, was a huge success. Beyonce considers that it reflects her character, a certain stage in her life and career. It represents some of her sensual sides, her inner strength and charisma of a southern woman. While the second Heat Rush fragrance is more about the woman who plunges into rest for some time. Beyonce herself admits that the Heat Rush fragrance is good when she is on vacation. And the third Pulse fragrance reflects the beating of the singer’s heart and the impulsiveness of her nature, as the celebrity confesses.

The new Beyonce Pulse perfume bottle has a rather complex design. It is produced upside down, and the reporters often ask Beyonce why.

She says she wanted to make the design somewhat fashionable and modern. Beyonce’s costumes inspired the creation of the perfume bottle since they often have the same complex structure and design.

Beyonce considers the creation of music and the creation of fragrances very similar. It takes much time to find the necessary ingredients for the fragrance and to write a harmonious composition which ideally combines music and lyrics.

Jil Sander Creates Scent Sation With Eve

German designer Jil Sander is dabbling in scentsation with his latest fragrance Eve, to be released by fragrance company Coty Prestige.

The coral-tinged scent with its fruity chypre oriental notes of grapefruit flower, red currant, wild rose and jasmine sambac on a base of cashmere wood and patchouli, Eve will be represented by German actress Karoline Herfurth.

Preiously, Jil Sander also revealed about parting ways with Japanese label Uniqlo after two-year collaboration on the +J range.

Jil joined the Uniqlo in 2009 - after a five-year break from the industry - and was appointed creative director of the brand's menswear and womenswear as well as launching +J, which focused on the designer's famously minimal, clean aesthetic.

Prada Candy by Prada

Prada has a sweet treat for its consumers in the form of fragrance, yes Prada’s latest ‘Prada Candy’.

According to Miuccia Prada, “This scent is more feminine and more excessive than past launches. It has an explosion of joie de vivre that is quite unique for us, and uses a lot more color, including an outer packaging with a drawing.”

Prada Candy, which reflects the modernist, creative and colorful sides of Prada, is a playful cocktail of musk notes and caramel.

The feminine juice, created by Givaudan’s Daniela Andrier, is bottled up inside a whimsical bottle with shocking pink saffiano accents and gold letters with a spray-through black and gold cap. The outer box features a line drawing of a blonde girl on a fuchsia background and was created by illustrator François Berthoud.

Prada Candy, which will launch in September, is all about making you feel ultimately feminine, playful and sweet.

365 Days’ Makeup Applied on One Day

We are so used to putting on makeup that we never give a conscious thought to the fact that we do it every day, 365 days a year. But this very thought impressed folks at Nowness, including their directors Lernert & Sander, so deeply that they couldn’t rest until they saw what it would be like! Consequently they brought in model Hannelore Knuts, a couple of makeup artists and had 365 layers of war paint laid on the patient model’s face.What’s more, they didn’t miss a thing, beginning with foundation (seven bottles emptied and then some), going on to blush (two bottles drained), cream eye shadow (another two bottles), and lip gloss (three containers gone). A year’s beauty magic took nine long hours to create – without stopping for lunch or tea. Care to repeat the feat?

Sun Rays and Cosmetics Are Harmful Together

Do you know that the harmful effect of the sun is not only ultraviolet light which influences the skin? Beauticians claim that regular daily make-up and even perfume can have destructive impact under the sun rays.

Apart from allergy to the sun rays themselves (photodermatitis), allergic skin reaction can possibly be caused by the interaction of sunlight with cosmetics or fragrances. Your familiar perfume can be destroyed under the sun, and the decay products can cause allergic reactions. That’s why dermatologists recommend not to use perfume on the beach. And even the sunscreen that you apply after the perfume does not help.

In addition, it is noted that the perfumes either cause an allergic reaction, or at least increase the sensitivity of the skin in the sun.

Also, there are a few warnings about the compatibility of cosmetics and sun rays. One should never stay in the sun after a microdermabrasion or peeling of the skin. Many antibiotics also increase the sensitivity of the skin under sunlight, such as conventional analgesics or folk remedies made from St. John’s wort.

Retinoids are incompatible with the sun. Therefore, creams with retinol should be used as night care products in a hot summer night.

It is not recommended to stay in the sun after the laser treatment or laser cosmetic procedures, otherwise the skin may darken in the places exposed to the laser. After the laser, sun rays are under a ban for at least a month!

Kate Moss to Launch a Makeup Collection

Kate Moss has been collaborating with the British Rimmel makeup brand for 10 years, but now she has decided to not just be the face of the brand, but to launch her own makeup collection for Rimmel and present it by herself.

This is the first makeup collection created by the model. Previously, Kate was invited to create her own line of clothes (the TopShop brand had been working with Kate Moss for a few seasons, but last year Kate broke up the partnership) Actually, Kate spent too much time as the face of the brand during the last 10 years of cooperation and loyalty to the Rimmel brand, so the model surely deserves her own project.

The news about Kate’s creation of her own makeup collection has not been formally announced yet. It is expected that this will happen in a few weeks, since the packaging design has not been completed yet. This was reported by the representatives of Coty.

The makeup by Rimmel and Kate will appear on the shelves of London’s shops in September.

Mercedes-Benz to Launch a Fragrance Line

Mercedes-Benz and INCC Group announced the start of a new project on June 21 in Versailles. INCC Group received a license to develop, manufacture, and distribute the first line of Mercedes-Benz fragrances all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz will release the first fragrance 125 years after the production of their first car. The premiere of the new fragrance will be in Cannes in September this year, when the brand will officially announce the release of the new fragrance. Most likely, the design of the first bottle and the composition of the fragrance, which have been kept in secret so far, will be presented there.

INCC Group is a perfume producer, located in the suburbs of Paris, just a short drive from the famous Versailles Castle. The company has been recently specializing in the purchase of license rights from premium brands and launching new fragrances under the world-famous names. The perfume from Mercedes-Benz will be on sale in 2012.

As for the Mercedes logo, it is not just cars. The Mercedes-Benz brand is closely connected with the world of fashion and beauty. In addition to automobiles, 12 other brands are produced under the Mercedes-Benz brand name, including Mercedes-Benz Accessories. For many years, Mercedes-Benz-Daimler has been a major sponsor of Fashion Weeks all around the world and sponsored many sports events.

Wild Pearl Fragrance by Naomi Campbell

Wild Pearl Fragrance, together with the products that accompany it, is a long-awaited premiere in 2011. However, the bottle and its shape is borrowed from the supermodel’s previous fragrances. If you remember, Naomi Campbell (1999), Winter Kiss (2006), and Eternal Beauty (2007) fragrances were in similar perfume bottles.

The new fragrance is a delicate mix of floral and fruit notes, with spices, musk, vanilla, and wood.

The first (upper) notes are distinguished by freshness, richness, and elegance. The beginning of this smell is peach, apple blossoms, and watermelon. The “heart” notes are white violet, elegant jasmine, and pink pepper. The base notes contain musk, vanilla, and cedar.

The Naomi Campbell Wild Pearl collection will include the following products:

  • Eau de Toilette (15, 30 and 50 ml)
  • perfume water (30 ml)
  • shower gel
  • spray deodorant
  • deodorant spray.

Curry Fragrances

Having our food only on a plate before us is another habit which we may find broken before long – as the news of a new line of fragrances with the dominating scent of curry being in production is out.

Madras, tikka massala, vindaloo, korma, and rogan josh are said to form the base of five perfumes currently invented by a perfumery firm in compliance with a commission from the British Curry Club’s Chaat! magazine. The perfumes are described as not putting too strong an emphasis on the curry ingredients, though natural ingredients from the aforementioned curries are used.

The fragrances, made both for men and women, are set to hit the stores early fall. A statement by perfumery Essentially Me’s spokesperson claims the curry fragrances to be “potentially one of the most interesting” in the company’s history. It reminds that, although the notion of bringing in curry flavors in a perfume may seem strange, there’s a number of current natural perfumes that include coriander, celery seed and cinnamon leaf flavors – other common ingredients of Indian food.

Another impact expected is more people feeling like going out for a curry, scents being “powerful motivators when it comes to wanting to eat it,” as the Chaat! spokesperson put it.

So it’s for us to wait and see whether the idea is worthwhile – and wonder what food will find its way into the fragrance industry next!

Organic Beauty Products Full of Harmful Chemicals

Whenever we purchase some stuff for the bathroom use all of us are inclined to be tempted by the word “organic”, and every time we use it we feel a mite closer to Mother Nature. A pleasant feeling, surely – but the reason for it may be a big bag of poppycock. And when the Center for Environmental Health decided to look into the matter and find out just how many organic ingredients are in beauty products that are proudly labeled as “organic” it ended in an expansive lawsuit.

A Californian law demands that there should be not less than 70% of organic ingredients in a product for it to have the right to be labeled as “organic,” but there is no corresponding federal law, and some companies took it as a decisive argument to stretch a point in their favor. So it is small wonder that when the CEH researchers did some work on products purchased from Walgreens, Target, and Whole Foods in the Bay Area, they came up with a list of brands, 26 in all, that can hardly be qualified for using the word “organic” to describe their stuff. Check out the list to see whether you are using harmful items.

And some of them are very harmful. Like the one known as “Kids Hair Softening System” by Organics by Africa’s Best – its package displays a pretty image of smiling little girls, whereas the product was discovered to contain cancer-inducing chemicals that affect healthy hormone functionality. The label warns to avoid contact with eyes which can result in blindness.

No matter how well defined the term “organic” is at present, common decency is too carefully defined to allow for such monstrosities.

Trendy Nail Lacquer Colors for Fall 2011

Since Chanel nail lacquers are considered the most trendy and the best in quality worldwide, it is logical to learn what shades will be fashionable this autumn, with Chanel in particular.

There are two tendencies that will remain for sure, and we can already adjust to the new images.

For example, it is already known that the makeup in the vamp or emo style returns. And it will bring the graphite and metallic nail lacquers back.

There will be three such lacquers in the Chanel autumn collection of makeup:

  • Graphite
  • Quartz
  • Peridot

In August or early September 2011, these shades of the Fall 2011 season will be on sale.

Another trend is diametrically opposite. It has been recently demonstrated at the showing of the Chanel (2011-2012) cruise collections. This is the so-called nail-free trend (that is, without a manicure).

Makeup Trends for Fall 2011

By the way, this show has demonstrated not only nude nail manicure, but a delicious nude makeup as well.

Makeup Trends for Fall 2011

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