Elie Saab Launches Debut Fragrance

The Lebanese designer Elie Saab decided to move scentward two years ago and has been working on his debut scent ever since. He did make his fans wait some, but finally the fragrance is ready and will be launched this summer.

The fragrance with an unostentatious name of Le Parfum was developed by Francis Kurkdjian, who is known for his collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier over Le Male. Kurkdjian’s idea for Saab’s debut is an exquisite blend of flower and wood aromas arrived at by mixing jasmine, rose honey, orange blossom, cedar, and patchouli.

Le Parfum will be on sale starting July, available in 30, 50 and 90 ml bottles and a set of body products.

The face for the ad campaign is supermodel Anja Rubik posing on a New York street, maybe not far from the place where she was shot but recently, ensconced with her boyfriend model Sasha Knezevic atop a New York taxi for ads for DKNY’s latest fragrance.

Deo Perfume Candy

The experts of one of the biggest Bulgarian confectioneries have presented a unique new product: it is an unusual candy which gives a wonderful sweet smell to any lady who eats it. Thus, at the same time it acts as a kind of perfume.

As the producers explain, its action is based on the same principle as the smell of garlic. Of course, the fragrance, which appears in the case of eating the candy, is much more enjoyable for people around.

Thus, according to the expectations of the developers, the new product with an attractive name Deo Perfume Candy should replace traditional deodorants and other types of perfumes. Such an unusual effect, as the authors of the invention describe, is achieved due to the presence of confectionary substance which is called geraniol. In natural conditions, it is also present in some essential oils, such as lavender or vanilla.

At the same time, unusual candies are safe for women’s figure: instead of natural sugars which contain a large amount of calories, these candies are produced with the use of natural alternatives of sugar. Moreover, the experts note that the idea of using geraniol for such purposes is not new, despite the fact of this product being really innovative. In Japan, a special chewing gum is already sold to give each customer a chance to reach the effect of the perfume and make the smell of the body more pleasant.

Violent Lips Temporary Tattoos

What started with nails has moved on to lips, and it may be that lips of just one color will soon be considered definitely out, an old-fashioned setup without due regard to modern artistic possibilities. To be in the vanguard of le dernier cri you can try Violent Lips – the “temporary tattoos” that adorn your lips with patterned design.

How about wearing animal prints on your lips (including some wacky ones like pink leopard pattern), make them out in rainbow colors or polka dots? It may sound a bit fresh when you first think of it, but there’s no doubt that it will be the very thing as part of an outfit for a dancing party where your violently patterned lips are gonna strike the right note. The designs are reported to hold up to eight hours and are easy to remove.

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Violent Lips Tattoo

Tasty Whoopie Pie Lip Glosses

Gluttons all over the world fall for Whoopie Pies, these traditional American goodies that remain popular through the years – the very wish of every elegant woman! Supposedly that was the idea behind these delicious little pots containing Whoopie Pies lip gloss. Make your lips as desirable for a lot of people as the famous pies are, and no danger of putting on unwanted weight whatsoever!The calorie-less yummy taste is acquired for the price of $9 from a two-pot gift set. The pot with hearts on the top has got strawberry flavored lip gloss and the one with butterflies tastes of melon and honeydew. Being small they are very easy to be carried about in any purses however miniature so you can remain sweet on any occasion.

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Powder

Bourjois Bio Detox
When Bourjois released Bio Detox Organic Foundation last October, the news made an immediate hit with the ladies. You bet! The novelty does not clog pores, it allows you to control fat balance, is suitable for very sensitive skin, and is based on rice flour. Therefore, the powder which is created in addition to the basic product cannot fail to please the public.

The powder is also called BIO Detox Organic. It has already appeared on sale in France. According to the manufacturer, the formula of the new powder is 100% natural and meets all environmental requirements. The powder protects pores from clogging, does not contain oils, resists shine, cleanses the skin, and is created solely on the basis of natural ingredients: vegetable chlorophyll, the extract of Moring tree seeds (peptides), flax powder, and zinc oxide.

The white compact is cute and practical. The panoramic mirror rotates 360 degrees and can turn around completely to become a regular mirror which finds its place in a woman’s handbag.

Glam Shine Fresh Glosses Collection

Glosses Collection
The L’Oreal Fresh Collection is scheduled for release this May. This collection will feature new shades and formulas of the Glam Shine Fresh Glosses lipglosses. In addition to the ultra-shine the brand will surprise you with the colors!

We have already covered the blue shade lipglosses and you probably have already heard about the silver shade lipgloss from Dior. The new collection from L’Oreal will feature a blue lip gloss, but also a yellow one as well. The highlight of those lipglosses is that they deliver ultimate shine and yet turn absolutely transparent upon application. This way you will not need to worry about picking the right color, since regardless of which one you choose, it will always match you. Also, with those lipglosses you are free to follow this season’s popular image – natural and organic beauty.

Lipglosses Glam Shine Fresh Glosses offer six-hour lasting formula and very, very bright glow.

Here is the list of Glam Shine shades you can look forward to in May:

  • Aqua Curacao
  • a Grapefruit
  • a Lemon Tonic

L'Oreal Glam Shone Fresh Glosses

Liv Tyler for Givenchy

Liv Tyler for Givenchy
Liv Tyler has been working with the Givenchy Fashion House for quite a while now. While previously she has been mainly representing the brand’s fragrances, this time she will be the face of the Givenchy mascara.

It seems that the idea of using black lace to promote mascara is well-accepted by consumers. At least, many brands are exploiting this image when advertising their mascaras. For example, both Dior and Maybelline feature the lacy theme in their mascara ad campaigns.

Liv Tyler also supports this idea. In the ad for Givenchy mascara she wears a luxurious, tight, black lace dress. Not surprisingly, eyelashes are the focus of the attention, which are supposed to cast lacy shadows on the face. Perfect skin and nude makeup on lips and cheeks make ideal background for the actress’ luxurious eyelashes.

This campaign is different from the autumn makeup collection campaign from Givenchy (season Fall-Winter 2011) featuring Jacquelyn Jablonski as the leading model, which makes significantly more emphasis on the makeup rather than the model.

Chanel Lumiere Byzantines Eyeshadow

Byzantines Eyeshadow
Lumiere Byzantines de Chanel – is a new and very limited eyeshadow palette. Byzantine gold does not look good only with precious stones, but eyes as well.

Only 1500 copies of the palette will be released, each of them will be sold for $250, and only in US.

Chanel Eyeshadow ad campaign

The ad campaign photos feature a gorgeous Byzantine beauty on them and leave no doubt that this product example of real luxury!

Chanel Eyeshadow ad campaign

The palette contains five creamy golden shades pressed and packaged so skillfully, that the product looks like a genuine jewelry item.

Chanel Eyeshadow ad campaign

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