Infusion de Tubéreuse and Infusion de Vétiver

Ephemeral Infusions perfume line from Prada welcomes two new members to its family: Infusion de Tubéreuse an Infusion de Vétiver. Both perfumes will be released in limited edition and were created by one perfumer – Daniela Andrier, who also created the rest of perfumes featured in this line.

Each Ephemeral Infusions’ fragrance is dedicated to a particular perfume note or motive. The new perfumes follow this trend and fully commit themselves to tuberose and vetiver.

Infusion de Tubéreuse – energizing, fresh, and floral perfume. The key notes include: tuberose, petitgrain bigarade, and orange blossom.

Infusion de Vétiver – fragrance filled with green, lively, and pure notes. Naturally, the key motive of this perfume is vetiver along with tarragon, pepper, and pink ginger.

Both perfumes will be released as Eau de Parfum and shower get.

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