Hair Care With Milk And Eggs

Hair Care With Milk And Eggs
Fancy hair care products from the top names in the fashion industry can command a high price, but the truth is that the same great effects can be seen in many cases using much cheaper ingredients.Around for years, an old wives’ remedy for bringing back natural shine to the hair is a simple combination of items that a woman can usually find in her pantry without even leaving the home. Milk and eggs make the basis for this wonderful concoction that will not only increase the shininess of the hair, but will not have any of the possibly damaging side effects of using a chemical product.
The first step to getting this great look for pennies on the dollar is to assemble all of the necessary ingredients. A woman will need a cup of milk, two to three eggs, some sugar, and a little bit of olive oil. The eggs should be separated into yolks and whites. This recipe will only use the yolks, but the whites can be saved to make a fluffy omelet once the hair care has been completed. After separating the eggs, the yolks should be put in a bowl. The yolks will need to be beaten well and one tablespoon of olive oil and one teaspoon added to the mix. All of these ingredients should be combined well and left to sit while the woman prepares her hair. The milk should be placed in a separate bowl.
To get the hair ready for the application, a woman will need to shampoo and condition the hair and rinse it well. This is a two stage process, with the first being a milk rinse. The woman will need to pour the milk over her hair while it is still wet and comb it through to make sure all areas of the hair are evenly coated. After letting it sit for about seven minutes, it can be rinsed out with warm water. For the second stage, the eggs mixture will need to be massaged into the hair evenly and then left to stay for ten minutes. The final rinse is done with cold water to eliminate frizz from forming at the ends of the hair.
To see how it looks, a woman can use a hair dryer to remove the moisture. It may be a good idea to spray a small amount of perfume or scented hairspray into the hair to remove the smell of the olive oil and eggs. All told, the new shine should last for around one month, at which time the woman can simply repeat the process to bring the optimal texture back. With the process finally completed, a woman can bask in the beauty of her natural hair shine and think of all the money she saved by choosing not to buy an expensive beauty product that could have damaged her hair. The common logic that spending money equals great hair care is simply not true and many women have found that common remedies are often cheaper, provide better results, and last for longer periods of time.

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