Apply Colored Eyeliner

Many girls steer away from colored eyeliner because they just don’t know how or when to sport it. Colored eyeliner is definitely fun and a change from the standard, boring brown or black shades. Try it out! If you want a dramatic look, go for the red, yellow or orange tones. If you want a slightly less dramatic look, experiment with the cooler shades like purple, green, and blue. The following are MadameDaily’s tips on how to apply colored eyeliner:
  1. First, Powder Up – Apply a translucent powder to lids, which will give your lids a matte finish and prevents the eyeliner from smearing. Do not apply colored eye shadow unless you really want to make a statement. Colored eyeliner is usually just enough!
  2. Upper Lids First; Inside to Outside – Start with the upper lid inside corner to outer corner. Start with a thinner line and go thicker as you wish.
  3. Next, the Lower Lids – Then apply eyeliner under your lower lashes. Again, start inside and move outward. It probably isn’t necessary to re-dip if you are using liquid eyeliner, since the color is potent.
  4. Mascara? Just a Touch -Apply mascara after applying eyeliner. Keep mascara to a minimum.

Colored eyeliner is perfect for the upcoming bright Spring and Summer seasons. Steer away from the black and browns…Colors, here we come!

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