Diane von Furstenberg to Launch Her Own Cosmetics Line and Fragrance

The famous American fashion, accessories and furnishings designer is launching her own cosmetics line, which will debut a new women’s fragrance and will premiere this Fall.

The new cosmetics line will include skincare and decorative cosmetic products. Diane dreamed about this long ago, and actualized it with the help of her girlfriend Chantal Roos, president of YSL BeautĂ© cosmetics brand.“Everything I do in life has to do with how much I am inspired by women, how much I respect women and how much I want every woman to feel strong, beautiful and confident”, Furstenberg told the fashion journal WWD.

To be fair, it’s worth remembering that Diane von Furstenberg has already released cosmetics line and fragrance named Tatiana (her daughter’s name) in the 70’s. It is believed that the new scent will be similar to that one.

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