Dior Electric Tropics Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Bright lips and nails, neutral shadows and powder – this is an image prepared by Dior for the Summer 2011 season. The collection contains new shadow palettes, effective powder, glitter, the new duo nail polish.

Five-colored shadow palettes are presented in two color variations.

Electric Tropics from Dior, shadows

Dior Addict Lipstick in a Fire shade, # 545 stands out from the entire collection of makeup.

Ultra-Gloss Crystal Nude lip gloss with super-shining is produced in four new shadows:

Electric Tropics from Dior, lip gloss

Shimmering Nude Healthy Glow Powder. The powder has two shadows:

  • Aurora, # 001
  • Sunset, # 002

Electric Tropics from Dior, powder

Nude Healthy Glow Fluid is produced in two “tanned” hues and one pink fluid for the healthy skin glow.

Duo nail polish:

  • Paradise Pink, # 558
  • Aloha, # 638

Electric Tropics from Dior, nail polish

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