Dior Makeup Collection for Fall 2011 Is Full of Blue

This fall, Dior counts on blue. Remember the words of the famous couturier that “the dark blue is the only color that can compete with the black?” It looks like it is time for a reality check of this phrase.

Indeed, black and dark blue nail polishes (mainly with the “metallic” effect) are once again included into this autumn trends. But Dior makeup artists offer a wider look at the trends of Fall 2011.

For the Fall-2011 season, the brand offers a charming trio of sea shades:

  • Tuxedo,
  • Blue Denim,
  • Beige Safari

Fall 2011 Makeup Collection by Dior

Dior makeup artists recommend creating a “new French manicure” on the basis of a pair of blue + beige, or using them as a local covering.

Fall 2011 Makeup Collection by Dior, nail polishes

New nail polishes should complement other fall products to create a new image from the Blue Tie collection by Dior:

    • for the blue smoky eye, there has been produced a new four-color reticulation of shadows (it has the shimmering silver tones of sapphire, dark night, deep sea, and tin hue)

Fall 2011 Makeup Collection by Dior, shadows

    • two duets of rouge

Fall 2011 Makeup Collection by Dior, rouge

  • four shades of neutral lipstick.

Fall 2011 Makeup Collection by Dior, lipstick

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