Woman Spends $164,000 on Makeup

It’s clearly one of the highlights of the day for many to set out shopping for makeup, but how often we halted to figure out just how much we fork out for our beauty? Yeah, we suspect it’s quite a sum, but it requires a survey to have us face the fact. Well, here goes: Britain’s Bionsen conducted a study that nailed the makeup expenditures down to the average of $164,000 for the whole life.

Considering that 56% of the ladies polled admitted they won’t think twice of paying $30 for a designer mascara, does it really come as a surprise that the weekly sum spent on beauty products comes up to around $65?

Looking into the average woman’s carry-about cosmetics purse, Bionsen estimated its worth at more than $200. The home set, of course, is a shade better equipped: it was found to contain over 50 items with the total cost of over $833. There may be a world financial crisis raging on, but the folk from Sephora must have hardly heard the word at all.

And doesn’t it make the guys a mite unhappy to learn that 57% of fair ladies said they’d sooner stand their boyfriends up than step out barefaced? It does, so maybe this is one set of statistics that might make everyone happier if it dropped.

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