Mexican MAC Rodarte Makeup Line Sparks Controversy

Joint makeup line by Rodarte and MAC will be available from the middle of September, but one of the items has recently caused controversy.

New limited makeup line was inspired by traditional Mexican colors and culture so makeup items were given national and romantic names such as Quinceanera for pink blushes, Ghost Town for white lipstick and Juarez for nail polish. The last name sparked outcry. Blogosphere was blown up by the fact that Juarez is a Mexican factory town known for its high murder and rape rate with victims aged between 12 and 22 years old.

Representatives of the brands hurried to bring their official apologies. Official statement says the brands understand that the product name from MAC Rodarte collection have offended some customers and fans. They didn’t intend this and are very sorry.

The brands decided to give to impoverished Juarez women products form the new collection and promised to keep the public informed on how these efforts will unfold.

Undoubtedly, makeup is exactly what Juarez women need to protect themselves from rape and murder. And promo photo looks outrageous in this context. But we need to give a credit to the brands that the makeup collection itself looks very beautiful.

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