Marrakesh Chic Makeup Collection by Bobbi Brown

Marrakesh Chic Makeup Collection by Bobbi Brown
Makeup can be regarded as successful in case it is able to highlight facial features, to hide flaws and to give a natural appearance at the same time.
This is possible with a new collection of color cosmetics presented by the Bobbi Brown brand. Working at the collection, its creator, the make-up artist Bobbi Brown, was inspired by Marrakesh.
Bobbi Brown Nakeup Collection Fall 2011
The collection was called Marrakesh Chic. This is a new cosmetic line, rich in natural soft shades that are able to create a superb, sensual and expressive image. The influence of oriental themes is felt in the cosmetics due to the shades of brown; in addition, there are muted shades of purple which is also relevant in the new autumn-winter season.
Bobbi Brown Makeup Collection, eyeshadows
The Marrakesh Chic collection includes eight kinds of shadows and four types of lipstick. Rich Lip Color gives the lips softness and a delicate pink hue called Desert Rose. Metallic Lip Color is the lipstick of the Violet Glaze color characterized by a metallic shine. Creamy Lip Color has a creamy texture and exists in two shades: Pink Blossom and Pale Plum. Lip Color is the lipstick with the most saturated color known as Desert Plum.
Bobbi Brown Makeup Collectiom, lipsticks
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