Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Products Collection

Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Products
Lauren Conrad’s latest postings in her blog on reveal that she intends to focus on her involvement with her beauty website, TheBeautyDepartment. Well, that is nothing new to her fans who are following her life closely and know of the existence of the site from its launch in the spring, and we know Conrad for her fashion endeavors perpetuated in her shows and novels, but now the creator of LC and Paper Crown really means to step on the gas.

Conrad writes that it is one of her “main objectives” to evolve her site and set up a product line. She is currently busy investigating all possibilities and fully hopes to hit on the final concept soon and get down to the execution.

Braced to expand her beauty endeavors, the 25-year-old reality star is backed by a strong team of makeup artist Amy Nadine and hair stylist Kristen Ess. Here is a viable (and cool!) foundation to build upon. Conrad invites everyone to stay tuned, and it seems she will be able to justify the attention, what do you think?

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