Eyebrows Plucking

Plucking Eyebrows is an art to achieve beautiful eyebrows. It starts with a good tweezers and an idea of what brow shape fits your face. Eyebrow plucking is an art. There is skill, patience and creativity involved. You'll need good vision, the perfect tools and a sense of symmetry. These are some tips for Plucking Eyebrows.

  1. Look at your eyebrows in a mirror.
  2. Each hair is grasped individually between the tweezers blades and pulled quickly and surely in the direction of the hair growth.
  3. Thick brows can seem unmanageable and it's best to pluck the stray hairs under the brow first.
  4. The area must be stretched tight with first finger and thumb of the left hand to avoid pinching the skin.
  5. Lower area of the eyebrow should be tweezed first, then the centre and lastly, the top of the eyebrow.
  6. After plucking a few hairs, always stop to look at what you have done. You may be over-plucking and you might not even realize it. Stopping to access your plucking progress will help measure your results and prevent over-plucking.
  7. When plucking is completed, recheck the shape of the eyebrows.
  8. Apply astringent lotion to soothe the skin. If your skin is dry, cream may be applied.
  9. Electrical tweezers should not be used for shaping eyebrows as they can be harmful.
  10. Don't pluck after you've applied lotion to your face. The skin and the brow will be very porous and a slick brow does not make for controlled tweezing.
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