Hair Cutting Tools

You must not compromise on the quality of the implements you use; working with imperfect tools can give unpleasant results. So, look out for good, branded ones.

Improper use of superior implements too can produce unpleasant resu1ts, however perfectly they might be made at any reliable factory.

1) Scissors

This is the most important tool in haircutting. Both blades should be equally balanced, smooth, and sharp at the tip and the edges.

The correct way to handle scissors is by inserting the ring finger into the ring of the still blade, and placing the little finger on the finger brace. The thumb is inserted into the ring of the movable blade and the index finger is placed on the pivot of the still blade in order to have better control.

2) Section Clips

They are used to take out sections and clipping the hair out of the way while cutting.

3) Combs

Cutting combs are less wide and have narrow spaces on one end and wider spaces on the other. The thumb and index finger are used to hold the comb. While combing, the blades of the scissors are closed, and the thumb is removed from the ring.

4) Thinning Scissors

These tools have single or double-thinning blades, depending on the amount of thinning required. They are quite similar to hair-cutting scissors and are held in the same way, except that they have one or both blades serrated.

5) Razors

Basiclly, there are two types of razors:

(a) One that is used to clean men's neck hair and give a neat hairline and side bums.

(b) The other type of razor is used for tapering hair ends in a layer cut.

It is held by placing three fingers over the shank, the thumb in the groove of the shank and the little finger in the hollow part of the tang.

6) Clippers

These are useful for cleaning the nape area and cutting short hair.can be fitted with a nozzle for concentrated heat or with a diffuser to prevent hair from being blown away. These professional dryers have hot and cool settings to provide maximum comfort to the scalp and long-lasting hair sets.

8) Apron

This is used to protect you and your clothes.

9) Water Spray Bottle

This is used for wetting hair.

10) Nape Brush

This is used to apply talcum powder and clean away hair that has been cut.

11) Brushes

These are naturally bristled and are used to untangle and set hair in shape. They can also be used on the scalp in a rolling movement to loosen dead cells and debris

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