Tips For Tonning

Toning is necessary for all skin types. It follows immediately after cleansing and helps to refresh the skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation to the skin surface and gives the skin the 'glow' that is associated with its good health.

In a way, toning completes the cleansing process by removing every trace of cleanser and other residue. It also helps to close and refine the pores. This is of particular importance to oily skins and enlarged pores.

Toning Tips

  • A good way of toning the skin is to keep cotton wool pads soaking in a bowl of skin tonic, in the refrigerator. After cleansing the skin, wipe with the skin tonic pads and then pat the skin briskly. This stimulates blood circulation to the surface.
  • Gentle stroking movements can also be followed. Using the cotton wool pads, soaked in skin tonic, start on the cheeks, with an outward and slightly upward movement. Using both hands, work on each side simultaneously, towards the temples. Press lightly at each temple. For the chin and on either corner of the nose, use small circular movements. Use a circular motion and a very light touch for the area around the eyes.

Alcohol- based astringents are sometimes recommended for oily skins. Some are harsh on the skin. If there is any burning sensation, discontinue use. Stick to herbal skin tonics, containing rose, honey or mint.

A skin tonic containing rose is ideal for improving skin texture.If you have an oily wipe the skin a few times during the day with a rose skin tonic. This helps to remove oily secretions and keeps the skin free of grime and stale sweat deposits. Sharose is ideal for all skin types.Use of the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 8 oz. will helps you .

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