Eyebrows Shaping

Men's eyebrows should be slightly thick and heavier in shape and the centre should be absolutely clean while for women the eyebrows should be of medium thickness and the shape must be very well defined.

Normally eyebrow are shaped at a 45 degree angle. The eyebrow Shaping can be done in different styles:


Sweeping  Shape
This shape generally suits all faces and gives a scope for different types of eye make-up. A sweeping shape in eyebrows helps to create an illusion of large and open eyes, balance a wide mouth and large nose and provide width to a long and triangular face.


Angular eyebrows portray elegant and stern looks. A chubby, round face can be made more interesting by making angular eyebrows.


Round Shape
Round eyebrows look very good on the faces that have big eyes and a large forehead. The eyebrows are shaped along the frontal bone and follow the shape of the eye. Since it is natural flow of the eyebrow it gives an innocent look to the face.

Special Considerations while eyebrow shaping.

Tip for eyebrow shaping

Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes on an individual's face can be made to look apart by widening the centre distance of the eyebrows and increasing length at the ends.

Wide-set eyes

Wide-set eyes can be made to appear closer by shaping the eyebrow lines slightly from the inner corner of the eyes. You should study the characteristics of your face and determine the most suitable shape for the eyebrows.

Preparation For Eyebrow Shaping tip

  1. Tie your hair carefully with a head-band so that they don't fall on the forehead or eyebrows during the shaping procedure.
  2. Place a medium size towel under your chin to protect your clothes.
  3. Clean your forehead and eyebrow area with cleansing milk or lotion to remove make up.
  4. Apply talcum powder to remove greasiness from the brows and buff the skin.
  5. Brush eyebrows to check the pattern of hair growth.
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