Get rid of Dark Circle

This is a common problem which is caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, dietary deficiency or disease. It is generally easy to spot people with chronic insomnia by the tell-tale circles around the eyes. Sleep is very essential to both health and beauty . So is a nutritious balanced diet . If you suffer from insomnia or chronic fatigue, you should consult your doctor. Along with medical help , you should low a daily rout line of external care.

The eyelids are already the thinnest, softest areas of skin in the body. Normal skin is around 2 millimeters thick, but eyelid skin is only 0.5 millimeters thick.

Cause of dark circles under eyes or around eyes

1. Lack of sleep.
2. Inherited condition having a family with the kind of skin that makes dark circles more likely.
3. Fluid retention which causes puffiness that may cast shadows.
4. Aging which thins and relaxes the skin around the eyes.

How To Get Rid of Dark circles under eyes or around eyes - Treatments and Remedies

  1. CUCUMBER : Clean your face of all make up. Cut thin slices of cucumber. Chill them. Now lie down and shut your eyes. Apply chilled cucumber slices over your eyes and under eye area and relax. Leave it on for 15 mintues. Gently rub the slices over and under eye area, and then wash off. You will feel relaxed and refreshed. The natural moisture from the cucumber acts as a healing tonic, while the cucumber juice helps to lighten the skin too. A great for tired and puffy eyes. Helps to get rid of dark circles under eyes or around eyes.
  2. ICE CUBES : When you get in from the hot sun eyes tired and bloodshot. You also develop dark circles and shadows due to heat and pollution. Try this : wash your face. Take some ice cubes and wrap them in two pieces of muslin. Lie down and shut your eyes. Place one ice cube pack over each eye, rubbing gently. This will immediately ease the 'burnt up' skin feeling. Regular use helps to lighten the dark circles under the eyes or to get rid of dark circles under eyes or around eyes.
  3. GREEN GOURD : You could similarly use slices of green gourd instead of cucumber. The juice of the green gourd also helps in lightly moisturizing as well as lightening the skin tones. Regular use helps to lighten the dark circles under the eyes and remove dark circle under or around the eyes.

Tips on dark circles around or under the eyes

1. Get enough sleep. Try to go to bed a little earlier than normal.

2. Cucumber slices have a soothing effect on the eyes.

3. Use sunscreen every day and moisturize in the night preferably using a good under eye cream.

4. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin.

5. Apply cold compresses.

6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Iron deficiency can be a cause for dark circles around the eyes.

Using concealer to hide the Dark under eye circles

The fastest cure for dark circles is to apply concealer. Choose a gold-based color that matches your skin shade exactly (the gold will counteract the blue of the under eye circle).

The most common mistake women make when applying concealer is choosing a color that's too light -- this only achieves a "reverse raccoon" effect. Another common problem: putting the concealer only under the eye. You should apply it all around the eye area, and be sure to blend well. Set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent face powder so that it stays put. And to avoid drawing attention to your under eye area, don't apply eyeliner or mascara to your lower lashes.

Often, the inner corner of the eye is the darkest part. A white shimmer pencil will cover it. Some companies manufacture a blueish or white pencil just for this purpose.

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