10 Minutes On Your Hands

All of us need to keep our fingers and hands flexible regardless of our age. Flexible hands come from exercise. This exercise will help keep your hands in good condition and will also help those who have arthritis. So look after your hands with this simple workout.

Star with your wrists. Your arms should be bent, elbows tucked closely to your sides and hands held with palms facing each other about 30 cm apart. Now slowly bend your wrists so that your palms come in to face you and fingers almost touch, and then move them back the other way, until palms face the front. Repeat this action 10 times.

Next, start with hands in the same position as before, but this time circle your hands slowly from the wrists, 10 times in clockwise direction and 10 times in an anticlockwise direction keeping your wrists and your hands relaxed.

Moving on to fingers, hold up one hand, fingers outstretched. Fold your thumb across your palm and gently close fingers down over it and then open up. In the same way close the fingers, this time closing your thumb over the top of your fingers. Try not to clench your fists, just fold them. Repeat this 5 times for both hands.

Lastly hold one hand up again. Now touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your finger in turn, making a circle shape as you do so to ensure you stretch your fingers as much as possible. Straighten fingers in between each touch. Repeat on each hand for 3 times.

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