Stylish Makeup Step By Step

For a smooth and flawless complexion start with an even application of foundation. Use a sponge to apply it. It is the only way to get perfect coverage. The foundation also conditions the skin as it contains a moisturizing and firming complex. Choose foundation according to your skin tone.

If you have imperfections, bags or dark circles use a concealer stick and carefully blend it into the foundation.

To set the make-up and for a professional look dust loose powder onto you foundation.

For eyes a combination of a spicy and orange shade is the best. The orange colour is applied to the upper lid and the green is placed over it from the outer corner of the eye towards the middle and then blended towards the eyebrow. The highlight, a spicy shade, is applied to the inner part of the eyelid up to the eyebrows and then blended into the green colour. If you are not an expert at blending use a clean sponge applicator after colour is applied and gently stroke to blend.

With a kohl pencil line the lower lid close to the eyelashes. Avoid a hard hash line. If the line is too strong use a brush to soften it.

With mascara coat the eyelashes. If you have short and fine eyelashes use at least two coats. If your lashes stick together use a toothpick or an eyelash brush to gently separate the eyelashes. Do not forget to coat the lower eyelashes. Blusher is brushed with light strokes over cheeks towards the temple to bring eyes into focus and highlight them.

This season’s lip shades are kept natural but colours have an exciting new dimension of fullness and shine. To achieve perfect lip line always uses a brush to outline and then fill it. Try to get the most curvaceous outline possible given the natural shape of your lips. To compliment the look lips can either be colored with a gentle coral or a pinky shade.

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