Curl Hair Talk

There are times when your hair needs the kind of body, shape and bounce that lifts it from the ordinary to something special. Soft, natural waves and curls can do this for you. You can choose whether they should be temporary or permanent. We will help you choose between the two by giving step by step instructions.

For a really successful outcome your hair must be neatly sectioned off and methodically wound. Using a tail comb, divide off a section of hair about 5cm in wide and 2cm in depth at the centre front of forehead. Spray on a little setting lotion to moisten it.

Holding the section of hair at right angles to your head, grip the strands between the first and second fingers of your left hand. Then wind it over the first finger of your right hand. Keep rolling hair around your finger until you reach the scalp, then hold with a spring clip close to the hair roots.

Continue sectioning off and rolling up across the crown and down the nape of your neck, always rolling the hair under and down. Work in the same way at the sides of your head.

When your hair is completely dry then carefully remove the rollers and brush them gently but firmly to remove the rolled shapes. For even more volume, bend forward and with your head hanging down brush through again. Throw your head back letting hair settle naturally and hold it in place with a light spray.

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