Hair Style Trends In 2010

Are you looking to experiment with your hair style this year! We present you with a feast of looks to choose from. Update your hair style with one of these trendy hair style trends that dominate the hair scene this year.

The Bob Cut

Bobs are very popular in 2010.Bob can be mixed with smooth, sleek styling and a blunt fringe. Bob cut should be carefully crafted according to the facial structure and long neck.
Bob hair cut varies in length. It can range from ear level to shoulder length which is best for straight or slightly wavy hair.

Long and wavy hair

Long and wavy hair style is the style for the year gone by. Spring-Summer 09 fashion shows were full of models with long wavy hair. This year waves are in. Waves can be flaunted with either heavy layering, or some layers just around the face. Along with the layers bangs are hot.

Classy Ponytails

A Classy Ponytail is a major hair trend on Spring-Summer runways. It dominated runways in New York, Paris and Milan. Both high and low ponytails look stunning. They are graceful and elegant.

Straight Traces

Classic straight traces are very very hot in the year 2010. With a parting in the middle straight hair looks even more charming.

Over the Top Updos

Updo hair style opens your neck and adds extra 5 inches to your height. This hair trend is the hottest trends of 2010. Over the top updo can be worn with a dress as well as a suit or a pair of jeans. It instantly adds style. Make sure your updo is over the top.

Hair color

Changing your hair color can make a dramatic effect to a plain cut. Natural brown color is all the rage in 2010. Deep tones of chocolate or red tones compliment a dark brown or black hair color.

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