Caring For Your Feet In Summers

With the arrival of summer toe-baring shoes come in. We would all love to take off our winter shoes only to reveal our beautiful feet underneath. Sadly for most of us that is not true. After months of hiding and ignoring our feet, by the time summer come our feet have become hard with cracked heels and tatty polish.

Prepare to bare your feet by following these rules for perfect summer feet. Firstly the good news. The course skin on your feet can be fixed with exfoliation in no time. Taking out 30 seconds for your feet once or twice a week is enough. With so many scrub-worthy products on the market you will be spoiled for choice. Salt based ones are a good choice. As with all skincare, the key is a good moisturizer. Religiously moisturize your feet every day. Achieving A-list feet without any effort is impossible. Re-hydrate cracked, drying skin with a blend of glycerin, macademia oil and lemon fruit acid.

Alternatively, cover your feet with magical softening socks for bed-time. They are padded with a special moisture-gel which works on your dryness in only 20 minutes.

Cut and file nails regularly to maintain hygiene. If you find your nails have got a little tough, soak feet for ten minutes in warm water. Nothing beats a feet treat like a good pedicure. Shape your nails and moisturize your nail beds during pedicure for perfect feet.

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