Eye Shadow To Match Your Eyes

If you notice the glamorous and beautiful faces of the majority of celebrities you will notice that they seem to have eyes that simply draw your attention leaving you hypnotized by their shining eye colour, be it blue, brown or green. This is all the magic of make-up, highlighting eyes with eye shadow shades complementing the eye colour. Do not underestimate the difference eye shadow can make as Charlotte Tilbury says, "Choosing the right eye shadow for your eye colour can have a huge impact on your whole look."

If you have deep brown eyes then most eye shadow colours will suit you. This season bright blues and teals are in vogue especially if it has a metallic finish. Brush highlighter shade in the inside corners of your eyes to give instant lift and finish with mascara.

If you have blue eyes, then the wrong shade of eye shadow can leave eyes looking grey or worse, ‘blue eyes should avoid any pinky-toned eye shadows as they will make the whites of the eyes look red,' says Laura Martin. Opt for peaches gold eye shadow with a brown tinge for the uplifting edge you want.

If you have green eyes which are precious and rare. "Rich purples and violets look just incredible on green eyes and make them sparkle with life," says Charlotte Tilbury. "Try a purple eye shadow that can be built up for a more dramatic look which can be blended together to create a lighter or brighter eye, and can even be blended with eye pencil in Black to create a smoky eye that will make green eyes especially striking. Simply sweep the pencil along the top and bottom lashes and smudge with a cotton bud, don't worry if you are not confident using deeper shades as the eyetouch colours will always blend perfectly."

If you have those beautiful hazel eye that seems to differ in intensity of green or brown depending on the light then expert Ariane Poole says, "Black and charcoal eye shadow looks great on such eye colours."

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