Nail Tips

Typically, the life expectancy of a manicure is one week whether done at home on in a saloon. During the holidays, stretching out the life of your manicure makes more sense. But if you will be cooking and cleaning for a family get together then how can you expect your nails to stay intact for even a week? With a few preventive tricks you can enhance the time period of your manicure.

Always wear gloves when gardening, washing dishes, doing laundry because chemicals in soaps eat nail polish.

Moisturize your hands and cuticles after bathing or swimming because water strips nails of natural oils.

Apply oil to cuticles everyday. Olive oil is a good choice.

Eat fruits and vegetables because vitamins strengthen nails.

Keep nails one length as uneven nails break and chip more quickly.

Allow manicure plenty of time to dry, running nails under cold water will speed up the process.

Nails need protection from sun, if you do not wear a nail polish wear a base coat.

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