Beauty Essentials On Traveling

There are five beauty essentials which you need the most while traveling. No girl should leave for vacation without these five beauty essentials. These should not be forgotten at home at any cost!

Lip Balm. This is extremely important. All your lipsticks would be useless if you have dry lips. So lip balm is a must. It will keep your lips nicely moisturized and protected against the sun. Even if you do forget your lip glosses at home lip balm can easily take their place. A good lip balm in a pale pink color could work every time.

Face Wash. Traveling without your favorite face wash can be suicide. You can buy a travel sized version of the one you use. Usually face washes are forgotten after it is used in the morning. All the plans of putting face wash in a Ziploc bag and packing are forgotten in a hurry. So place your face wash with your makeup as soon as you start packing.

Blush on. Even if you do not have any other make up item with you blush on is enough. A little blush on can make you look all dressed up and ready to go anywhere. The Nars blush works great. It has a nice color and does not come off easily. It will add that extra glow to your face that a babe needs on her vacation.

Body lotion. If it is winters and you have forgotten your body lotion then you are in big trouble. All that flaky skin is a no no. Body lotion is a must to keep you well moisturized and without drying. Flaky arms and legs are not acceptable on a chic. Make sure that you choose a lotion that is extra creamy and has Vaseline.

Toothbrush. It seems extremely unhygienic to seal a wet toothbrush inside a plastic bag or covering it with a cap which do not really keep anything out. So it is usually better to just buy a new tooth brush for the trip, which usually one forgets until the next morning when you are at a loss. You can solve this problem by using the Violight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer, a nifty little toothbrush case that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria in minutes, using a germicidal UV light.

Note these five beauty essentials on a pad and place them next to your to-do list. Tick each off as you pack. Good vacation needs planning and proper packing. Don’t lack behind your schedule in order to make the most of your days off.
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