Bob Cut Hair

A bob cut is a short haircut in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw length.

There are three basic styles in Bobs.

1. The sleek one length cut is always in style and the most conservative of the Bob. This can be trimmed to a length that suits any face shape. It is worn without bangs usually. It can be slightly shorter in the back with very subtle layering throughout. You can Style this cut by applying gel and then blow drying it with a large round brush

2. The flippy Bob is layered at the bottom two inches and mostly worn with bangs. It should have blunt bangs and just above the eyebrow. Women with a round face should ask for longer, side swept bangs. This style looks best when it is allowed to slightly curve near the neck

3. The curly Bob comes with more layering. To style the curly bob use a curler and some gel or mousse. Big and chunky curls look better. Too much combing will separate the curls and cause a frizzy appearance. You can also use a curling iron.

The long bob is amongst one of the most popular choices of celebrities. Curly, side or middle-parted long bob hairstyles look just as good as the shorter and classic bob. The shoulder-sweeping long bob works for all face shapes and hair textures. Whether you pair your bob with bangs or simply leave it even is totally your personal choice. You can enhance the chic look by using appealing hair accessories such as hairpins or hair bands. Use your hair styling skills to create unique hairdos. The Bob trademark is that it is kept simple and easy to manage.

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