As we know that there are three types of skins, normal, dry and oily. Normal and oily skins don’t have wrinkles problem but the ladies having dry skin may have wrinkles.

Wrinkles appear on the face of the ladies as they grow older. Unfortunately the ladies with dry skin have lots of wrinkles and lines around their eyes,forehead and lips. To get rid of this problem dry skin ladies should take proper care of their skin.

They should clean and massage their face with a nourishing cold cream on daily basis especially in winter. As a result of this they can remove wrinkles to a great extend.

Following are some important tips for wrinkly faces.

Use glycerin soap and massage the face with olive oil, it’s very effective for dry skin having wrinkles.

Take 1 Tbs milk cream and three almonds, grind well and make a paste. Before going to bed at night wash your face and apply half mixture of paste on your face and massage gently. The remaining paste apply on the face with the help of cotton ball and go to sleep. Wash your face with Luke warm water in the morning.

At the day time take a little amount of milk cream, add 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice, mix it well and apply on face. After half an hour wash your face. The signs of wrinkles will be decrease.

Take some honey add 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice and 1 Tbs rose water, mix well and apply on face.

These tips will help you to prevent dryness and to enjoy a wrinkle free skin. A little effort can make you able to tackle many skin problems.

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