Winter Beauty Tips

Winters are here and with it many dryness problems. Here are some tips to combat your winter beauty problems and look fresh.

1. Cleansers can strip away moisture while removing make up, and the dry winter air tends to magnify this problem. Gel cleansers can be very drying, but creamy ones like Dove deep moisture creamy facial cleanser can help. Choose a cleanser that comes with moisturizer in order to keep your skin free from dry patches.

2. A moisturizing facial mask should be used to replenish moisture lost throughout the day. Facial masks should be applied after cleansing so they can nourish the clean skin.

3. There may not be enough moisture in your house if your skin is feeling dry and tight. Get a humidifier to balance the heat inside. Overheating a house can worsen dry skin problems, so find the right temperature for both you and your skin.

4. Even electric blankets can be drying. If dry skin is driving you crazy, just use two or three quilts and leave the electric blanket.

5. You should moisturize throughout the day. Use the body lotion even before you have left the shower, right after rinsing soap or body wash. It will lock in some extra moisture. After that rinse off and pat dry.

6. You may be tempted to take a hot shower in winters but they wreak havoc on dry skin. Take a lukewarm shower instead, and then pat your skin dry with a towel. Put on the moisturizer as soon as you step out of the shower.

7. All the skin products and hairstyling products that are high in alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol may feel cool and refreshing initially, but in reality it also strips away moisture. So look for alcohol-free products when the air is already dry.

8. If you have dry, brittle hair, do not use the hair dryer. It will only make the dryness worse and break dry rough hair.

9. Moisturizer should be used throughout the day. Drinking lots of water can also help in the winters against the dryness. Use products which contain Shea butter, petrolatum, mineral oil, tea tree oil, linoleic acid or glycerin

10. Chapped lips are another problem winter. The air dries out the lips and licking your dry lips continuously can worsen them. A lip balm with a SPF should be used to heal the lips. Lips balms with tea tree oil, glycerin, vitamin E and essential oils and beeswax can be useful.

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