Mole Remove From Face

Mole is a dark small spot on the human skin and some tine these are flesh color spot on skin. Moles have many kinds or types. Some of them are very harm and dangerous for health and life because they contain cancer cell. Moles may grow outer side the dermis tissue of skin or in deeper tissue. For some people mole is a mark of beauty if it is noticeable on skin. Some people don’t like the existence of mole and hence cosmetic industry intruded different facial mole removal products.

If u decided to remove your mole than make sure that your physician has determine the kind of mole because every mole have different removal procedure. The most important thing is that whether the mole is malignant or benign. If the mole has hair in it should firstly biopsied.

If the mole contain cancer tissue than it is necessary for the physician to remove the mole and some portion of skin than have the cancer tissue and make sure that all cancer tissues have been removed with mole.

Normal type of mole removed in different ways. In the excisional procedure the all portion of mole and its surrounding tissues are removed. In the shaving the skin of mole is removed and some mark left and inside the skin mole stop its growth. By using laser mythology moles also can remove in this procedure skin safe from stitches and laser destroy the mole tissue from root.

The surgeon freezes the skin and shaves the scalpel and cauterizes the mole area to prevent mole growth. The electrocautery procedure is used to destroy the mole tissue in which electrical currant waste undesired tissue.

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