Perfect Eyebrows

Bushy, thin, tadpole, uneven or just plain scary eyebrows, no matter what the shape or size of the eyebrows is it will still make a difference on the face. It is surprising how well groomed eyebrows can change your face. The secret lies in selecting eyebrows that suit your face the best .It can be trickier than you think! There are some basic rules to be followed when it comes to eyebrows. It is best to choose a shape that is closest to your own natural eyebrows shape.

Your ideal eyebrows shape depends not only on the shape of your face, but on your nose and cheekbones too. Angular faces tend to look better with rounded eyebrows, whereas round and oval faces should opt more for arched eyebrows. An important point to remember while grooming your eyebrows is to know where each eyebrow should start and end. For each eye, hold a pencil vertically from the centre of your nostril to your right eyebrows, in line with the inner corner of your eyes to see where eyebrows should begin, then diagonally past the outer corner of your eye for where eyebrows should end. The shape should curve slightly down as it thins out to frame the eye.

The best method of shaping eyebrows is by tweezing. Start by combing your eyebrows through with an eyebrows comb, and then slowly pluck the hair from underneath your natural eyebrows line in the direction they grow. Try tweezing a few hairs from one eyebrow, and then the other to get them balanced. If you have thick eyebrows, threading will achieve the closest eyebrows shape. Waxed eyebrows look smoother as well.

After the desired look has been achieved grooming is the fun bit. To give your eyebrows more definition, softly fill your eyebrows using an eyebrows pencil or apply powder with a good angled eyebrows brush. Choose a shade as near to your natural eyebrows colour as possible.

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