Hair Ins And Outs

Hair might be extremely short, extremely girly, extremely sexual or extremely slick. Just as trends in fashion change from year to year, there are some hair styles that also change with time.

Bob is huge this year, coupled with smooth, sleek styling, a blunt fringe and heaps of shine; and if you’re feeling a little groovy then incorporate a mod feels into your hair. Just like gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow did. It will only be the bob hair cut which will sit somewhere to the left of extreme. For those fashion conscious girls who are willing to really take scissors to their hair, the pixie crop offers a bold look far less subtle than the cropped bob, and one that is both young and funky when done right.

For those who are not yet ready for a short hair cut, here is bohemian long hair style for you. Bohemian exudes the class of long hair on a low maintained mood. Thick straight bangs are one option, while some prefer long, side-swept, almost wispy bangs. No matter what texture your hair is, wearing it in its natural state is perfectly Bohemian. Bohemian hair styles are low maintenance and look ultra feminine. One quick and easy Bohemian hair style is long natural hair with two loose braids on either side of a center part, then connecting in the back The straight and sleek hair style is the most common to Asian women. They love the polished and clean look more.

Popularity medium hair styles never stopped. It is still very hot today. A formal medium hairstyle can be described as elegant and grand looking These hair styles vary from soft layered looks to one length cuts; from smooth flicks to pulled back half up styles .Depending on the texture and desired result, a whole range of styling products and aids are used to enhance the medium cut for example, hair rollers, curling tongs, ceramic irons, pins, and clips.

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