Foot Fetish

You can flaunt your feet in your new stilettos in less than an hour. All you have to do is step towards the right direction. Getting your feet in see worthy condition is the step in the right direction. Give yourself an hour and your feet will look fabulous.

Remove all nail polish and soak your feet in Luke warm water.

Next cut your toe nails straight across, not down at corners as this can result in ingrown nails. Use a toe nail cutter with a half inch jaw, do not use a regular toe nail clipper, it can damage the nails. The length of nails should be even with the ends of toes. File the edges of the nails very lightly and in one direction.

Apply cuticle cream to toes and feet. Massage with a pumice stone to remove the calluses on the soles. Apply cuticle cream and push back cuticles with a round edged metal cuticle pusher. Work from each side of the cuticle toward the center. Soak a wash cloth and gently push back the cuticles again.

Cleanse feet with a cleanser and then apply a rich foot cream and massage up to the calf. Wrap feet in a plastic wrap and put cotton sock to help the cream to get absorbed into the skin. Leave them on for 10 minutes.

Apply more cream to the feet to smooth the entire foot and heel. Then sponge the feet. Use nail brush and soap to remove any remaining oily residue that can inhibit polish from adhering properly.

Use pieces of tissues to separate the toes for easy polishing. Apply two coats of base coat.

Apply two coats of nail polish, let them dry in between. To minimize chipping seal the nail edges by extending the nail polish over the edges of the nail tips. Apply one coat of top coat.

Let nail polish dry for at least half n hour. Apply to coat every other day to keep nail polish fresh.

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